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ultra light frame you ll forget you re wearing them sg-ul1 ultra light shiny chrome frame gray lens sg-mf1 spray metal frame gray lens sg-ice ice light silver metallic frame gray lens sg-cb-1 wave gray lens · cool semi rimless frames · flexible rubber temple ends · rubber nose piece sg-wice1 white ice white frame gray lens sg-cb-1b blue wave gray w/blue mirror lens lightweight semi rimless matte black frames · lightweight rimless design · adjustable temple · durable nylon material · matte black finish · rubber nose piece sg-41 flash gray lens sg-44 blue breeze gray w/blue mirror lens the pro series · stylish frames · close fit · rubber nose piece · rubber insert on inside end of temples sg-35 mangrove tortoise shell frame vermillion w/green mirror lens sg-33 tide shiny back frame gray lens sg-34 bluewater shiny back frame gray w/blue mirror lens sg-36 twilight tortoise shell frame yellow lens use stock number and color number when ordering

the shadalicious swimbait is designed shdlc6.5 size 61/2 4 per package for the discriminating fisherman every feature from the action to the lifelike colors is designed with one thing in mind shdlc5.5 size 5 1/2 5 per package to catch more and bigger fish rig on either an open jig head or with a weighted hook and fish with a slow steady retrieve match the hook size to the bait s size and enjoy the finest swimbait on the market jig head rigging use appropriate size and weight jig head insert into the head of the bait and thread hook through the top center of the bait rigged with weighted hook shdlc3.5 size 31/2 shdlc4.5 size 41/2 6 per package 6 per package using a screw lock or similar type hook thread the screw or needle into the nose of the bait insert the hook through the bottom of the bait coming out of top and place the hook point flush with the top of the bait making it weedless all sizes available in all colors shown 504 ayu 512 neon ghost minnow 568 green gizzard 583 blue

revolutionary kevin vandam s super finesse worms salt impregnated kevin vandam says the strike king super finesse worms are by far the best worms to use on a shaky head jig their flexibility and action are greater than any plastic worm can produce the 7 version is my go to bait the 4 model is impregnated with salt and is a super little worm it is actually about 4 7/8 long and mark rose says it is the best drop shot worm on the market they will dance on a drop shot rig are killer on a shaky jig and awesome when split-shotting or mojo rigging fig 1 9 see page 14 shakey head jig drop shot split shot setup finesse worms fig.1 4 super finesse worm salt impregnated the best little worm there is fin4 15 per package 7 super finesse worm salt impregnated the ultimate shaky worm kevin vandam fin7 10 per package greg hackney s zero heavily salt impregnated sinking stick worm this is an incredible lure just put it in front of a bass and he is going to hit it you won t 0 with

baby king shad bkshad3 size 3 long designed with the perfect combination of wiggle and flash while tracking correctly following in it s older brother s wake the baby king shad can be fished fast or slow and is designed to reach depths up to 5 feet features a single internal reinforced hinge premium hooks and components and some awesome colors to help you catch that monster of a lifetime 511 gizzard shad 517 tennessee shad 526 sexy bream 568 green gizzard shad 583 blue gizzard shad 585 sexy ghost minnow 586 sexy blue back herring 590 sexy shad 598 chartreuse shad top water wake shad wshad4 size 4 long waking ­ reeling a lure slowly on the surface so it leaves a wake is a great technique for getting big fish the wake shadtm is the best easiest to use wake bait ever made great for big bass stripers musky pike peacock bass and is a great companion to the strike king king shad which can dive about 4 5 deep has the action to mimic the swimming motion of a real bait fish single

designed with the perfect combination of flash wiggle and erratic side to side movement over three years in the making these are the best suspending jerk baits on the market countless hours spent by strike king s lure design team and kevin vandam have produced a jerkbait designed with the perfect combination of flash wiggle and erratic side to side movement it is designed for increased casting distance and for reaching greater depths realistic finishes premium hooks available in floater/diver and suspending models i spent countless hours working with the lure designers to get this new wild shinertm just right it is truly an awesome and my favorite jerk bait on the market the rest of the strike king® pro staff and many other touring pros are becoming infatuated with this lure we are continually receiving stories of great catches on them kevin vandam 1 chrome blue back 2 chrome black back 504 ayu suspending wild shiner hcwss 506 gold/black back 508 clown 511 gizzard shad 514 chrome

