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°c/°f precision temperature measurement temperature scanner hl scan for hl 2020 e and hl 1920 e anybody working with sensitive materials relies on hl scan the unit reliably and accurately measures workpiece temperature by sensor as a practical helper the beam of led light marks the area you are working on visual and acoustic warning signals tell the user whether the surface is too cold or too hot this means the scanner always makes sure you are working in the ideal temperature range making hl scan the ideal addition to the hl 2020 e and hl 1920 e – and the perfect way to avoid damaging sensitive materials visual warning too hot temperature ideal visual warning too cold acoustic warning technical specifications temperature measurement range 0 – 300 ºc temperature scanning by sensor work area marking by light beam optimum distance from workpiece 15 cm dimensions l × w × h 146.6 × 51 × 44 mm voltage 9 v batteries included special features adjustable emission levels and tolerance ranges weight 165 g ordering details ean 4007841 014919 folding box simple pushes onto the hl 2020 e or hl 1920 e ideal for smoothing smoothing leather at right temperature with optional hl scan 24 25