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sherry/port/cocktail glass n082 21.0cl 7¼oz spirit/cocktail glass n083 20.5cl 7¼oz perfect serve new new tm spiegelau perfect serve new range the perfect serve collection is based on an integral approach starting with the look through to the weight and right up to the ring of the glasses all senses are addressed all models which belong in the modern bar from the t-shaped martini glass new new martini cocktail glass n085 16.5cl 5¾oz coupette glass n084 23.5cl 8¼oz through to the water glass and right up to the mixing glass are reflected in the standard style all glasses are tailored for standard freezers with regards dimensions and thereby allow comfortable pre-cooling these crystal glasses are suitable for all requirements highly resistant to scratches and breakage and completely dishwasher safe the perfect serve collection has been developed in conjunction with internationally awarded bar expert stephan hinz new new mixing/serving glass n086 63.7cl 22½oz large

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authentis casual tm bordeaux n933 63.0cl 22oz a stemless wine glass using the authentis bowl shape this casual range offers a unique wine drinking experience hand blown to deliver the spiegelau authentis casual quality one would expect from the authentis range this glass is a true delight burgundy n932 62.0cl 22oz red wine np931 46.0cl 16oz white wine n930 42.0cl 14½oz 25 pattern code

winelovers spiegelau 30 soft sere ne

cool crisp cal m 36 spiegelau beer

tm authentis decanter 4204np006 1 litre 34oz vino grande decanter 4304np354 1 litre 34oz spiegelau the best way to present wine is in a specially carafes decanters carafes decanters designed vessel which will enhance both its colour and flavour the renowned glass quality of spiegelau offers exceptional brilliance across a broad range of beautifully designed carafes and decanters for superb tabletop presentation.­ pisa decanter 4207np006 1 litre 34oz  tainless steel decanter drainage stand s 4208n010 soiree decanter 4404np057 1 litre 34oz red white wine decanter 4104n408 1 litre 34oz

hepp the art of service hepp ranks among the most important suppliers in the field of tableware and is the market leader with regard to its wide range of products in a highly modern production line hundreds of articles are manufactured an established distribution and partner network ensures professional advice around the globe since 1863 hepp has made their name in the upmarket catering and hotel business the success – then as now – is founded on traditional values such as reliability and quality as well as innovative drive and flexibility iso 9001 2008 certified since 2013 the implementation of a certified quality management system is an important step in equipping the hepp brand for the future they look to constantly better their company services through the continual improvement of their processes and looking to the future ensuring that the hepp brand can hold its own among the competition and sufficiently fulfil the demands of their clients stirred or shaken