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safe and sound is what we do best enhanced safety features in terms of safety the 2018 outback is one of our proudest achievements standard features include a rear-vision camera and eight airbags1 that help protect you from multiple angles available features like blind-spot detection with lane change assist and rear cross-traffic alert2 help alert you to moving danger you don’t see coming while available reverse automatic braking rab3,4 can step in to help stop your vehicle should you not see an object behind you when backing up newly available for 2018 led steering responsive headlights srh help you see around corners by pointing the way as you turn while high beam assist hba4 activates or dims your high beams automatically providing you maximum visibility at all times 11 2018 outback blind-spot detection using radar sensors blind-spot detection warns you with a visual indicator in your side mirror if it senses a vehicle in your blind spot another feature of this system lane change assist alerts you with a flashing indicator in each side mirror if it senses a vehicle approaching in a neighboring lane rear cross-traffic alert rear cross-traffic alert2 uses radar sensors to help warn you of traffic approaching from the side as you are backing up utilizing a flashing visual indicator in your side mirror and an audible warning while you signal for a lane change.2 reverse automatic braking subaru starlink™ safety and security reverse automatic braking3,4 can detect objects directly behind your vehicle providing extra peace of mind starlink™ safety and security gives you when backing up at a low speed and can help bring the outback to a stop instant access to help when you need it most with automatic collision should an object be detected within its range and the driver fail to act notification to send first responders when an airbag deploys stolen there’s also a standard rear-vision camera to help you keep an eye out vehicle recovery to help police locate your vehicle if it’s stolen and more starlink™ safety and security helps keep you and your subaru safe.5 1 always wear seatbelts children should be properly restrained in the rear seat 2 blind-spot detection lane change assist and rear cross-traffic alert are systems designed to assist the driver by monitoring the rear and side areas of the vehicle during a lane change or reversing and are not a substitute for safe and attentive driving 3 this system is not a substitute for safe and attentive driving system effectiveness depends on many factors such as vehicle maintenance weather and road conditions always exercise caution and use vehicle mirrors and the rear-vision camera when backing up see owner’s manual for complete details on system operation and limitations 4 requires eyesight.® 5 activation and required subscription sold separately includes 1-year safety plus trial subscription see your retailer for details outback 2.5i limited in crystal white pearl with optional equipment.