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2018 subaru life environment zero-landfill initiative subaru of indiana automotive was not only the first zero-landfill auto plant but the first to be a designated backyard wildlife habitat by the national wildlife federation nwf since then we’ve shared our expertise with over 800 companies and reached out to the national park service to pilot our zero-landfill initiative in denali grand teton and yosemite together with the national parks conservation association we’ve helped make progress towards creating more sustainable national parks and in an effort to bring more awareness to waste issues we launched #dontfeedthelandfills a pledge signed by subaru and our partners to continue reducing and conserving subaru.com/environment doing our part subaru is proud to partner with organizations who are passionate about protecting the environment for future generations through the subaru loves the earth initiative together with the national wildlife federation nwf subaru and our retailers helped to save 400,000 butterflies and donated nearly 800 certified wildlife habitats to local schools across the country.