raz-r-blade high rpm blades gamakatsu hook perfect skirt compact minnow shaped head design the new burner spinnerbait is awesome featuring the new raz-r-blade high rpm blades that allow the bait to be burned just under the surface and keep the bait down and level to prevent the blades form blowing out compact minnow shaped head design for maximum speed and flash the burner comes ready to go with the perfect skirt and sharp gamakatsu hook tie one on and burn12-1/2 oz model · burn38-3/8 oz model 201sg super chartreuse set your fishing on fire available in 3/8 and 1/2oz models coming soon 203sg chartreuse/white 204gs superwhite 209s blue shad 257gs smokey shad 586s sexy blue back herring 590gs sexy shad strike king exclusive silver-silver the new raz-r-blade are designed and cut thin to help increase revolutions and gold-silver increase flash designed to help keep burning spinnerbaits from blowing out of the water and deep water spinnerbaits in gold-gold silver-gold the strike zone

single spin premium #7 indiana blade 1/2 ounce shortarm spinnerbait with double barrel rattler chemically sharpened black nickel hook 7/16 ounce shortarm spinnerbait with single barrel rattler designed for low light and night fishing spinnerbaits midnight premier mp12 midnight premier models include an extra loud double barrel rattler with four bb s midnight special® models include a very loud single barrel rattler with two bb s skirt black/blue black/blue black/red black/red blades gold black nickel gold black nickel x x midnight special® ms716 midnight premier midnight special® colors weights and blades 1/2 oz black nickel single indiana blade 1/2 oz 24k gold single indiana blade 7/16 oz silver single colorado diamond blade 7/16 oz gold single colorado diamond blade 7/16 oz black nickel single colorado blade color no 91g 91bn 96g 96bn mp12 mp12 x ms716 ms716 ms716 midnight premier x midnight special® 1 1g 12 12g chartreuse diamond dust chartreuse diamond dust white diamond

extra loud double barrel rattler that also helps keep pork bait trailers in proper position and has keeper for soft plastics fiber weedguard black nickel hook extra loud double barrel rattler with four bb s i personally designed this jig years ago and it is still my go-to lure for most of my fishing jig fishing is my deal and i want a jig that i have the utmost confidence in the pro-model® is it denny brauer mirage silicone skirt denny brauer pro-model® jig pmj14 1/4 oz pmj38 3/8 oz pmj12 1/2 oz and pmj1 1 oz pmj1 is only available in colors 2 &11 1 black 2 black/blue 3 black/chartreuse only available in pmj12 4 black/red only available in pmj12 pro-glo colors available in pmj38 3/8 oz and pmj12 1/2 oz 8 texas craw 10 pro-white 11 green pumpkin 13 green crawfish only available in pmj38 pmj12 g2 black/blue only available in pmj38 pmj12 g3 black/chartreuse only available in pmj38 14 chameleon crawfish only available in pmj38 pmj12 15 cajun crawfish 17 watermelon 19 electric

diamond dust® head with diamond dust® silicone skirt a unique 3 blade diamond pattern prop for a different sound and flash and enables really slow retrieves squeakin spittin sounds tri-wing buzz king® 316bm 3/16 oz 516bm 5/16 oz the best little buzzbait around diamond dust® head with diamond dust® silicone skirt 70 chartreuse 71 chartreuse/blue a unique 3 blade diamond pattern prop for a different sound and flash and enables really slow retrieves 72 white 76 black/blue tri-wing mini buzz king® 18bm 1/8 oz 2 blade prop for a more traditional buzzbait sound mirage blade and mirage skirt 201 chartreuse shiner 204 white shiner double-wing pro-buzz® 14pbm 1/4 oz available in all colors 12pbm 1/2 oz only available in colors 201 204 212 texas red 215 gold shiner 2 blade prop for a more traditional buzzbait sound 71 chartreuse blue a super mini-buzzbait it gets strikes when others won t 74 silver/clear red diamond dust 105 fire tiger 201 chartreuse diamond dust head with diamond

strike king is proud supporter of strike king pro-team journal sponsors strike king is proud to be the official lure sponsor for the 2009-2010 college bass championship the official sports medicine sponsor for the strike king all pro touring team use stock number and color number when ordering specifications subject to change without

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