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index artists/editors adams bryan 85 adams robert 155-157 badge peter 135 bailey david 119 baltz lewis 29 103 bolofo koto 69 145-149 borghese alessandra 71 bourdin guy 95 burtynsky edward 31 callahan harry 133 collins hannah 41 cuisset thibault 37 de pietri paola 105 devlin lucinda 107 dine jim 141-143 d´urso alessandra 71 elgort arthur 115 eggleston william 19-21 faurer louis 47 ferrari andrea 79 fiedler jeannine 45 fougeron martine 163 frank henry 186 frank robert 14 167-189 freund david 93 friedlander lee 23 gaujac daniel 89 gohlke frank 27 goldin nan 117 günthardt markus 87 hanzlová jitka 161 hartford juliet 137 hechenblaikner lois 139 heiting manfred 127-129 hennek mat 109 hine lewis 99 horn roni 81 153 huyck willard 129 izu kenro 101 jedlička jan 151 kapoor anish 39 karel betsy 63 kashi ed 59 katz gloria 129 kuhn mona 113 lake suzy 43 laval karine 65 lebeck robert 121 löffelbein kai 123 marchand yves 33 meffre romain 33 mofokeng santu 55 moholy-nagy lászló

in the summer of 1971 frank gohlke moved with his wife and young daughter from middlebury vermont to minneapolis minnesota his vocation as a photographer had begun four years prior but he had yet frank gohlke was born in 1942 in wichita falls texas in 1967 he abandoned the study of literature to become a photographer encouraged by walker evans who saw his first photographs and paul caponigro with whom he studied informally at his home in connecticut gohlke has received two fellowships from the guggenheim foundation two from the national endowment for the arts and a fulbright research fellowship to kazakhstan in 2013–14 his work has been exhibited and collected internationally including three solo shows at the museum of modern art his books include measure of emptiness 1992 mount st helens 2005 accommodating nature 2007 thoughts on landscape 2009 and landscapes as longing with joel sternfeld and suketu mehta published by steidl in 2016 to define the subject that would occupy

48 dukathole santu mofokeng stories book 6

when sophie conran designer and daughter of legendary designer and retailer sir terence conran approached koto bolofo in 2012 to document the renovation of the spectacular new premises of koto bolofo was born in south africa in 1959 and raised in great britain bolofo has photographed for magazines such as vogue vanity fair and gq and made short films for the berlinale and the venice film festival he has created advertising campaigns for companies including hermès christian dior louis vuitton and dom pérignon bolofo’s books with steidl include venus 2008 horse power 2010 i spy with my little eye something beginning with s 2010 vroom vroom 2010 la maison 2011 and the prison 2014 london’s design museum he knew he couldn’t say no founded in 1989 by terence conran the museum has since become a leading institution devoted to all aspects of design—from architecture and fashion to industrial product and graphic design following a long search the former

this book presents three independent bodies of work by henry traffic wessel each being a precise sequence arranged to give the viewer the experience of what it felt like to pass through the territory born in new jersey in 1942 henry
 wessel has been awarded two guggenheim fellowships and three fellowships from the national endowment for the arts he has exhibited extensively including solo shows at the museum of modern art in new york the museum of contemporary art in los angeles and tate modern in london steidl has published eight of wessel’s books including waikiki 2011 and incidents 2013 described the first series “traffic” shows wessel’s photos of drivers stuck in traffic as he commuted in the early 1980s from richmond california to san francisco in the morning rush hour wessel records the determination impatience and blank boredom of his fellow drivers as they navigate a daily drill that seems at times daunting and hopeless “sunset

p revious ly announced mikael olsson was born in 1969 in lerum and is based in stockholm sweden he studied photography at the university of gothenburg in his previous work södrakull frösakull steidl 2011 he portrays the relationship between man nature and architecture in a series of images that invoke questions concerning memory space time and structures in addition to solo exhibitions including those at the hasselblad center gothenburg galerie nordenhake berlin/stockholm and arthur ross gallery columbia university new york city olsson has lectured at eth zürich in on auf the swedish artist mikael olsson undertakes a photographic interpretation of the swiss architects herzog de meuron’s and the chinese artist ai weiwei’s temporary pavilion at the serpentine gallery in london by investigating the traces of their creative processes in their archives, and exploring the relation between the structure and its various contexts olsson creates images that

p treeivdilo u s spa lycaen/n mo au cn gc i leld harry callahan 1912–99 began his career as an amateur photographer following a workshop with ansel adams in 1941 and a meeting with alfred stieglitz in 1942 callahan decided to completely devote himself to the medium in 1946 he accepted lászló moholy-nagy’s invitation to teach at chicago’s institute of design a position he left in 1961 to chair the photography department at the rhode island school of design since his first one-person show in 1947 callahan’s work has been the subject of over sixty solo and group exhibitions worldwide eighteen of which were presented at the museum of modern art new york one of the foremost american photographers of the twentieth century harry callahan explored the expressive possibilities of both color and black-and-white photography from the outset of his career in 1938 following his retirement from teaching at the rhode island school of design in 1977 however he

p revious ly announced robert adams was born in 1937 in orange new jersey after earning a phd in english literature and teaching the subject for several years at colorado college he became a photographer in the mid-1960s adams has published more than forty books of photographs with the changing landscape of the american west as his primary subject he lives and works in northwest oregon these views of the american west made by robert adams between 1975 and 1983 evoke a wide range of memories myths and regrets associated with america’s final frontier in the nineteenth century that frontier began at the missouri river beyond which lay a landscape of natural grandeur and purity challenging the spirit and promising redemption at the time the pictures were made the hand of man had not so much disfigured as domesticated that paradise leaving its mark of intrusion almost casually with the assurance of absolute triumph adams recorded this intrusion with neither judgment nor irony the

paris is the first time that the significant body of photographs which published alongside the softcover edition looking in robert frank’s robert frank made in paris in the early 1950s has been brought the americans – expanded edition includes a wealth of additional together in a single book his visit to paris in 1951 was his second materials essential information for all interested in twentieth-century return to europe after he had settled in new york city in 1947 and photography it contains all of the essays and photographs in the some of the images he made during that visit have become iconic in softcover plus all of frank’s vintage contact sheets related to the the history of the medium americans a section that re-creates his preliminary sequence and the 80 photographs selected by robert frank and ute eskildsen presents variant croppings of the first and subsequent editions of the suggest that frank’s experience of the “new world” had

196 backlist davidson anna mia cuba black and white davidson bruce nature of los angeles dine jim a history of communism dine jim this is how i remember now € 48.00 £ 40.00 60.00 isbn 978-3-95829-028-0 € 38.00 £ 30.00 us 45.00 isbn 978-3-86930-814-2 € 15.00 £ 12.00 us 18.00 isbn 978-3-86930-791-6 € 48.00 £ 33.00 us 50.00 isbn 978-3-86521-603-8 davidson bruce in color dean tacita seven books grey dine jim donkey in the sea before us dine jim hello yellow glove € 78.00 £ 68.00 us 85.00 isbn 978-3-86930-564-6 € 78.00 £ 70.00 us 95.00 isbn 978-3-86930-299-7 € 12.00 £ 10.00 us 14.95 isbn 978-3-86930-451-9 € 28.00 £ 20.00 us 35.00 isbn 978-3-86930-484-7 davidson bruce subway depardon raymond manhattan out dine jim birds dine jim printmaker’s document € 58.00 £ 52.00 isbn 978-3-86930-294-2 € 35.00 £ 30.00 us 40.00 isbn 978-3-86521-704-2 € 50.00 £ 35.00 us 55.00 isbn