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introduction catalogue 1 catalogue 2 catalogue 3 § block clamps § tube connectors § sae flanges § special clamps § assembly tools and devices § gear pump flanges catalogue 4 catalogue 5 catalogue 6 § hose connectors § push-to-connect couplings § two-way ball valves § high-pressure hose connectors § multi couplings § multi-way ball valves § screw-to-connect couplings § flow control and check valves stauff clamps stauff connect stauff flanges § light series clamps § saddle clamps § u-bolt clamps § metal clamps § construction series voswinkel hose connectors voswinkel quick release couplings stauff valves § gauge isolator valves 4 catalogue 8 § edition 02/2017 www.stauff.com/8/en

pressure gauges digital pressure gauge § type spg-digi a product description the spg-digi digital pressure gauges are intended to measure and display pressures in hydraulic systems particularly for oils lubricants and water they can display the current measured values as well as minimum and maximum values with an accuracy of 0,5 of full scale the spg-digi digital pressure gauges are available individually or as part of a complete pressure test kit they are very sturdy reliable easy to use and come with the ce mark evidence of conformity compliance features order codes spg-digi b0016 b cal a series and type digital pressure gauge spg-digi b pressure ranges -1 16 bar -14.5 232 psi 0 100 bar 0 1450 psi 0 400 bar 0 5801 psi 0 600 bar 0 8702 psi b0016 b0100 b0400 b0600 c process connection g1/4 7/16–20 unf b u d calibration without calibration certificate with calibration certificate none cal ƒƒ bar graph display drag indicator ƒƒ background

hydraulic testers hydraulic testers § type ppc-04-plus ppc-04-plus-can b ppc-04-plus-can with can interface for max 3 sensors max 50 m 164 ft cable length ppc-04-plus with 2 sensor inputs for max 2 analogue sensors product description order codes the ppc-04-plus and ppc-04-plus-can hydraulic testers have been developed for the growing demands in mobile and industrial hydraulic systems they are perfectly suited for the precise determination of pressure temperature volume flow and rotational speed ƒƒ multi-line backlit lcd display ƒƒ max two analogue sensors can be connected at the same time ƒƒ with can interface max three digital sensors can be connected at the same time ƒƒ integrated data memory for 15000 data records ƒƒ external storage by using a usb memory stick 1 gb included ƒƒ max can bus length 50 m 164 ft can version the hydraulic testers are available in two versions the ppc-04-plus analogue version comes with two inputs for connecting

hydraulic testers Ø23 91 temperature sensor § type ppc-04/12-t Ø22 87 m10 sw17 hex .67 275 10.83 12 47 19 75 19 75 m10x1 360 14.17 sw22 hex .87 9 35 44 1.73 b Ø8,5 33 Ø8,5 33 g1/4 Ø18,8 74 Ø13 51 Ø4 16 screw-in temperature sensor t process connection m10x1 rod-type temperature sensor tsh order codes product description the screw-in temperature sensors ppc-04/12-t measure current temperature directly in the pipeline and are compatible with the flow turbine ppc-04/12-sfm and the straight threaded joint sgv-16s-g-w3 only process connection m10x1 see figure below see product information of flow turbine on page 40 the rod-type temperature sensor ppc-04/12-tsh is especially designed to determine the media temperatures in tanks and containers note a connection cable ppc-04/12-cab3 3 m 9.84 ft is needed to connect the temperature sensor ppc-04/12-t or -tsh to the current hydraulic testers an extension cable ppc-04/12-cab5-ext 5 m 16.40 ft is

hydraulic testers connection and extension cables analogue b connection cable ppc-04/12-cab3 extension cable ppc-04/12-cab5-ext pc connection cable as a component of the ppc-set-ppc-04-plus-sw-cab pc connection cable as a component of the ppc-set-ppc-06/08-plus-sw-cab product description different connection and extension cables for all hydraulic testers of the ppc series are available these cables on the one hand connect the sensors to the hydraulic testers and on the other hand connect the hydraulic testers with a pc or laptop the following items are available connection and extension cables pc connection cable and pc software pc connection cable and pc software a ppc-04/12-cab3 connection cable is required to connect the sensors to the current hydraulic testers ppc-04/06/08plus or ppc pad the cable comes with a 5-pin push/pull connection at each end and has a length of 3 m 9.84 ft a pc set consisting of a usb connecting lead 1 m 3.28 ft and the corresponding pc

