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39 mm 41 mm 25 mm x 35 x 4 mm wall thickness stainless steel pipe belt and disc sander 35 x 35 x 30 95 mm x 7 mm 40 x 40 hook and loop fastener 30 x 30 x 8 50 x 50 different types of brakes h and r 30 30 20 tool the material type and the use of it 20 tools the material type and the use of it hss saw blade circular saw blades hm saw blade belt grinding machine carbide core drills drill chuck adapter belt sanding machine solid carbide core drills 66 mm saw blade grey cast iron stainless steel railings heavy duty roller threaded drill chuck adapters bi metal saw saw blades bi metal saw blade stainless steel blades punch and die spring loaded track stop heat resistant alloys emergency stop switch cover punch and die set emergency stop switch guard stainless steel tanks hydraulic control control taper roller bearings stiffness stainless steel sheet tapered roller bearings stainless steel table top stainless steel sheet 8 mm taper roller bearings stainless steel railing tapered roller bearing taper roller bearing stainless steel round bar standard thread tap speed and feed tapered roller bearing flange spacer 7 8 mm x 6 mm x 7 mm fold up table 80 x 80 25 x 25 square tubing steel

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sld logistics centre stürmer logistics centre sld logistics centre in early april 2014 operations started in our new logistics centre at the company site in pettstadt near bamberg 15 km from head office with some 50 000 m² the new logistics centre was created with 20 000 m² of hall floor space another milestone in the history of the stÜrmer group the objective was to improve delivery quality in all respects and thus offer our esteemed business partners tangibly increased benefits today the new processes are established to the extent that the value chain works in a trouble-free way our objectives are your benefits our logistics centre stocks more than 360 000 articles this allows for fast shipment of almost all of our products to germany and throughout europe qualified staff ensure the orderly delivery of the goods every year more than 100 000 items leave the company s premises with our own delivery vehicles by carrier or by parcel service the sld stÜrmer

deburring ke 100 – edge deburrer for exterior edges for mobile and stationary use xxfor creating clean visible edges and preparing welds xxdevice for stationary or mobile use xxeasy and quick change-over from stationary to mobile use with wing nuts and removable foot xxtool-free setting of the chamfer depth xxstandard angle settings at 15° 30° and 45° xxmanual feed xxpatented technology xxhandy and powerful device xxfor machining steel non-ferrous metals and plastics xxfunctional arrangement of the handles allows for safe guiding of the device in mobile operation xxguide plate equipped with adjustable ball heads for smooth running of the workpiece xxautomatic safety shutoff in case of overheating mobile use 7 45° model art no technical specifications chamfer angle chamfer width at 15° chamfer width at 30° chamfer width at 45° electrical connection services speed continuously variable dimensions l xwxh max weight 32 3.4 30° 5 5.3 6 6.6 7 9 9 1 1.4 15°

guillotine shears manual sheet metal shears tbs – suitable for cutting steel non-ferrous metals and plastics xxsuitable for cutting steel aluminium and copper xxpremium knife made of steel with a hardness of hrc55-60 xxequipped with two operating handles xxfront support surface with scale xxrear stop adjustable up to 300 mm features rear stop two control handles model art no technical specifications max working width sheet thickness 400 n/mm² max sheet thickness 700 n/mm² max rear stop adjustment range up to rear stop width table height length x width x height weight 60 mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kg tbs 1501-15 3746015 tbs 2001-12 3746020 1 500 1.5 0.75 2000 1.25 0.62 300 485 800 1 950 x 1 100 x 1 050 2 450 x 1 100 x 1 050 445 511 performance data for material with tensile strength of 400 n/mm² cutting capacity va steel factor 0.5 pto for descriptions of the packaging surcharges data on tpfr excluding vat accessories replacement knife set tbs

hydraulic hole punches round die no 60 art no 3889332.2 3889332.7 3889333.2 3889333.7 3889334.2 3889334.7 3889335.2 Ød 35.7 mm 36.2 mm 36.7 mm 37.2 mm 37.7 mm 38.2 mm 38.7 mm art no 3889335.7 3889336.2 3889336.7 3889337.2 3889337.7 3889338.2 3889338.7 Ød 39.2 mm 39.7 mm 40.2 mm 40.7 mm 41.2 mm 41.7 mm 42.2 mm art no 3889339.2 3889339.7 3889340.2 3889340.7 3889341.2 3889341.7 3889342.2 Ød 45.7 mm 46.2 mm 46.7 mm 47.2 mm 47.7 mm 48.2 mm art no 3889345.7 3889346.2 3889346.7 3889347.2 3889347.7 3889348.2 Ød 48.7 mm 49.2 mm 49.7 mm 50.2 mm 50.7 mm 51.2 mm art no 3889348.7 3889349.2 3889349.7 3889350.2 3889350.7 3889351.2 Ød 30 Ød 32.2 mm 32.7 mm 33.2 mm 33.7 mm 34.2 mm 34.7 mm 35.2 mm Ø60 round die no 80 art no 3889342.7 3889343.2 3889343.7 3889344.2 3889344.7 3889345.2 Ød 40 Ød 42.7 mm 43.2 mm 43.7 mm 44.2 mm 44.7 mm 45.2 mm Ø80 slotted hole punch no 2 art no 5.0 x 10.0 mm 5.0 x 15.0 mm 5.0 x 20.0 mm 5.0 x 25.0 mm 5.5 x 11.0 mm 5.5 x 15.0 mm 5.5 x 20.0 mm 5.5

