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small fast dripless fits in any drawer cordless hot-melt glue pen neo1 the cordless and practical neo1 all-purpose glue applicator is the ideal tool for creative work – and ready to use in just 15 seconds the new anti-drip system ats means the adhesive is automatically drawn back into the nozzle on releasing the feed button glue that keeps on running is now a thing of the past and the high-performance lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides enough power for up to 200 applications powered by lteic-hnioologny includes 3 glue sticks 7 mm dia includes usb charger led batterycharge status indicator easy to recharge technical specifications warm-up time approx 15 seconds melt temperature 170 °c delivery rate 3 g/min dimensions l × w × h 179 × 40 × 65 mm battery run time up to 200 applications or approx 30 minutes of continuous operation battery charging time 90 in 3 hours voltage 3.6 v lithium-ion rechargeable battery micro-usb charger mains power supply charger

strong neat versatile no compromising hot-melt glue applicator gluematic 5000 mounting wall plugs gluing picture frames or assembling flower arrangements not a problem for the high-performance gluematic 5000 – where and whenever you choose because after heating up for three to five minutes the tool is ideal for 20 minutes of cordless gluing work thanks to its modern heat storage system for prolonged gluing work over large areas this all-rounder with a very high glue delivery rate 22 g/min can of course also be connected directly to the power supply includes standard and long nozzle includes 5 glue sticks 11 mm dia ready for use in 3 – 5 min interchangeable gluing nozzles up to 20 min of cordless gluing technical specifications warm-up time 3 – 5 min melt temperature 210 – 220 ºc delivery rate 22 g /min dimensions l × w × h 185 × 32 ×180 mm mains power supply 220 – 240 v power input idle 20 w warming up approx 500 w in use 120 w

the starter model for working creativity hot-melt glue applicator gluefix gluefix is the perfect hot-melt glue applicator for everyone who likes to be creative do craft work and decorate the entry-level model in a modern design impresses with its slim-line and ergonomic shape is incredibly light to hold and intuitive in use with these unmatched qualities gluefix makes the perfect choice for precision gluing jobs includes 2 glue sticks 11 mm dia ready for use in 7 – 8 min technical specifications warm-up time 7 – 8 min melt temperature 200 ºc delivery rate 13 g /min dimensions l × w × h 175 × 30 ×125 mm mains power supply 100 – 240 v power input idle 16 w warming up approx 175 w in use 40 w weight 300 g ordering details ean 4007841 333911 folding box including 2 glue sticks accessories glue sticks max dia 11 mm see page 19 ideal for being creative making your own greeting cards with coloured hot-melt glue sticks 14

passenden passenden stick stick ultraultra power power klebesticks klebesticks 11 mm 11 mm cristal cristal klebesticks klebesticks 11 m extrem extrem starker starker universal-heißuniversal-heißklarer klarer alleskleber alleskleber ultra ultra power power klebesticks klebesticks 7 mm 7ideal mmalle cristal cristal klebesticks klebesticks 7 mm 7transparent mm kleber kleber ideal für fürbastelalle basteltransparent idealideal zum z und heimwerkerarbeiten und heimwerkerarbeiten basteln basteln und dekorieren und dekori extrem extrem starker starker universal-heißuniversal-heißklarer klarer alleskleber alleskleber kleber kleber ideal ideal für für allealle basteltransparent transparent ideal zum zum 1000 1000 g bastelean g ean 4007841 4007841 046910 046910 ideal 1000 1000 g ean g ean 4007841 40078 00 undund heimwerkerarbeiten heimwerkerarbeiten basteln basteln undund dekorieren dekorieren 500 g500 ean g ean 4007841 4007841 044930 044930 500 g500 ean g ean 4007841

allround expert master the high-end model hot air tool hl 2020 e professional diyers opt for the sturdy hl 2020 e hot air tool the electronically controlled thermo tool delivering 2200 watts of power is easily operated by joystick regulates temperature from 80 to 630 °c and provides user convenience with its lcd display the residual heat indicator warns the user that the outlet nozzle is still hot precision adjustable heat and powerful blower make this high-end tool the ideal choice for virtually any application – shrinking on cable sleeves welding shaping and many other challenging jobs also available in a case including 9 mm reduction nozzle repairing welding pvc water tank 22 optimised weight balance non-slip standing surface 3-stage airflow lcd display residual heat indicator heat build-up warning hanger temperature easy to set by joystick replaceable power cord technical specifications output 2200 w temperature 80 – 630 °c airflow rate 150 – 500 l/min

