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planing jointing/thicknessing planes adh 200 6 adh 250 6 adh 305 6 adh 260 7 neu adh 26c 230 v 400 v 8 neu adh 31c 230 v 400 v 8 neu adh 26c 400 v 8 neu adh 32 adh 41 10 neu dh 330 11 hbs 431 32 hbs 433 32 hbs 533 32 saw bands 33 hbs 533 s 34 hbs 633 s 34 jig saws dks 502 vario 36 dks 530 vario 37 edge banding 38 edge banding device accessories tf 170 e 230 v 400 v 12 tf 200 se 13 feeds preface 32 kag 4 spindle moulder neu hbs 351 kf 6 40 kf 3 40 sta 80 40 vsa 32 14 kkg 30 41 vsa 308 14 ks 41 vsa 38 l vsa 48 l 14 vk1 41 vsa 38 el vsa 48 el 14 vs 1 vs 2 41 vsa 300 dc vsa 400 dc 16 grinder sander vsa 300 vsa 400 16 wet-grinding system saws nts 200 42 mitre saws with pull function nts 255 42 neu kgz 210 e kgz 255 e kgz 305 e 17 belt and disc sanders neu kgz 2540 vario kgz 3050 vario 18 bts 150 bts 250 table saws 44 oscillating spindle grinding machine tks 315 e 20 oss 100 46 tks 315 pro 230 v 400 v 21 obss 100 47 tks 200 230 v 22 belt and plate sanding

milling spindle pivots away to the rear for optional use of a feed device maximum safety and a cleaning milled finish spindle moulder xxselector switch for cw or ccw run of the milling spindle xxmilling spindle pivots away to the rear for optional use of a feed device maximum safety and a cleaning milled finish xxhold-down unit for precise workpiece guidance xxdelivery table available as an accessory feeds xxeasy action sliding carriage for precise workpiece guidance xxmilling stop with finely adjustable aluminium stops xxfast and easy speed change thanks to multiple v belt xxlarge work area thanks to solid torsion-free grey cast iron table xxgenerously dimensioned milling machine made of grey cast iron pivots from +5 to -45° planing holzstar spindle moulder tf 200 se spindle moulder with aluminium sliding carriage and pivoting milling spindle extraction units hold-down unit for precise workpiece guidance grinders sanders fast and easy speed change thanks to multiple v belt edge

table saws holzstar table saw tks 200 – machine for diy enthusiasts with a maximum cutting depth of 60 mm fantastic value for money xxgenerously dimensioned steel machine table galvanized as a factory standard to prevent corrosion xxsaw blade pivots from 90° to -45° anticlockwise precise single-degree accuracy and easily adjustable via hand wheel and scale xxlarge central extraction duct Ø 100 mm xxthe stable sawing unit mounts at the front and rear allow for precise cutting xxsaw blade height adjustment also via handwheel from the operator side xxequipped·with a powerful motor and thermal overload protection xxincl saw blade protective hood with integrated extraction duct xxtable width extension as standard continuously adjustable angle stop from -45° to 45° scope of delivery chassis sliding table rip fence angle stop saw blade protective hood with extraction hose table width extension saw blade 200 x 30 x 2.8 mm t18 model art no technical

xxtwo-speeds as factory standard xxpreset cutting width can be easily read off on a scale xxsuitable for saw blade widths from 6 to 25 mm xxhbs 400 including easy-action aluminium rip fence with quick lock on solid rod guide xxhbs 471/473 aluminium rip fence with eccentric quick release and scale the aluminium stop can be converted within seconds using the quick release lever for working with a flat stop feeds grey cast iron flywheels ensure smooth action spindle moulder hbs 400 and hbs 471-473 xxprofessional band saw with closed chassis xxquick clamping of saw band via eccentric lever on rear of machine without changing the basic tension setting xxgrey cast iron flywheels ensure smooth action xxeasy pivoting of the table from 0 to 45° via rocker mount planing hbs 400 saws integrated saw blade guide display hbs 400 hbs 473 variable use saw blade quality made in germany teeth per inch hbs 400 5160250 1 5160251 1 5160252 1 5160351 5160352 5160353 5160354 1 1 1 1 5160401 5160402

edge banding machine accessories edge milling cutter kf 6 – for cutting off edging on long edges and corners on straight and curved workpieces xxfor precise processing of various materials such as solid wood pvc or melamine xxdurable and powerful motor xxergonomic handle for stable and comfortable machine guiding xxmilling cutting guard with integrated extraction port rotatable through 180° for maximum protection of the user and clean low-dust work model art no technical specifications edge thickness shaft Ø tool feed performance speed extraction port Ø weight xxmilling cutter head replaceable xxadjustable in 0.05 mm steps with scale xxmilling cutter guard adapts to the workpiece s contour thus allowing for trouble-free guidance of the milling cutter xxincl integrated stop for rounding edges fig shows sample application kf 6 5410010 0.5 3 mm 6 mm manual 450 w 230 v 30,000 rpm 25 mm 2.0 kg fig shows the scope of delivery edge milling cutter kf 3 – unique manual