ring bending machine prm 60 fh – hydraulic ring bending machine suitable for horizontal and vertical applications on sections pipes and solid materials xxheavy-duty welded structure made of steel xxhorizontal and vertical working positions xxhydraulic feed of top roller xxdigital indicator for adjustment roller xxall 3 rollers are driven and tempered xxcontinuously adjustable lateral guide rollers xxseparate control panel with foot controls application ring bending model art no technical specifications shaft Ø roller Ø at the top roller Ø at the bottom speed hydraulic pressure motor output electrical connection weight dimensions in mm 116 prm 60 fh 3812060 60 mm 215 mm 215 mm 4 m/min 16 t 1.5 kw 400 v/50 hz 950 kg 1 000 x 1 400 x 1 650 scope of delivery standard bending rollers refer to table on the right for bending options mobile foot pedal for clockwise anti-clockwise operation with emergency off function straightening rollers digital indicator for

manual brake bending machines hsbm – manual brake bending machines heavy-duty versions xxeasy to use xxheavy compact welded design xxvery low maintenance requirements xxwith full-width acute bending rail type hsbm 1520-20 s sh hsbm 2020-20 s sh hsbm 2520-16 s sh hsbm 3020-12 s sh model xxfor easy bending and precise adjustment of the bending angle thanks to stop with scale xxsheet thickness can be set via bending beam quality made in europe s models xxwith segmented top tools sh models xxwith high segmented crowbar tools segmentation hsbm s hsbm sh 25-30-35-40-45-50-75-100-150-220-250-500 25-30-35-40-45-50-75-100-150-200-200-270-400-400 25-30-35-40-45-50-75-100-150-200-200-270-400-400-500 25-30-35-40-45-50-75-100-150-200-200-270-400-400-500-500 more brake bending machines available on request hsbm 1520-20 sheet passageway max between top working thickness max bottom beam max width 1 520 mm 2.0 mm 140 mm bending angle max 135° weight dimensions lxwxh in mm art no

punches and dies matching punches and dies for various applications a number of examples from our comprehensive range of tools for press brakes are listed here in addition to our comprehensive offer of standard tools custom tools can be tailored to your individual requirements – we are always happy to advise you on the topic of punches and dies examples of top tools your custom sizes and prices on request examples of bottom tools

metal-cutting circular saws manual metal-cutting circular saws with 315 mm saw blade one and two speeds and swivelling saw head and vice for mitre cuts xxtwo cutting speeds xxswivelling machine head by 45° anti-clockwise and 45° clockwise xxreduction gear running in oil bath xxautomatic diaphragm coolant pump with coolant filter as standard xxquick release vice with burr-prevention unit swivelling through 45° anti-clockwise and 45° clockwise quality made in europe equipment mks 315 r mks 316 r xxwith adjustable slip clutch thus ruling out breaking of the saw blade xxmks 316 r low-speed and thus perfect for working with stainless steel xxvice longitudinally displaceable and thus suitable for longitudinal cutting and slotting xxmoving guard ensures optimum safety while cutting xxcontrol handle with safety switch xxlow-voltage electrical system 24 volt with emergency off switch main switch speed selection switch and overload protection xxquick release vice swivelling through

metal-cutting band saw controls the control panel on the semi-automatic machines ha function of the semi-automatic machines the version ha sawing machine have hydraulic functions that support a semi-automatic mode of operation after starting the machine the vice automatically clamps the workpiece the saw cut is performed at the selected band speed the lowering motion automatically stops at the bottom end position the saw arm moves to its top end position the vice opens automatically so that the operator only needs to move the material the sawing action can be interrupted at any time by enabling the stop function the band is freed and the saw arm moves out of the cutting channel without opening the vice or switching off the machine xxemergency off switch switches the machine off during a cycle xxlarge digital display with functions such as 1 menu button for actuating the various menu items shown on the screen 2 workpiece/cut counter 3 brp display 4 hydraulic system status display 5

hmbs 500 x 750 nc-dg x bc 2 000 quality made in europe new fully-automatic two-column horizontal metal-cutting band saw arp system for for mitre cuts from +60° to -60° and 2 000 mm transporter xxfor cutting bar materials including stainless steels and tool steels both sections and solid materials xxsemi-automatic and automatic operation individually selectable xxfor straight cuts clamping of the material upstream and downstream of the cut through two-part vice xxwith arp system automatic control of the cutting feed speed as a function of the material cross section or saw band tpi xxsaw band tilted by 7° for improved cutting performance and a longer service life xxthe clamping jaw moves throughout the entire cutting area technical specifications motor output 3 x 400 v/50 hz speed stages saw band speeds saw band dimensions dimensions l xwxh table height material feed weight min remaining workpiece length hmbs 500x750 nc-dg x bc 2 000 we are always happy to perform

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