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application of dc generator welding dc generator shaft diameter 17 mm ac dc inverter propane gas shut off valve shut off valve propane propane shut off valve low pressure regulator propane gas safety shut off valve propane gas low pressure shut off valve replacement carbon brushes low pressure regulator valve fresh air helmet automatic shut off valve propane manual propane gas safety shut off valve gas shut off valves high pressure hose cleaning cleaning chemicals activated carbon filter hose shut off valve ac electric motor stainless steel wire basket gas shut off valve stainless steel welding air flow meter gas shut off valve lock automatic gas shut off valve remote control switch box low melting point low melting point alloy stainless steel wire high pressure hoses shut off valve 18 high pressure hose remote control remote switch safety shut off valve copper and copper alloy wire materials heat resistant stainless steel pressure vessel plate material plastic shut off valve gas pilot shut off valve stainless steel bar 3 mm pressure gauge for gas pressure shut off valve tool create your own thermal overload protection pressure vessel plate stainless steel tube 8 mm stainless steel tube 85 mm stainless steel tube 1 mm stainless steel tube 6 mm stainless steel tube 3 mm stainless steel tube 9 mm stainless steel tube 4 mm stainless steel tube 7 mm stainless steel tube 5 mm

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sld logistics centre sld logistics centre in early april 2014 operations started in our new logistics centre at the company site in pettstadt near bamberg 15 km from head office with some 50 000 m² the new logistics centre was created with 20 000 m² of hall floor space another milestone in the history of the stÜrmer group the objective was to improve delivery quality in all respects and thus offer our esteemed business partners tangibly increased benefits our objectives are your benefits our logistics centre stocks more than 360 000 articles this allows for fast shipment of almost all of our products to germany and throughout europe qualified staff ensure the orderly delivery of the goods every year more than 100 000 items leave the company s premises with our own delivery vehicles by carrier or by parcel service the sld stÜrmer logistics centre ·· own fleet of five trucks ·· 20 000 pallet bays ·· 2 500 bays for small parts ··

quality made in europe syn-mig 403i sc 1089040 syn-mig 403i sc-w syn-mig 403i sc-ws 1089041 1089042 technical specifications continuously variable setting range 25 – 250 a 30 – 300 a 30 – 400 a 30 – 400 a 30 – 400 a duty cycle at imax and 40 °c 60 40 40 40 40 welding current at dc 100 and 40 °c 190 a 200 a 250 a 250 a 250 a wire Ø steel/special steel 0.8 1.0 mm 0.8 1.2 mm 0.8 1.2 mm 0.8 1.2 mm 0.8 1.2 mm wire Ø aluminium 1.0 1.2 mm 1.0 1.2 mm 1.0 1.2 mm 1.0 1.2 mm 1.0 1.2 mm wire feed speed 1.0 22 m/min 1.0 22 m/min 1.0 22 m/min 1.0 22 m/min 1.0 22 m/min wire feed rolls/driven 4/4 4/4 4/4 4/4 4/4 supply voltage 3 x 400 v 3 x 400 v 3 x 400 v 3 x 400 v 3 x 400 v fuses slow-blow 16 a 16 a 25 a 25 a 25 a cos phi power factor 0.93 0.93 0.93 0.93 0.93 required generator output 14 kw 18 kw 25 kw 25 kw 25 kw open circuit voltage 55 v 55 v 63 v 63 v 63 v degree of protection ip 21 ip 21 ip 21 ip 21 ip 21 dimensions lxwxh

mig/mag shield gas welding equipment qualität made in germany pro-mig synergie – step controlled inert gas welding equipment best in class welding results and easy control thanks to automated settings and iwc smart processor control schweißkraft machine interface stepless dynamic induction digital motor and welding control database characteristic control “iwc is a superordinate controller for the entire system” the arc length is not just controlled by measuring the arc voltage and welding current but additionally by digitally acquiring the wire feed speed xxduring the entire ignition and arc process the droplet transition point is continuously monitored and digitally controlled – like with the latest pulse power sources xxsetting the correct welding parameters is easy and safe thanks to the integrated dcc welding parameter database and the convenient smi control solution xxthe integrated microprocessor uses this to quickly and efficiently compensate for

multifunctional inverter inverter tig welding

inverters tig welding devices digital qualität made in germany the high-tig ac/dc control concept comprehensive functionality – fast and easy-to-use multifunctional head the large and clear-cut control panel is self-explanatory a multifunctional button arranged at the centre provides fast and reliable access to the important welding parameter areas for the user program memory the high-tig ac/dc lets you save up to 99 programs this saves time while also speeding up your work and guaranteeing reproducible welding results at any time the ability to quickly and easily save two current settings for a welding task you can access these welding programs simply by pressing one of the balance or by pressing the r-tig up/down-button on the torch quick choice buttons the quick choice buttons p1 and p2 give you 7 1 3 8 9 4 2 10 5 6 11 1 2 56 digital display shows xxamperes a xxseconds s xxfrequency hz xxbalance multifunctional button for setting xxgas pre-flow time xxignition energy iz