belt and plate sanding machines disc sander ts 301 belt and disc sander bts 200 – compact grinders for processing surfaces edges and round edges xxgenerously dimensioned pivoting work tops xxmitre stop adjustable from -30° to +30° as factory standard for use on the workbenches xxpowerful motor graphite coating on the belt sanding machine improves the anti-frictional properties and the service life of the sanding belt sanding arm of belt sanding machine pivots from 0 90° thanks to clamping screw and scale ts 301 xxwork top pivots from -10 to +45° model art no sanding machine sanding disc diameter sanding belt dimensions belt speed work tops disc sanding machine belt sanding machine work table pivoting electrical connection rating electrical connection dimensions and weights length x width x height extraction port Ø weight scope of supply bts 200 belt sanding unit pivots from 0° 90° xxfast replacement of sanding belts through quick-clamping system

planing measuring tools/workpiece stops spindle moulder feeds floor cleaning set 1 suitable for all extraction units xxincludes premium 2.5 m spiral hose extraction pipe floor nozzle with rollers handle and 2 pipe clamps xxwidth of floor nozzle 430 mm xxslot width 30 mm xxhose Ø 100 mm model art no brs 1 5148100 holzkraft measuring tools and workpiece stops – useful helpers for your daily work protractor xxfor precise angle adjustment of saw blades e.g for sliding table or mitre saws magnet integrated in housing xxlarge digital lcd display with back-lighting xxbattery-powered with 1.5v aaa battery included in scope of delivery xxprecision ± 0.1° 90° ± 0.2° xxmeasuring range 4 x 90° xxdimensions l xwxh 60 x 60 x 25 mm xxweight 82 g xxincludes leather bag with belt clip extraction units measuring tape xxmeasuring tape length 5 m xxmeasuring tape width 19 mm xxmeasuring tape thickness 0.135 mm xxautomatic tape recoil xxhousing made of impact-proof plastic

accessories for extraction units pipe clamps for flanged pipe with m8 x 25 screws diameter art no Ø 58 mm 5143006 Ø 80 mm 5143008 Ø 100 mm 5143010 Ø 120 mm 5143012 Ø 140 mm 5143014 Ø 160 mm 5143016 Ø 200 mm 5143020 Ø 250 mm 5143025 Ø 300 mm 5143030 diameter Ø 80 mm Ø 100 mm Ø 120 mm Ø 140 mm Ø 160 mm Ø 180 mm Ø 200 mm Ø 250 mm Ø 300 mm pipe clamps with quick coupling diameter Ø 80 mm Ø 100 mm Ø 120 mm Ø 140 mm Ø 160 mm Ø 180 mm Ø 200 mm Ø 250 mm Ø 300 mm art no 5144008 5144010 5144012 5144014 5144016 5144018 5144020 5144025 5144030 pipe clamps for wall-mounting for flanged pipes with m8 x 25 screws diameter Ø 80 mm Ø 100 mm Ø 120 mm Ø 140 mm Ø 160 mm Ø 180 mm Ø 200 mm Ø 250 mm Ø 300 mm designation art no 5143280 5143210 5143212 5143214 5143216 5143218 5143220 5143225 5143230 steel pipe galvanised flanged on both sides length: 1 500 mm art no 5143180 5143110 5143112

holzkraft hb 1401/1901/1701 – carpenter s workbenches for diy fans through to joiners quality made in europe 2 rows of bench dog holes edge banding saws feeds ·· hb 1401 and hb 1901 with two rows of bench dog holes spindle moulder holzkraft hb 1701 compact carpenter s bench for craftsmen and training xxupper part made of solid beech glued laminated timber xxchassis made of finger jointed beech glued laminated timber xxwith tray and four round bench dogs as factory standard xxcarefully machined tool drawer xxwith french front and rear jaws xxwith two rows of bench dog holes xxenvironmentally-friendly oiled surfaces xxsuitable for left and right-handers thanks to pre-drilled holes for vice xxdelivery broken down for self-assembly holzkraft hb 1401 and 1901 xxcompact carpenter s bench for craftsmen and training xxfinger jointed glued beech laminate xxwith tray and four round bench dogs as factory standard xxwith two rows of bench dog holes xxsurface

conveyor belt fb 4500 – conveyor belt for time-saving conveying of firewood immediately after cutting xxvariable height adjustment to loading height of various means of transport xxtilt adjustment from 5° to 45° via winch with large handwheel xxsafe and easy folding in and out via winch with wheel support xxfast and easy setup and removal can be handled by one person made in germany ›› conveying length 4.50 m ›› conveying height up to 3.50 m continuously adjustable ›› operation setup and removal can be handled by one person 400 v 1.1 kw figure shows conveyor belt fb 4500 with rocker circular saw hws 701 model art no fb 4500 5964500 technical data conveyor belt width conveying length belt speed tilt adjustment manual winch conveying height at 5° conveying height at 5° conveying height at 45° total length in working position 5° total length in working position 45° total length in working position

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