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index contents artists/editors titles adams shelby lee 63 adams bryan 93 adolph jörg 14-15 bailey david 103-109 baltz lewis 159 bolofo koto 135-139 burkhard balthasar 71 callahan harry 151 clay langdon 61 cole ernest 157 collins hannah 149 davidson bruce 165 devlin lucinda 147 dine jim 113 edgerton harold 153 eggleston william 37-41 elgort arthur 145 fougeron martine 119 frank robert 43-55 goldblatt david 73 163 gursky andreas 69 haas ernst 75 hasegawa takumi 33 hirano satoshi 19 hofer evelyn 155 ishizuka gentaro 21 jedlička jan 123 kapoor anish 141-143 kashi ed 133 komatsu toru 23 lagerfeld karl 115 laval karine 131 lebeck robert 99 leong sze tsung nicolás 95 light ken 65 maisel david 169 mcmillan david 77 mocafico guido 87 mofokeng santu 129 mori toshiaki 25 niro shelley 97 nozolino paulo 117 pamuk orphan 81 polidori robert 79 powell luke 167 rautert timm 89 sagami tomoyuki 27 sanlé sory 91 spagnoli jerry 127 strömholm christer 85 summers andy 101 sutherland marq 121

b drawings of abstract forms consists of dynamic and perplexing collages in which photos are digitally spliced and reconfigured then colored and overlaid with grids shapes and text fragments mori’s born in tokyo toshiaki mori studied design at kuwasawa design school in tokyo after working in the scenographic art department of the haiyuza theater mori worked as an illustrator before taking up photography his solo exhibitions include “smell on day no 16” 2012 at the tohoku institute of technology gallery in miyagi and “2b drawings of abstract forms” 2016 at william morris gallery in tokyo mori is a member of japan’s society of publishing arts underlying photos mainly depict japanese industrial scenes and cityscapes interspersed with close-ups of everyday objects such as light bulbs and shoes while the text fragments include writings on the beat generation mori’s “drawings” furthermore evoke the paintings of leading beat figure

book robert frank tal uf tal ab text by robert frank book design by robert frank a-chan and gerhard steidl 40 pages otabind softcover in a slipcase 8.1 × 9.8 in 20.5 × 25 cm 29 photographs tritone € 27.00 £ 24.00 us 30.00 isbn 978-3-86930-101-3 endpapers 44 slipcase

this book of ken light’s earliest photos from 1969 to 1974 documents the social cultural and political landscapes of america as they roiled with upheaval and marks his transformation from a student activist to ken light is a social documentary photographer with a particular focus on america his nine books include to the promised land 1988 texas death row 1997 and valley of shadows and dreams 2012 light has exhibited internationally including solo shows at the international center of photography in new york the oakland museum of california and the visual studies workshop in rochester among his awards are two national endowment for the arts fellowships and the dorothea lange fellowship light is the reva and david logan professor of photojournalism at the university of california berkeley a concerned social documentary photographer light’s frontline photos show people across race class and political lines and counteract the truncated memory of the sixties that has often

this book presents little-known photos by the legendary christer strömholm selected by gunnar smoliansky in the late eighties gallerist kim klein proposed a small exhibition of strömholm’s pictures christer strömholm 1918–2002 was one of the most influential scandinavian photographers and the recipient of the 1997 hasselblad award born in stockholm in 1946 strömholm moved to paris where he discovered photography between 1949 and ’54 he joined the german group of photographers fotoforum led by otto steinert and participated in their exhibitions in europe and america perhaps strömholm’s most influential series is “les amies de la place blanche,” documenting the transsexuals of paris’ place blanche in the late fifties and early sixties from 1962 to ’74 he was director of fotoskolan in stockholm where he trained over 1,200 students many of whom would become leading photographers including anders petersen dawid bille

h appy 8 0 thbirthd ay d av idbailey bailey and andy warhol 1972 david bailey on gerhard steidl david bailey born in london on 2 january 1938 is one of the most successful photographers of his generation his career in
 and beyond photography spans 60 years bailey’s books with steidl include bailey’s democracy 2005 havana 2006 ny js db 62 2007 is that so kid 2008 eye 2009 delhi dilemma 2012 bailey’s east end 2014 and bailey’s naga hills 2017 for almost 20 years now steidl has enjoyed an extraordinary bookmaking relationship with david bailey the first bailey book printed monte packham when did you first meet steidl and published by steidl was birth of the cool in 2000 which is 26 cm david bailey i don’t know he’s a myth isn’t he wide by 33 cm high bailey was happy with the result and gerhard mp you think steidl asked him if he had an idea for another book the answer was a db yeah it’s a preciseness it’s a very

