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safety from all sides 2019 subaru life enhanced safety we’re always looking for ways to make our vehicles even better at protecting our owners that’s why subaru offers some of the most advanced active safety technologies on the market plus intelligent features such as led steering responsive headlights with high beam assist smart rear-view mirror and 180-degree front camera are all designed to help you see— and help keep you safe—better than ever before.3 blind-spot detection using radar sensors blind-spot detection3,8 and lane change assist warn you with a visual indicator on your side mirror if they detect a vehicle in your blind spot and when you signal for a lane change lane change assist can also alert you with a flashing indicator on your side mirror if it senses a vehicle approaching at a higher speed in a neighboring lane rear cross-traffic alert rear cross-traffic alert3,8 uses radar sensors to help warn you of traffic approaching from the side as you are backing up utilizing a flashing visual indicator on your side mirror and rearvision camera display as well as an audible warning reverse automatic braking reverse automatic braking3,9 can detect objects directly behind your subaru when backing up at a low speed and can help bring the vehicle to a stop should an object be detected within its range and the driver fail to act every subaru also features a standard rear-vision camera to help you keep an eye out ascent touring in abyss blue pearl.