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4 h ot elsbreak fa s

b reak fa s t h ot e l s partnerships with branded bespoke luxury coffee companies add value and visits

lunch h ot e l s hotels are embracing key trends to improve f&b offerings

wi llo w tm pattern code 9117 h ot e l s lunch itemsshownareasmallselectionoftheranges itemsavailable pleasevisitwww steelite comtoviewallcollections new mid rim plate c1181 27.0cm 10 5/8 m o n aco gourmet deep new coupe bowl c1175 28.0cm 11 tm flat rim plate c302 25.5cm 10 scape cup stacking c331 21.25cl 7½oz saucer c318 15.25cm 6 t m plate 1401x0062 25.0cm 10 c raf t new saucer c1192 15.25cm 6 pattern code 9001 bowl c326 16.5cm 6½ new per formance new can cup c1201 22.75cl 8oz new melamine glass large oval bowl 68a453el702 40.0 x 24.0 x 10.0cm h 16 x 9½ x 4 new oval bowl 6512g376 20.0cm 8 per formance new mug 1402x0080 34.0cl 12oz tm coupe plate 11550566 25.25cm 10 chinese bowl 11550242 13.0cm 5 low cup 11550189 22.75cl 8oz stand/saucer double well large 11550158 14.5cm 5¾ 28 othercollectionscoveredfeature visitwww steelite comtofindoutmore distinction per formance accessories bone china porcelain stoneware cutler y glassware buf fet creations

dinner h ot e l s 36 for something that little bit different the wabi sabi collection from designer reze ozorio is the one available in four colours this range provides chefs with the ability to plate on organically inspired pieces with round rectangle and square plate options there are endless opportunities to create stand out dishes with wabi

44 h ot e l s afternoon

52 h ot e l s conferencing

60 h ot elspriv at

c o c k ta ilbar loungeh ot e l s spirits and cocktails are integral to hotels’ drinks offer

h ot elscock ta ilbar loungeitemsshownareasmallselectionoftheranges itemsavailable pleasevisitwww steelite comtoviewallcollections ko t o tm pattern code 9109 square one 0553 27.0cm x 27.0cm 10½ x 10½ scape per formance bowl c248 11.2cm 4½ axis bowl c489 9.0cm 3½ tm new bowl 1401x0074 13.0cm 5 4oz c raf t coupe bowl 0571 13.0cm 5 new glass oval bowl 6512g375 12.5cm 5 new melamine small deep bowl 68a452el708 13.0cm x 5.3cm h 5 x 2 ta s te tm t m pattern code 1107 coupe bowl 11550571 13.0cm 5 bowl 11550525 13.0cm 5 scoop bowl 0583 11.2cm 4½ tasters bowl 0576 13.0cm x 13.0cm 5 x 5 chinese bowl 11550242 13.0cm 5 taster dip 11550575 tilt pot tall 0599 7.5cm x 7.9cm 3 x 3½ tasters dip 0575 6.5cm x 6.5cm 2½ x 2½ s t age tm  .5cm x 6.5cm 6 2½ x 2½ pattern code 6516 new medium oval platter t352 36.0cm x 26.0cm 14¼ x 10¼ double sided platter t347 39.0cm x 30.0cm 153/8 x 117/8 riser platter t349 37.0cm x 16.8cm 14½ x 63/8

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