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compressed air tools and accessories pistons 38 mm 44 mm aircraft screw type compressor bi metal saw blade flexible compressed air hose hook and loop fastener low pressure ball valve 10 bar pressure gauge three way ball valve 6 mm x 75 mm threads pipe to pipe automatic on off switch occupational safety and health 18 x 18 30 x 30 mm 18 x 18 fitting 16 16 v stainless steel ball catalogue tools for the aircraft compressed air dryers wika pressure gauge bi metal saw saw blades compressed air filter angle die grinder paint spray guns type 2 circuit breaker shut off valve brass shut off valve quick release coupling quick clamping chuck oil water separator shut off valve ball compressed air water separator compressed air fittings activated carbon filter safety shut off valve air shut off valve 50 amp dc circuit breaker air intake duct 35 mm circular saw blade oil check valve filter stainless steel pipe bend quick disconnect couplings oil check valve 4 way ball valve 6 way ball valve 2 way ball valve n type connector adapter 4 cylinder 2 stroke engine 3 cylinder 2 stroke engine 12 v dc circuit breaker check valve kit stainless steel pipe stainless steel 8 pipe 8 stainless steel pipe

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sld logistics centre sld logistics centre in early april 2014 operations started in our new logistics centre at the company site in pettstadt near bamberg 15 km from head office with some 50 000 m² the new logistics centre was created with 20 000 m² of hall floor space another milestone in the history of the stÜrmer group the objective was to improve delivery quality in all respects and thus offer our esteemed business partners tangibly increased benefits today the new processes are established to the extent that the value chain works in a trouble-free way our objectives are your benefits our logistics centre stocks more than 360 000 articles this allows for fast shipment of almost all of our products to germany and throughout europe qualified staff ensure the orderly delivery of the goods every year more than 100 000 items leave the company s premises with our own delivery vehicles by carrier or by parcel service the sld stÜrmer logistics centre • own

mobile compressors mobilboy series – mobile compressors with up to 10 bar for trade applications xxuniversally deployable in domestic and diy use also for on-site applications xxfully automatic on/off operation xxelectric motor equipped with soft-start and motor protection switch xxone pressure gauge each for displaying the tank and working pressure xxpowder coated compressed air tanks xxplastic wheels at rear xxrubber foot or rubber suction pads at front xxmains cable length 1.8 m mobilboy e equipment 1 2 3 4 5 2 1·· automatic pressure switch pressure regulator for continuous adjustment of the working pressure 3·· one single-handed quick-action coupling 4·· aluminium compressed air line 5·· one pressure gauge each for displaying the tank and working pressure 2·· mobilboy 311/50 e xxwith 50 l compressed air tank 1 3 mobilboy 301/24 e xxwith 24-litre compressed air tank model art no technical specifications compressor system highest flow rate fill

airprofi series single-stage and two-stage airprofi series professional compressors with a twin-cylinder high-performance grey cast iron motor and a maximum equipment level xxthe high-performance grey cast iron motor and the low speed guarantee smooth action and a long compressor service life xxa re-cooler with large cooling fins ensures a low compressed air tank inlet temperature thus reducing the moisture content of the compressed air xxthe large fan wheel and a cooling air baffle on the cylinder provide for optimum cooling of the compressor xxpremium electric motor with high torque xxelectric motor equipped with soft-start and motor protection switch xxa start-up capacitor and start-up relief valve ensure a smooth start-up xx400 volt models are equipped with a phase inverter as a factory standard for easy manual changing of the direction of rotation xxflexible armoured hose with heat protection avoids vibration fractures xxthe toothed drive belt facilitates starting xxstable

xxlarge fan flywheel and large impeller ensure optimum cooling xxintermediate and re-cooler in combination with an additional air duct between the motor and the compressor reduce condensate build-up xxpremium electric motor equipped with motor protection switch xxthe belt can be adjusted from the outside xxfully automatic on/off operation xxequipped with all safety devices xxcompletely ready for connection with all fittings xxfor 10 bar models as of 7.5 kw equipped with an automatic star delta switch as factory standard xxfor 15 bar models as of 5.5 kw equipped with an automatic star delta switch as factory standard screw-type compressors xxdesigned for professional and industrial applications in which a quiet work environment is essential xxfeatures a silent noise-insulation housing for deployment in sensitive areas xxthe twin-cylinder high-performance motor with two-stage compression allows for very low speeds this helps to achieve a very smooth virtually vibration-free action

piston compressors compressed air maintenance units ·· premium ribbed belt drive guarantees optimum power transmission from the motor to the compressor ensuring a long service life at the same time screw-type compressors ·· intensive cooling guarantees operational safety and good air quality ·· extremely quiet fan by design system components ≤ 64 db maximum effective delivery motor noise dimensions connection pressure volume output lxwxh bar l/min kw ps in dba mm g a-micro model range screw-type compressors with ribbed belt drive on vessel with built-on refrigeration dryer a-micro 4.0-08-200 k ie3 8 580 4 5.5 60 1 440 x 510 x 1 280 1/2 1 440 x 510 x 1 280 1/2 a-micro 4.0-10-200 k ie3 10 485 4 5.5 60 1 560 x 570 x 1 390 1/2 a-micro 5.5-08-270 k ie3 8 720 5.5 7.5 64 1 560 x 570 x 1 390 1/2 a-micro 5.5-10-270 k ie3 10 650 5.5 7.5 64 vessel capacity l weight 200 200 270 270 181 181 215 215 art no kg 2091652-s 2091654-s 2091862 2091864

