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brz drive it for a day love it for life 2015 life moves fast don’t slow it down with a car you can’t trust at subaru we build each of our vehicles with the highest standards of manufacturing and with designs that are inherently tough and resilient it’s why our vehicles excel in the most rigorous of motorsports like rally racing and why 94 of all vehicles sold in the last 12 years are still on the road today.1 it’s also why subaru owners are so likely to stay subaru owners for years and years what’s more keeping cars on the road means they stay out of landfills longer and if we can make the world a cleaner and greener place while making cars that inspire and motivate their drivers we’ve done our job 1 based on ihs automotive polk u.s total registrations my2002–2013 these brochures were printed with vegetable-based inks and produced using a “green printing process.” the forest stewardship council™ fsc® is an

the joy of driving purified the 2015 subaru brz absent of fluff with a direct connection to the road the brz delivers fun at any speed engineering this level of driving engagement was anything but easy it required starting with the right technology—namely the low-slung subaru boxer® engine—and placing it in a vehicle with a supremely low center of gravity and the perfect power-to-weight ratio the end result is no less than the ideal sports car driving experience creating elegant simplicity is anything but simple 1 2015 brz brz limited in both wr blue pearl and ice silver

3 2015 brz the open road is your canvas engaging with a traditional rear-wheel drive layout the brz pays homage to traditional sports car ideals while retaining all modern necessities its traits—lightweight low center of gravity fully independent suspension telepathic handling— deliver the pure unfiltered driving experience worshipped by purists potent powered by a 200-hp direct and port-injected 2.0-liter 4-cylinder subaru boxer® engine the brz hits all the right notes in both performance and sound the sonorous high rpm rumble from the tuned exhaust system is music to the enthusiasts’ ears 1 compatible smartphone and application required for applications to operate latest version of each application and integrated audio and navigation system unit required data provided by smartphone is displayed on navigation screen some state laws prohibit the operation of handheld electronic devices while operating a vehicle smartphone apps should only be launched when

“with an excellent driving position firm brake pedal slick gear change and easily controllable oversteer the car is a delight to push hard.”1 motor trend january 2014 “ subaru’s new coupe is gifted with “the brz is an automobile magazine all-star for the second year in a row.” exceptional balance and clairvoyant reflexes.”1 caranddriver.com december 2011 automobile magazine april 2014 “the chassis is so balanced and focused you could steer it with your right foot while blindfolded.”1 roadandtrack.com october 2013 “it offers a pervasive sense of control allowing you to place the tires within millimeters of your intended target.”1 motor trend july 2012 5 2015 brz 1 accolade based on 2013 subaru brz brz limited in ice silver

7 2015 brz it only lacks one thing— you driver-focused cockpit a lot of thought went into the place where the magic happens—the driver-focused cockpit of the brz from the driver’s seat everything is optimized and coordinated from the small-diameter leather-wrapped steering wheel to the strategically placed pedals obliging shifter and low-mounted bolstered front seats it’s all perfectly assembled to create the ideal sports car driving position brz premium with black

every excess eliminated every thrill amplified 2,764 pounds curb weight 18.11˝ center of gravit y height weight split front 55 rear 9 45 2015 brz engine placement lightweight—2,764 pounds1 200-hp boxer engine driver-centric ergonomics lightweight sports cars can react quicker accelerate faster and stop with more authority with less heft the 200-horsepower subaru boxer® engine becomes a powerhouse and the 11.6-inch disc brakes—world-beaters high-tensile steel makes it not only lighter but stiffer as well also a priority was balance—so it’s rear-wheel drive for better front-to-rear weight distribution low stable with immediate power delivery the subaru boxer® engine is the heart and soul of the brz with port and directinjection technology its efficiency is impeccable—34 mpg3—and its power easily harnessed with either the lauded 6-speed close-ratio manual transmission or a quickshifting 6-speed automatic transmission with manual

11 2015 brz g-force optimized inside you’ll find a plethora of features that set the brz apart find destinations and attractions and monitor traffic with the 6.1-inch touch-screen navigation system customize your comfort with the available dual-zone automatic climate control system make calls easily and stream your favorite tunes with bluetooth® hands-free calling and audio streaming adapt to changing road conditions with auto on/off headlights enjoy luxury and control with the supple yet grippy available heated alcantara®-lined heavily bolstered seats and the leather-wrapped smalldiameter steering wheel brz limited with black leather and

