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ultra light frame you ll forget you re wearing them sg-ul1 ultra light shiny chrome frame gray lens sg-mf1 spray metal frame gray lens adjustable nose piece sg-wice1 white ice white frame gray lens · cool semi rimless frames · flexible rubber temple ends · rubber nose piece sg-44 breeze black lens · stylish frames · close fit · rubber nose piece · rubber insert on inside end of temples the pro series sg-35 mangrove tortoise shell frame vermillion w/green mirror lens sg-33 tide shiny back frame gray lens sg-34 bluewater shiny back frame gray w/blue mirror lens sg-36 twilight tortoise shell frame yellow lens block the light see the fish with the pro blocker sg-9 pro-blocker gray lens · wide temples with sideshields · matte black frames sg-10 pro-blocker amber lens sg-5 breakwater shiny black frame gray lens sg-52 black chrome gray lens comfortable functional stylish fit awesome value lens color guide gray lens best for bright sunny conditions blue

w ith new t n c of fee s c e us patent #7,774,974 rgana10 rgana7 rgtw10 rgtw7 rgcrw rgchk rgliz6 rgttmg rgshd rglob rgsm rgtd x available in this color now rgrecon rggrub4 rgeel rgbc rgsr color color 2 4 7 13 16 18 19 32 38 39 42 45 46 47 50 51 52 57 black blue flake x silver bling plum green pumpkin purple gold watermelon seed watermelon red flake blue sapphire smoke blue black neon red shad junebug blue glimmer black flake green pumpkin x green pumpkin pearl belly okeechobee craw california craw chartreuse pepper smokey shad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx rgsc rgh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 83 hot chartreuese 84 85 93 pearl red bug green pumpkin candy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx green pumpkin 94 chatreuese belly 100 summer craw x use stock number and color number when ordering specifications subject to change without

ct4.5 6 per package solid head hollow body 4.5 flipping model great on a texas rig for flipping and pitching strike king coffee tubes patent pending are scented with real coffee bean granules and coffee bean oil this natural organic scent is incredibly attractive to fish it causes them to hold onto the tube longer and masks human and plastic scents coffee granules give the tube a more natural earth tone tint that mimics the appearance of a bass favorite prey they are salt impregnated too as a result these coffee tubes will help you catch more fish ct3.5 8 per package hollow body 3.5 regular model rig with an internal tube head jig for dragging jigging or fishing offshore structure with the hook exposed coffee tube 4.5 flip-n-tube e flake coffee tube 3.5 regular pro-model® elon w/p urple br onze holograph ic flake silver w reen br onze flak coffee a mber w/g e coffee a mber w /green bronz 2 black blue flake 12 crazy blue tail craw 13 green pumpkin 18 watermelon purple gold

baby king shad bkshad3 size 3 long designed with the perfect combination of wiggle and flash while tracking correctly following in it s older brother s wake the baby king shad can be fished fast or slow and is designed to reach depths up to 5 feet features a single internal reinforced hinge premium hooks and components and some awesome colors to help you catch that monster of a lifetime 511 gizzard shad 517 tennessee shad 526 sexy sunfish 568 green gizzard shad 583 blue gizzard shad 590 sexy shad wake shad wshad4 size 4 long has the action to mimic the swimming motion of a real bait fish single jointed body design has remarkable action with the perfect combination of wiggle and flash while tracking correctly quality construction and premium hooks top water waking ­ reeling a lure slowly on the surface so it leaves a wake is a great technique for getting big fish the wake shadtm is the best easiest to use wake bait ever made great for big bass stripers musky pike peacock bass

internal free-floating rattles hckvdsd 41/2 long premium hooks the sexy dawg was designed and reviewed by kevin vandam to be an easy to walk far casting premium walk-the-dog topwater lure with great action mission accomplished available in two sizes rhythmically twitch your rod tip to make the nose go side to side take one for a walk and be ready for some explosive strikes hckvdsdjr 33/4 long lifelike 3-d eyes 500 clear sexy shad 514 chrome sexy shad 538 chartreuse sexy shad 583 blue gizzard 568 green gizzard shad 585 sexy ghost minnow 586 sexy blue back herring 590 sexy shad 598 chartreuse shad 665 bone 622 bluegill 668 black lab new style face design is horizontally oriented and cut to maximize the spit and spray during retrieve internal free-floating rattles 21 long body length lifelike 3-d eyes premium feathered tail hook strike king® has set out to design the best poppin chuggin spittin topwater lure possible we interviewed our pro fishing team and they wanted a