allround expert master for challenging jobs hot air tool hl 1920 e finished to a high level of quality with optimum weight balance and long life the hl 1920 e hot air tool is an absolute must for the ambitious diy enthusiast the multi-talented all-rounder impresses with 2000 watts of power infinitely variable temperature adjustment from 80 to 600 °c and airflow control in three settings and if it ever gets too hot when welding plastic or stripping paint the automatic cut-out protects the tool from overheating optimised weight balance hanger non-slip standing surface 3-stage airflow infinitely variable temperature setting technical specifications output 2000 w temperature 80 – 600 ºc airflow rate 150 – 500 l/min setting 1 150 l/min setting 2 150 – 300 l/min setting 3 300 – 500 l/min temperature adjustment in 9 steps by thumbwheel dimensions l× w × h 253 × 84.5 × 200 mm power supply 220 – 230 v 50/60 hz protection class without

small and practical ideal for model-making hot air tool hl stick no matter whether for minor repairs and craft work or exacting model-making precision is the be-all and end-all – and what the hl stick does best the versatile and compact hot air tool gets the trickiest of jobs done with pinpoint accuracy with its lightweight design and precision nozzles the stick can even reach those hard-to-reach places in models and other cavities the secure standing surface also lets handicraft enthusiasts work hands-free and the integrated led light perfectly illuminates every last corner getting heat to exactly where it s needed led work light hanger technical specifications output 350 w temperature 400 °c 500 °c with nozzle airflow rate 100 l/min dimensions l × w × h 235 ×78 ×76 mm power supply 220 – 230 v 50 hz protection class without protection class terminal ii motor brush motor heating element ceramic heating element thermal fuse yes power cord length

soldering and spot heating hl 2020 e hl 1920 e reduction nozzle 9 mm ean 4007841 070618 soldering reflector nozzle 10 mm ean 4007841 074616 reduction nozzle 14 mm ean 4007841 070717 wide-slit nozzle pushes onto 14 mm reduction nozzle ean 4007841 074715 feed roller for welding sheeting and edgebanding ean 4007841 012311 hot air accessories removing and shaping welding hl 2020 e hl 1920 e surface nozzle 50 mm ean 4007841 070113 surface nozzle 75 mm ean 4007841 070212 window nozzle 50 mm ean 4007841 070311 window nozzle 75 mm ean 4007841 070410 welding nozzle pushes onto 9 mm reduction nozzle ean 4007841 070915 paint scraper set 5-piece ean 4007841 010317 heat-shrinking reflector nozzle ean 4007841 070519 hdpe welding rod 100 g ean 4007841 071219 pp welding rod 100 g ean 4007841 073411 pvc welding rod 100 g ean 4007841 073114 abs welding rod 100 g ean 4007841 074210 special accessories hl 2020 e hl 1920 e crimp connectors heat-shrinkable tube 0.5 – 1.5 mm dia ean 4007841

fast easy and ultra-precise polystyrene cutter styrofix the styrofix heat cutter does exactly what it says the tool quickly and easily cuts through rigid foam boards such as polystyrene sagex or alporit to give precision results the three blades standard precision and hook blade provide diyers with a broad range of options to cover all sorts of different applications ideal for making polystyrene rings creating model landscapes or cutting coving with utmost precision – and of course always with a perfect cut ready for use in 6 seconds max cutting depth 50 mm cutting blades easy to change technical specifications dimensions l × w × h 35 ×100 × 225 mm power supply 100 – 240 v power input idle 20 w warming up 250 w in use 45 w warm-up time 6 min working temperature 200 °c cutting depth 50 mm weight 315 g includes 3 blades ordering details ean 4007841 334017 folding box including 3 blades no problem cutting perfectly round circles cutting out small cable

steinel the original 42 steinel brand steinel customer service • steinel has been brand leader in hot air tools for over 30 years • german engineering • produces in europe • phone +49 05245 448 188 • e-mail • monday – friday 8 a.m – 5 p.m steinel warranty needless to say our management system holds certification under quality standard din en iso 9001 and environmental management systems standard din en iso 14001 • product overview • operating instructions for downloading • product videos steinel repair service certified quality • 48-hour repair service for steinel hot air tools for us it goes without saying that all products from steinel comply with european safety standards despite involving a huge effort and not always easy from a technical point of view we‘re never deterred because it‘s all worth it so you get certified quality – every step of the way

subject to technical modification without notice 01/2015 110039192 steinel vertrieb gmbh dieselstrasse 80 84 33442 herzebrock clarholz germany phone 49 0 5245 448 0 fax 49 0 5245 448