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index artists/editors contents 3 editorial titles 4 index adams robert 99-107 adolph jörg 17 badge peter 157 baltz lewis 161 baumann daniela 75 chan theseus 37 chikura yukari 25 chuang joshua 75 cole ernest 73 comte michel 163 courtney-clarke margaret 67 cuisset thibault 155 danuser hans 51 das kapil 27 davidson bruce 81 de pietri paola 165 diépois aline 151 dine jim 111-115 edgerton harold 117 eggleston william 83-87 frank robert 91-93 gizolme thomas 151 goldblatt david 69-71 hofer evelyn 79 kapoor anish 149 kosorukov gleb 153 kuhn mona 159 lagerfeld karl 15 leiter saul 167 lijie zhang 33 lim broy 31 maisel david 97 michener diana 109 onabanjo oluremi c 75 park jongwoo 35 parks gordon 95 petersen anders 61-63 peverelli benoît 145 powell luke 89 ryan liza 121 sarfati lise 169 serra richard 123-139 smoliansky gunnar 57-59 soak teng woong 21 taylor fraser 41 tuggener jakob 49 verzosa jake 29 weinberger karlheinz 53 west kanye 119 wetzel gereon 17 wood tom 141 wylie rose 41 zhao

this book is yukari chikura’s preservation of the 1300-year-old japanese ritual festivity “zaido.” following a series of tragedies including her father’s sudden death her own critical accident and the born in tokyo yukari chikura studied music and initially worked as a composer and programmer before moving to photography her work has been published in the new york times and is held in collections including the bibliothèque nationale de france in paris and the griffin museum of photography in winchester massachusetts chikura has been honored at the lensculture emerging talent awards the international photography awards photolucida critical mass and the sony world photography awards among others in 2015 she was artist in residence at the mt rokko international photo festival 2011 tohoku earthquake and tsunami chikura recalls how her father came to her in a dream with the words “go to the village hidden deep in the snow where i lived a long time

44 jakob tuggener books and films jakob tuggener books and films

84 william eggleston election eve

trees have been a subject of lifelong engagement for robert adams and no species has enthralled him more than the cottonwood revered by the plains indians native cottonwoods animate the landrobert adams was born in 1937 in orange new jersey after earning a phd in english literature and teaching the subject for several years at colorado college he became a photographer in the mid-1960s adams has published more than 40 books of photographs with the changing landscape of the american west as his primary subject he lives and works in northwest oregon scape unforgettably but their thirst for water and lack of commercial value have made them common targets for removal by agribusiness and housing developers some of adams’s earliest pictures were of cottonwoods and he photographed them throughout the 35 years he lived in colorado originally published by the smithsonian in 1994 as a part of the series “photographers at work,” this new edition of cottonwoods has been expanded

142 benoît peverelli chanel backstage benoît peverelli chanel backstage

p revious ly announced michel comte was born in zurich in 1954 and is an autodidact photographer in 1979 he moved to paris to work for chloé at the invitation of karl lagerfeld comte has worked for vogue and vanity fair and has established himself as one of the most sought-after fashion and magazine photographers and filmmakers an avid mountain climber michel comte shows us in this book the mysterious glacial landscapes of switzerland nepal tibet and the us for this long-term project — whose photographs were mostly taken from open helicopters — comte periodically returned to the same places for over a decade to record the alterations in landscape and light patterns the sequential arrangement of the images reveals the breathtaking variety of high-lying remote corners of the globe that are unknown and inaccessible to most of us but it also supplies undeniable evidence of the destructive impact of climate change and the ever more rapid

goldblatt david on the mines € 58.00 £ 48.00 us 65.00 isbn 978-3-86930-491-5 goldblatt david particulars € 58.00 £ 42.00 us 70.00 isbn 978-3-86930-777-0 gossage john the thirty-two inch ruler map of babylon € 58.00 £ 52.00 us 60.00 isbn 978-3-86521-710-3 grätz roland neubauer hans-joachim eds human rights watch ed kashi grauerholz angela angela grauerholz gudzowaty tomasz beyond the body € 58.00 £ 48.00 us 65.00 isbn 978-3-95829-122-5 € 38.00 £ 32.00 45.00 isbn 978-3-95829-040-2 howard greenberg collection € 38.00 £ 32.00 us 45.00 isbn 978-3-86930-736-7 gudzowaty tomasz photography as a new kind of love poem € 78.00 £ 65.00 us 85.00 isbn 978-3-95829-041-9 € 30.00 £ 24.00 35.00 isbn 978-3-95829-167-6 goldblatt david regarding intersections graffenried michael von bierfest € 68.00 £ 58.00 us 75.00 isbn 978-3-86930-714-5 € 34.00 £ 25.00 us 40.00 isbn 978-3-86930-680-3