2015 brz series.blue a rare breed of an exotic species with a production run limited to 1,000 the exclusive elusive brz series.blue comes with a host of unique exterior and interior upgrades the exterior gets some subaru tecnica international flair with sti 17-inch 15-spoke gloss black alloy wheels and sti front side and rear quarter under spoilers to go along with the series.blue-exclusive red brake calipers and additional underbody covers that improve the already stellar aerodynamics the interior includes a stylish blend of blue-accented leather and alcantara® everywhere you look with a red sti engine start/stop button capping the exclusive experience 13 2015 brz brz series.blue in wr blue

2015 brz trim levels 2015 brz specifications engine and drivetrain brz premium • 200-hp direct-injected 2.0-liter 4-cylinder subaru boxer® engine • close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission • voice-activated 6.1-inch high-resolution touch-screen gps navigation system and 8-speaker audio system with subaru starlink™ system • sport-tuned suspension featuring aha™ connected service,1 hd radio® with itunes® tagging • multi-spoke 17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels usb port/ipod® control bluetooth® audio streaming and hands-free • hid headlights phone connectivity sms text messaging capability siriusxm® satellite • cloth upholstery radio and navtraffic®2 • manually adjustable air-conditioning system brz power torque 2.0-liter dohc aluminum-alloy 16-valve 4-cylinder horizontally opposed subaru boxer® engine with dual active valve control system davcs 200 hp 7,000 rpm 151 lb-ft 6,400 rpm compression ratio

2015 brz equipment exterior high-intensity discharge hid low-beam and high-beam headlights fog lights l.e.d taillights rear bumper with integrated diffuser trunk spoiler sti aero kit including front side and rear quarter under spoilers dual stainless-steel exhaust outlets body-color power side mirrors and door handles heated side mirrors all-weather package seating and trim 6-way manually adjustable driver’s seat 4-way manually adjustable front-passenger’s seat 2015 brz equipment brz premium brz limited brz series.blue brz premium instrumentation brz limited brz series.blue sport-design gauges with analog speedometer coolant temperature gauge fuel gauge and center-mounted tachometer with integrated digital speedometer climate control manually adjustable cfc-free air-conditioning system with rotary controls for temperature 4-speed fan and airflow direction dual-zone automatic digital climate control system with controls for temperature 7-speed fan airflow direction

2015 brz accessories 2015 brz owner benefits sti front under spoiler sti front under spoiler gives the brz a mean ground-hugging attitude sti side under spoiler continue the mean ground-hugging attitude down the rocker panels of the brz kit includes both left and right side under spoilers sti rear quarter under spoiler complete the ground-hugging look to the side of the brz with the addition of the rear quarter under spoilers kit includes both left and right side under spoilers rear diffuser lower rear body panel helps to direct airflow and adds a sculpted finishing touch to the brz lower rear body line trunk spoiler sleek low-profile design adds just the right amount of attitude to your brz comes pre-painted and ready to install chrome fender trim adds a stylish touch of chrome to the fender grille panels rear bumper appliqué clear scratchresistant vinyl film helps to protect bumper upper surface and leading edge includes a discreet pearl-colored subaru logo auto-dimming mirror

2015 brz dimensions 59.8 2015 brz colors 35.0 37.1 paint 29.9 41.9 60.6 69.9 6.9 cu ft 50.6 101.2 166.7 crystal white pearl ice silver metallic lightning red wr blue pearl dark gray metallic crystal black silica upholstery 59.8 166.7 inches/69.9 inches 77.8 inches including mirrors 50.6 inches headroom front/rear 37.1 inches/35.0 inches legroom front/rear 41.9 inches/29.9 inches wheelbase 101.2 inches shoulder room front/rear 54.5 inches/51.7 inches track front/rear 59.8 inches/60.6 inches passenger volume 76.5 cubic feet base curb weight manual/automatic 9.9 brz premium 2,764 2lbs/n/a 41.9 brz limited 2,778 lbs/2,824 lbs brz series.blue 2,774 lbs/n/a trunk volume 6.9 cubic feet coefficient of drag cd brz premium 0.29 brz limited 101.2 0.28 brz series.blue 0.27 166.7 35.0 37.1 length/width/height black cloth bc black leather alcantara® ba 60.6 69.9 color combinations black leather alcantara® blue bolster accent bab brz premium brz limited brz series.blue