electrode inverters easy-stick 251/410 – electrode inverter 3-phase 400 volt compact high-performance with up to 250 a or 400 a special features easy-stick 251 xxtig lift arc ignition scratch ignition for tig welding at minimum current without the tig needle sticking xxtig pulse function: perfectly suited for welding thin materials special features easy-stick 410 xxadjustment options go to hot-start and arc force xxremote control can be enabled/disabled xxstate-of-the-art and proven inverter technology xxmaximum power and duty cycle dc xxdeployable for stationary or mobile applications xxhot start function thanks to an automatic short-term increase of the welding current the arc lights immediately and is stable xxarc force control automatic welding output synchronisation with the preset value xxanti-stick function prevents the electrode sticking xxdigital display easy setting of the welding parameters through function selection switch and setting control process

electrochemical metal processing features xx10 volt ac xxstainless-steel body xxrobust carrying handle proven transformer technology allows for xxa compact device design xxhighly reliable operation xxrobust handling xxeasy and safe operation xxuse in the workshop and on-site mig/mag bymat 1120 rs made of stainless steel supports versatile applications and includes 1 program xxcleaning with high-performance brush with high-performance carbon fibre brush can reach hard-to-access places and clean long welds xxand with excellent quality xxefficient cleaning of tig welds in seconds multifunctional inverter tools and accessories xxtools are completely in stainless steel thus no corrosion xxtools have a bayonet connection thus supporting ultra-fast changing xxall electrolytes are environmentally friendly and can be used in the food industry grinding cleano 3 – easy and safe cleaning and polishing of tig welds with the professional entrylevel model and additionally also for light and

automatic welding helmets varioprotect l-w xxcontinuously variable din 4-8 and din 9-13 xxresponse time 1/30 000 s xx4 sensors xxfor electrode mig/mag and tig model art no varioprotect xl xxcontinuously variable din 9-13 xxresponse time 1/30 000 s xx4 sensors xxcarbon design xxfor electrode and mig/mag varioprotect l-w 1653995 technical specifications view window cassette dimensions power supply on/off uv/ir protection protection levels light shade level class transition response time dark to light transition time sensitivity material overall weight 98 x 43 mm 122 x 125 x 9 mm solar cells fully automatic permanent din 16 din 4 to 8 and din 9 to 13 4 1/1/2/1 1/30 000 s from light to dark 0.25 – 0.8 s continuously variable continuously variable nylon 490 g model art no technical specifications view window cassette dimensions power supply on/off uv/ir protection protection levels light shade level class transition response time dark to light transition time sensitivity

mig/mag grinding earth cable 4 m complete with earth clamp 16 mm² ks 25/9 mm clamp 200 a 25 mm² ks 25/9 mm clamp 200 a 16 mm² ks 50/13 mm clamp 200 a 25 mm² ks 50/13 mm clamp 200 a 35 mm² ks 50/13 mm clamp 400 a 50 mm² ks 50/13 mm clamp 600 a 70 mm² ks 70/13 mm clamp 600 a designation welding cable per metre 16 mm² welding cable per metre 25 mm² welding cable per metre 35 mm² welding cable per metre 50 mm² welding cable per metre 70 mm² xxas per h01 n2 d vde 0250 part 6 xxhighly flexible xxcold and flame-resistant art no 1250316 1250325 1250335 1250350 1250370 multifunctional inverter tig inverters welding cable 4 m complete with electrode holder art no designation welding cable coupling connector ks 25 10-25 mm² welding cable coupling connector ks 50 35-50 mm² art no pq 1250635 10 designation welding cable coupling socket kb 25 10-25 mm² welding cable coupling socket kb 50 35-50 mm² art no pq 1250735 10 designation welding cable

welding accessories new swm-2 30 – switchable welding angle magnets for fixing sheet metal round and square workpieces or pipes xxwith high magnetic holding force for professional applications xxmagnet can be switched on and off with toggle switch xxeasy to wipe down in switched-off state for holding metal workpieces at 45° or 90° angles model holding force angle swm-2 30 30 kg 45° /90° holding force spec based on application with 9.5 mm steel plate dimensions 110 x 95 x 25 mm weight 0.5 kg art no 1790029 vswm 15 – adjustable welding angle magnet for continuously variable angle adjustment between 30° and 270° xxwith high magnetic holding force for professional applications xxideal for round and square tube angled and flat material xxthe desired angle can be easily set between 30° and 270° via hexagon hole xxfastening holes to connect two magnets model holding force angle dimensions vswm 15 15 kg 30° 270° continuously variable 156 x 156 x

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