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diamond grinding wheel wet vacuum cleaner diamond grinding wheels wet dry vacuum hepa air filter 3 phase induction motor wet and dry vacuum cleaners waste water pump water pump bypass hose fresh water pumps hot water pressure cleaning high pressure cleaner water high pressure cleaner high pressure hose high pressure nozzle ultra high pressure hose hot water high pressure cleaner hose for water pump 18 high pressure hose stainless steel housing deep well pump high pressure pumps for water nozzles natural stone tiles internal combustion engines chrome plated water pipe air filter part no quick release coupling volume of water tank power on off switch vacuum oil level sensor nozzle for pressure washer chrome plated steel quick release coupling set cold and hot water high pressure pump height adjustable handles stainless steel tanks high temperature and high pressure hose quick release couplings stainless steel shaft 4 cylinder head 16 valves 16 internal combustion engine mains on off switch cold and hot water high pressure on off switch led front lighting power on off switch automatic on off switch motor forward and reverse switch tables and chairs 7 mm stainless steel tubing switch on off stainless steel tube in tube terms of delivery kit for 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive tools made in germany

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table of contents high pressure cleaner cold-water pressure cleaners garden pumps 6 gp1105p new 44 hdr-k 39-12 16 gp1105c new 44 hdr-k 44-13 17 gp 1306s new 44 hdr-k 48-15 18 gp 1105s new 45 hdr-k 51-16 19 hdr-k 54-16 20 house water system hdr-k 60-13 21 dws1105p new 45 dws 1105 new 45 hdr-k 77-18 22 hdr-k 90-20 23 hdr-k 66-20 bl new 25 accessories hdr-k 72-22 bh new 26 water pumps hdr-k 96-28 bl new 27 46 disk/scrubbing vacuum cleaning machines contents accessories single-disk machine cold-water pressure cleaners 28 esm 432-2 48 esm 432 49 hot water pressure washers 32 hdr-h 54-15 33 abrasion/double roller machines hdr-h 60-14 34 osm 432 50 hdr-h 78-18 35 ssm 340 51 36 ssm 280 52 37 ssm 330-7.5 ssm 330-11 53 dwm 280 new 54 series dwm-k new 55 series dwm-h new 56 hdr-h 90-20 new hdr-h 108-20 accessories hot water pressure washers 38 ssm 350 b ssm 335 cy 57 water pumps ssm 410 58 fresh water pumps ssm 550 59 fwp 50 fwp 80 new 41 accessories wastewater pump swp 80 new 42 double

cold-water pressure cleaners hdr-k 48-15 – cold-water pressure cleaners xxmobile and portable model with two wheels and handle xxtotal stop pump control pump motor start and stop without delay on opening and shutting off the gun xxmotor overload protection through motor circuit breaker xxpractical holders for hand gun barrel high pressure hose and power cable xxintegrated water filter protects the pump against contaminants in the water xxlonger pump head service life thanks to automatic safety valve xxfast replacement of spraying equipment without tools thanks to click-fast quick coupling system on the hand gun xxsurface cleaner included in scope of delivery ensures splash water protected and effective cleaning of tiles walls and other large surfaces diy d 125 bar 50 °c 2 800rpm 2.5 kw 8m 230 v 22.5 kg hdr-k 48-15 ›› ultra rugged 3-piston axial pump with brass head and stainless steel pistons ›› your entry into the induction motor class

hot water pressure washers agriculture construction xx great efficiency thanks to 3-piston axial pump xx robust and reliable xx convenient storage thanks to integrated hose drum 32 xx total stop pump control xx good manoeuvrability xx controllable water temperature xx start-up relief thanks to easy-start

high pressure cleaner new gp 1105s – clear water garden pump with filter and lcd display technical specifications max delivery performance max delivery height suction height cable length power liquid temperature range input/outlet diameter motor output electrical connection gp 1105s 7521200 76 l/min 46 m 8m 1.5 m 0 °c +35 °c 1“ 1 100 w 230 v ~50 hz disk/scrubbing vacuum cleaning machines model art no water pumps xxsuitable for watering the garden pressure boosting in the household xxintelligent control for efficient automatic operation with adjustable minimum and high pressure xxdisplay shows delivery performance delivery pressure and timer xxwith integrated dry running protection xxpump housing made of stainless steel xxextremely quiet action dws1105p – household water works with rugged cast housing technical specifications max delivery performance max delivery height suction height cable length power vessel capacity liquid temperature range input/outlet