at upd ed now n g w desi t skirt nea c he dthe perfe with 24k gold and/or nickel plated premium blades engraved with strike king and blade size superior quality spin-eze® ball bearing swivel premier vibra-max wire for maximum blade vibration the bread butter spinnerbait of the pros a full line of premium spinnerbaits with a model for every need new perfect skirt® hzmirage® painted diamond dust head with reflective eye mustad® double hardened premium i helped design the premier problack nickel chemically sharpened hook model® it has consistently helped fishermen win tournaments across the country it s an awesome top-of-the-line premier pro-model® colors,weights and blades spinnerbait 3/16 oz 3/16 oz 3/8 oz 3/8 oz 1/2 kevin vandam kevin vandam oz colorado/willow colorado/colorado colorado/willow colorado/coloradocolorado/willow painted blade color no skirt blades pp316cw pp316ccpp38cw pp38cc pp12w x 201gchartreuse 201sgchartreuse 204gwhite 204swhite 204p gold silver/goldx

buzzbaits featuring the perfect skirt® with magic tails® and sabre point® trailer hook strike king s top-of-the line buzzbait includes the exciting new perfect skirt® that blooms wide and even and the exclusive magic tails® serve as a trailer while together they give more action than typical skirts the color patterns match the head of the lure and create an appealing and natural look to the fish twin counter rotating blades create extra lift enable a slow retrieve perfectly straight tracking and spray water outward for a commotion unlike any other buzzbait includes pre-rigged sabre point® bleeding bait® trailer hook exclusive perfect skirt with magic tails 201 super chartreuse not available in pplbd14 pplbd12 203 chartreuse/white 204 super white 210 black the double take buzzbait pplbd14 1/4 oz pplbd38 3/8 oz pplbd12 1/2 oz center axis blade with holes bleeding bait® hook and bleeding® accent skirt grass bell pro-model ® buzzbait the bleeding elite buzz bait features

strike king wally marshall are now offering you his best-kept secrets in crappie fishing lures today over the past 25 years wally marshall has been honing his skills and knowledge to bring you the best crappie lures money can buy mr crappie soft plastic lures are made with the highest quality materials and systems control to make sure every lure is to your satisfaction mr crappie soft plastic lures get the best results and are designed to trigger big slab crappie into a feeding frenzy make your next crappie fishing adventure the one to remember with mr crappie lures length 2 each available 15 per package mrcj2-41 glimmer blue mrcj2-48 pumpkinseed chartreuse tail mrcj2-60 electric chicken mrcj2-181 blue grass mrcj2-183 tuxedo black chartreuse laminate mrcj2-184 tuxedo black sparkle laminate mrcj2-185 blue/white tail mrcj2-186 pearl/chartreuse tail mrcj2-187 red/chartreuse/silver glitter tail mrcj2-188 junebug/chartreuse glitter tail each available 15 per package length 1 3/4

crappie flappie 2 rigged/2 spare bodies per pack d/2cfp4-21 white pearl d/2cfp4-124 chartreuse sparkle d/2cfp4-251 black/chart tail crappie colors d/2cfp15-21 white pearl 15 pack bodies per pack d/2cfp4-618 popsicle d/2cfp4-619 firetiger 1 rigged/2 spare bodies per pack d/2cfp15-251 black chartreuse tail 670 blue pearl pink chartreuse 671 red yellow pink green beetle spin d/1bt3-1rd white/red dot d/1bt3-03ybts black d/1bt3-124rd chrt silver flake/red dot 673 black chartreuse white red 679 pink red black white chartreuse night crawlers -2 2 rigged/2 spare bodies per pack d/2ncw-33 opaque red d/2ncw-40 natural earthworm d/2ncw-41 pumpkin blue pearl d/2ncw-114 pumpkin seed d/2bt3-01rd white/red dot d/2bt3-03ybts black 1 per pack d/2bt3-124rd chrt silver flake/red dot crawfish spin d/1cf1s-419 1 pepper frog orange blk flake 2 rigged/2 spare bodies per pack crawfish jigs minnow spin 1 rigged/2 spare bodies per pack minnow jigs 2 rigged 2 spare bodies d/1cf4-402 1 blk/chrt pearl 1

catfish 12 oz each cfw-blk black cfw-cht chartreuse ch-blk black cfw-red red ch-grp grape whisker sticker hooks great for catfish baits 8 per package available in 2 flavors cfd-ch cheese cfd-bl blood the ultimate catfish dip bait tested and proven to be more effective than any other dip bait on the market tm the dippin worm is designed to hold your catfish dynamitetm bait onto its pre-rigged hook and leader for ease of use a dynamite combination designed to be used with the dynamite tub the huckleberry is a great delivery vehicle for catfish dynamite pre-rigged with a red bleeding bait® hook simply tie it on fill up the cavity with dynamite and get fishing ws 1 size 1 ws 2/0 size 2/0 top-of-the-line 24kgold or nickel plated premium premiertm blades engraved with strike king logo and blade size replacement blades adds awesome flash to any spinnerbait pbk-5wg three #5 premier gold plated willow blades pbk-4.5wg three #41/2 premier gold plated willow blades pbk-4wg three #4