hydraulic testers Ø24 94 47 1.85 sw24 hex.94 8,7 34 pressure transmitter § type pt-rf 12 47 b g1/4 1/4npt Ø18,9 74 process connection g1/4 b04 product description the pressure transmitters from the pt-rf series are integrated into fluid technology plants and systems permanently or temporarily using the appropriate process connection adapters the energy required for a measurement is transferred to the pressure transmitter via the antenna of the reading device using wireless rfid technology this means that the pressure transmitters require neither internal nor external power supply and are completely maintenance-free technical data wetted parts ƒƒ suitable for liquid and gaseous media materials ƒƒ housing stainless steel 1.4305 ƒƒ sealing b04 fkm/fpm viton® ƒƒ cap polyamide glass fibre-reinforced dimensions weight ƒƒ dimensions 59 x 26 mm 2.32 x 1.02 in ƒƒ weight 80 g .18 lbs temperature range ƒƒ media temp n04

oil analysis equipment laser particle counter § type laspac-ii fluid analysis is a crucial component of any oil management program early detection of potential problems can prevent costly repairs and downtime the laspac-ii makes it possible to detect the iso cleanness levels of the hydraulic media characteristics the laspac-ii devices feature a twin laser system and eight channels for different particle sizes in order to gurantee high accuracy and repeatability these compact unit are easy to handle for mobile and inline applications for systems with pressures up to 400 bar 5801 psi the laspac-ii is available in three different versions c laspac-ii-p portable laser particle counter the laspac-ii-p is a fully equipped portable laser particle counter the laspac-ii-p features a complete qwerty keyboard an integrated thermal printer an internal rechargeable battery and a large lcd display laspac-ii-m mobile laser particle counter the laspac-ii-m is a highly accurate laser particle

oil analysis equipment laser particle counter § technical data c type laspac-ii-p portable laspac-ii-m mobile lpm-ii 551 x 358 x 226 21.69 x 14.09 x 8.90 13 28.66 340 x 295 x 152 13.40 x 11.61 x 5.98 4,75 10.47 141 x 116 x 63,5 5.55 x 4.57 x 2.5 1,15 2.53 keyboard qwerty keyboard integrated 5 button display settings printer thermal printer integrated 384 dots per line viscosity range 1 400 cst 1 400 cst 1000 cst calibration mtd iso 11 171:1999 mtd iso 11 171:1999 mtd iso 11171:1999 analysis range iso 8-24 iso 4406 code nas 1638 code 2-12 iso 8-24 iso 4406 code nas 1638 code 2-12 iso 8-24 iso 4406 code nas 1638 code 2-12 sae as 4059 code 2-12 sae as 4059 code 2-12 sae as 4059 code 2-12 sensitivity 4 6 14 21 25 38 50 68 µmc 4 6 14 21 25 38 50 68 µmc 4 6 14 21 25 38 50 68 µmc sample volume 8 ml short 15 ml normal 30 ml dynamic 24 ml bottle sampler 15 ml continuous 8 ml short 15 ml normal 30 ml dynamic 24 ml bottle sampler 15 ml continuous adjustable by user

oil analysis equipment oil condition sensor § type ocs-i-m-b08-m16 29 1.14 Ø11,3 .44 10 13,4 .39 .53 Ø31 1.22 Ø21 .83 Ø36,7 1.44 Ø12 .47 31,6 1.24 c 31,5 1.24 g1/2 product description features the oil condition sensor ocs is designed for continuous monitoring of hydraulic systems permanently installed in the system the ocs sensor monitors the condition of hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils in real time whereby water ingress and oxidation can be detected in time the ocs sensor is 60 times more sensitive than dielectric sensors on increasing contamination and protects the system from cost-intensive downtimes and reduces machine downtimes ƒƒ robust construction ƒƒ usage under extreme conditions with temperatures from -20 °c to +120 °c -4 °f to +248 °f ƒƒ suitable for use at operating pressures up to 20 bar 290 psi technical data max burst pressure ƒƒ 20 bar 290 psi electrical connection ƒƒ 6-pin connection plug media

introduction pressure gauges hydraulic testers catalogue 8 oil analysis equipment stauff diagtronics appendix pressure gauges hydraulic testers germany oil analysis equipment stauff products and services are globally available through wholly-owned subsidiaries and a tight network of authorised distributors and representatives in all major industrial regions of the world you can find detailed contact information on the last two pages of this product catalogue or at catalogue 8 www.stauff.com stauff diagtronics walter stauffenberg gmbh co kg im ehrenfeld 4 58791 werdohl tel +49 2392 91 60 fax +49 2392 91 61 60 e-mail sales@stauff.com catalogue 8 stauff diagtronics catalogue 8 stauff diagtronics  english  9910000428  02/2017 umschlag diagtronics en.indd 1-3 23.12.2016