ssm 550 – compact and handy scrubbing vacuum cleaning machine with 55 cm working width and semi-automatic drive system – the ideal machine for cleaning small to medium-sized premises also in case of stubborn dirt disk/scrubbing vacuum cleaning machines for cleaning small to mediumsized areas maintenance elements marked in yellow for fast and easy maintenance of the machine ›› the surface is immediately dry and safe in a single pass scope of delivery battery charger 1 disk brush model art no technical specifications operational capacity working width sweeping working width vacuuming brush pressure brush speed not fresh water tank waste water tank power supply battery lifetime motor output dimensions l xwxh weight ssm 550 7202055 mechanical operation of brush and vacuum rail via levers 1450 m²/h 510 mm 680 mm 27.5 kg 160 in pim 40rpm l 42 l battery 24 v approx 240 min 870 w 1165 x 541 x 995 mm 61.5 kg info video 59 wet/dry vacuum cleaners ability

quality made in europe ride-on scrubbing vacuum cleaning machine assm 1002 – powerful ride-on scrubbing vacuum cleaning machine with a long range and 100 cm working width perfectly suited for cleaning large areas xxbattery operated ride-on scrubbing vacuum cleaning machine with automatic drive and two disk brushes xxthe speed can be preset in three stages using a simple control xxthe brush deck is equipped with two counterrotating cleaning brushes it can be extended by 15 cm at the side for cleaning along walls or edges it retracts automatically on encountering obstacles xxautomatic detachment of the vacuum rail in case of inadvertent impact protects this against damage xxelectronic operation of brushes and vacuum rail via levers mechanical brush pressure setting via lever xxautomatic speed reduction in bends features xxpull-out brush deck xxrotating beacon xx2 disk brushes pp 0.6 mm xxcurved vacuum rail at rear xxautomatic speed control xxautomatic water and brush stop xx2

quality made in europe ride-on sweeper aukm 900 – diesel-powered ride on sweeping machine for cleaning commercial surfaces indoors and outdoors xxthe fabric cartridge filter can be easily replaced without tools xxair discharge in upward direction avoids stirring up dust around the machine xxpowerful electric fabric cartridge shaker filter xxfloating and self-regulating main sweeping roller maintains permanent ground contact xxone of the most compact sweeping machines in its segment suitable both for cleaning large areas and for cleaning narrow passages or areas with nooks and crannies xxthe rounded edges protected by a rubber profile ensure excellent manoeuvrability xxin case of inadvertent impact the side brush is retracted to avoid potential damage xxthe side brush angle is adjustable to facilitate edge cleaning features xxpointed main sweeping roller xxright side brush angle adjustable xxpressure and height setting of main sweeping roller adjustable xxfabric cartridge filter

2x vacuum pipe Ø 38 alum plast 0.5 m art no 7013045 round attachment with brush art no 7013018 hose Ø 36 mm 2.0 with connectors art no 7013022 • flat attachment Ø 38 mm art no 7013044 tube adapter Ø 38 mm art no 7013046 reduction piece Ø 36 38 mm art no 7013047 adapter hose/handle art no 7013049 adapter hose/tank art no 7013050 adapter hose/tank art no 7013020 100 wetcat 362 iet art no 7001370 wetcat 362 et art no 7001360 wetcat 262 iet art no 7001270 wetcat 262 et art no 7001260 wetcat 137 r art no 7001140 wetcat 137 e art no 7001130 wetcat 133 ir art no 7001145 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

high pressure cleaner new features xxcomprehensive range of accessories xxcable tidy hooks xxnon-woven filter xxaccessory holder model art no flexcat 110 a-class 7003105 technical specifications vacuum cleaner type rating volume of air tank volume hose diameter/length number of motors motor cooling sound pressure level mains frequency electrical voltage cable length negative pressure tank material filter surface dimensions l xwxh weight dry 700 w 1 584 l/min 10 l 32 mm/1.5 m 1 bypass 76 dba 50 hz 230 v 8.5 m 154 mbar plastic 120 cm² 333 x 327 x 320 mm 4.6 kg info video scope of delivery >non-woven filter >vacuum hose 1.5m incl handle with loss-air control >3x aluminium vacuum tube Ø32 mm length 330 mm >floor attachment with fold-up brush >flat attachment incl brush attachment 113 dry vacuum cleaner a wet/dry vacuum cleaners sweepers ride-on scrubbing vacuum cleaning machines disk/scrubbing vacuum cleaning machines water pumps xxdurable heavy duty components

xxexcellent suction performance thanks to powerful 1.2 kw motor xxwith washable hepa cartridge filter xxlarge 20 litre metal waste tank with carrying handle high pressure cleaner xxpractical storage of the supplied attachments directly on the device xxblower function for blowing on embers or blow-cleaning of surfaces water pumps xxreliably and easily vacuum cleans ashes sand and coarse dirt xxsuction unit can easily be removed for emptying the tank after opening the bar locks ride-on scrubbing vacuum cleaning machines disk/scrubbing vacuum cleaning machines ›› special filter system for removing ashes sand and other dirt ›› easy emptying of the waste tank ›› storage for accessories on device ›› blower function model art no technical specifications vacuum cleaner type rating air volume tank volume hose diameter/length number of motors motor cooling sound pressure level electrical connection cable length filter

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