p revious ly announced jan jedlička was born in prague in 1944 where he studied painting at the academy before immigrating to switzerland in 1969 he turned to photography rather late in his career jedlička’s work has been exhibited at museums and galleries throughout europe including kunstmuseum and kunsthalle winterthur the national gallery of prague camec la spezia and the josef albers museum bottrop steidl published his il cerchio the circle in 2008 jedlička has had a long connection with italy and lives in zurich and prague while working on his book the circle in 2005 focusing on the capricious maremma area in southern tuscany jan jedlička came across a short coastal strip of immense diversity at principina a mare near grosseto the constant atmospheric transformations of its landscape under the spell of the sky’s play of light instantly caught his attention and inspired him to return frequently between 2008 and the summer of 2015 jedlička visited this

p revious ly announced the powerful religious sites of uluru and kata tjuta in the northern anish kapoor was born in 1954 in mumbai between 1973 and ’78 he studied fine art at hornsey college of art then at the chelsea school of art he represented britain at the 44th venice biennale and won the turner prize in 1991 solo exhibitions and public commissions include tate modern 2002 royal academy 2009 cloud gate millennium park chicago 2004 grand palais paris 2011 orbit olympic park 2012 martin-gropius-bau 2013 and chateau du versailles 2015 kapoor lives and works in london territory of australia have been of deep interest to the artist anish kapoor since he first visited them in the 1980s at uluru he found a landscape of monumental scale which contained intimate and ritually resonant sites a landscape of hollows and voids which he has read as resonant of primal or even “original” structure kapoor describes uluru as “an object with a perforated skin which

p revious ly announced born in randfontein in 1930 david goldblatt is a definitive photographer of his generation esteemed for his engaged depiction of life in south africa over more than 50 years his work concerns above all human values and is a unique document of society during and after apartheid goldblatt’s photos are held in major international collections and his solo exhibitions include those at the museum of modern art in new york in 1998 and the fondation henri cartier-bresson in paris in 2011 in 1989 goldblatt founded the market photo workshop in johannesburg to teach visual literacy and photography especially to those disadvantaged by apartheid in 2006 he received the hasselblad award and in 2016 was made commandeur des arts et des lettres by the french ministry of culture goldblatt’s books with steidl include on the mines 2012 particulars 2014 and ex-offenders at the scene of crime or arrest 2017 this book presents photos by david goldblatt taken between

frank robert you would friedlander lee chain link goldblatt david particulars € 27.00 £ 24.00 us 30.00 isbn 978-3-86930-418-2 € 38,00 40,00 £ 34,00 isbn 978-3-95829-259-8 € 58.00 £ 42.00 us 70.00 isbn 978-3-86930-777-0 frank robert zero mostel reads a book daniel gaujac do it the french way goldblatt david regarding intersections € 15.00 £ 10.00 us 18.00 isbn 978-3-86521-586-4 978-3-95829-270-3 € 24,00 28,00 £ 20,00 € 68.00 £ 58.00 us 75.00 isbn 978-3-86930-714-5 gossage john the thirty-two inch ruler map of babylon € 58.00 £ 52.00 us 60.00 isbn 978-3-86521-710-3 grätz roland neubauer hans-joachim eds human rights watch ed kashi € 30.00 £ 24.00 35.00 isbn 978-3-95829-167-6 frank robert leon of juda isbn 978-3-95829-311-1 € 27,00 £ 24,00 30,00 gohlke frank sternfeld joel landscape as longing queens new york € 65.00 £ 55.00 75.00 isbn 978-3-95829-032-7 goldblatt

whyte-ball ken and victoria eds the golden decade zimmermann harf brand wand € 58.00 £ 50.00 65.00 isbn 978-3-86930-902-6 € 78.00 £ 65.00 90.00 isbn 978-3-86930-628-5 zander thomas ed double elephant 1973-74 manuel alvarez bravo walker evans,lee friedlander garry winogrand € 98.00 £ 85.00 us 125.00 isbn 978-3-86930-743-5