long life kits suitable for ie 3 models regular maintenance a-k-max series 5.5-15 kw 1 000 h 4 000 h or every year · 1 air filter cartridges · 1 oil filter cartridge · 1 separator cartridge · 1 oil check valve · 1 prefilter · 1 prefilter for switch cabinet vs models only · 1 air filter cartridge a-k-max 5.5-15 kw a-k-max 5.5-10 a-k-max 5.5-13 a-k-max 7.5-10 a-k-max 7.5-13 a-k-max 11-08 a-k-max 11-10 a-k-max 11-13 a-k-max 15-10 a-k-max 15-13 k-max 7.5-08 vs k-max 7.5-10 vs k-max 11-08 vs k-max 11-10 vs k-max 15-08 vs k-max 15-10 vs commodity group 285 285 285 285 285 285 285 285 285 285 285 285 285 285 285 1 000 h · 1 x 4 000 hrs kit · 1 solenoid valve · 1 minimum pressure valve not vs models kit b kit e 0017092000n 0260ktb15e 0260kte32e 0017093000n 0260ktb16e 0260kte33e 0017092000n 0260ktb17e 0260kte36e 0017093000n 0260ktb18e 0260kte37e or every year designation air filter cartridge air filter cartridge llk-b 5.5-7.5 k llk-b 11-15 k llk-b

power units oil-free oil-lubricated coaxial compressor units xxdirectly driven compressor units from 1.1 to 2.2 kw and 2 to 4 way 8 and 10 bar single or twin cylinder xxself-lubricating non-toxic and approved materials allow for the use of these ol 1850 oil-free aftercoolers overload protection premium rod end bearings twin pistons single-phase oil-free ol 55 0.75m ol 75 1m ol 1850 1.5m ol 232 2m mk 160 1.5m vkm 320 3m vkm 320 3 2 way – 8 bar ol 232 ol 232 xxhigh-efficiency cooling air fan xxfin valves for optimum efficiency xxfront and additional cooling for maximum durability xxanti-corrosive surface treatment ol 55 ol 75 – – – ol 1850 type compressors in medical applications and in the dental industry xxunique compressor motor crankshaft xxmaximum mechanical efficiency xxno transmission elements ol 55 75 4 way – 10 bar mk 160 vkm 320 – – mk 160 vkm 320 maximum pressure number of cylinders motor output intake capacity speed

compressed air line systems compressed air solutions tailored to your needs 2 1 15 2 3 jahre vessel screw-type compressor model art no a-k-max 7.5-10 2095404 model art no db zinc plating 500/11 v 2500650 galvanised vessel xxwithout fitting kit xx500 l upright xxmaximum pressure 11 bar xx690 x 640 x 1 950 mm 4 model art no cyclone separator ackl fitting kit model art no fitting set for db vz 500/11 v 2500530 amd aied automatic condensate drain model art no amd aied 2059080 2059075 xx1 reducing nipple 1½ ot – ¾ it xx1 safety valve ¾ 10 bar xx2 dummy plugs 1¼ xx1 reducing nipple 1 ot– ½ it xx2 bends 90° ½ it/ot xx1 pressure gauge ½ 0-16 bar xx1 dummy plug ½ xx1 three-way ball valve ½ xx2 ball valve 1¼ it/ot xx1 reducing nipple 1½ ot – ½ it ackl 0155b 2053012 xx flow rate 2 557 l/min xx air connection ½“ xx max working pressure 16 bar 5 model art no fine filter aff aff 0078 2053232 aaf 0078 up to 0.1 µm

economic benefits and stability xxlong service life of the coupling due to premium workmanship and reduced mechanical load xxlow energy costs due to long-term leak tightness of the coupling xxlightweight antistatic scratch-proof material xxthe plug-in nipple is not exposed to mechanical load thus brass nipples also last longer xxresilient to abrasion impact stress crushing vibration and corrosion comfort xxsafety couplings incomparably easy to use xxpressureless coupling xxergonomic compact shape for intuitive and natural handling xxthe position of the operating button is variably adjustable thanks to the rotating housing xxsmaller dimensions for less use of space easy assembly coupling with inside thread single-handed safety coupling type 1/4 outside thread 3/8 outside thread 1/2 outside thread 1/4 inside thread 3/8 inside thread 1/2 inside thread coupling 6 mm coupling 9 mm coupling 13 mm the nipple can be easily removed without pressure backlash coupling with hose barb

angle grinders/long neck angle grinders piston compressors industrial angle grinders xxfor commercially available sanding discs up to Ø 125 mm xxuniversally deployable for roughing and cutting xxextremely robust design for professional use industrial angle grinder iws 125 pro xxwith ergonomic plastic handle non-slip and low vibration xxwith vibration-damping side handle as standard for less fatigue when working xxwith quick change clamping nut and noise-insulation hose as standard xxwith easy-to-use spindle lock xxincluding safety lever to prevent unintentional switching on xxwith practical protective hood adjustment xxwith exhaust air outlet at rear as standard screw-type compressors iws 125 pro 2403480 technical specifications air consumption approx 560 l/min working pressure 6.3 bar sanding disc Ø 125 mm sanding disc thickness 0.8 6 mm connection 1/4“ speed 10 000 rpm weight 2 kg quick clamping nut vibration-damping side handle system components model art no

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