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2019 subaru life durability trust earned mile after mile owners like terry prine see a lot of value in a car they can trust since 97 of subaru vehicles sold in the last 10 years are still on the road today,2 we’re pleased to have met many just like him terry remembers the day he brought his new 2003 subaru forester home and all the great moments he’s had with it by his side a memory in every mile going on tour with my band in ’03 the forester was my bus i was able to load in all of my buddies and gear and still had room to pick things up on the way an amazing time packing up the family and taking our first road trip i tried never to take the same road twice and the kids loved it they especially enjoyed seeing all the different landscapes through the big windows and giant moonroof the joy of having two healthy kids is only surpassed by having our third with a growing family i know that they’re always safe in my subaru and that one day my son miles yes that’s really his name will get the forester to make his own memories in search of california’s state fish the golden trout the kids and i car-camped with friends near mono pass and dayhiked into this incredible string of lakes known as little lakes valley we caught 25 fish within 3 hours rainbows brookies and yes the elusive golden trout the kids were in heaven the family keeps growing and the forester keeps going the fourth prine kid was born this summer and miles is now old enough to take the forester out for his first spin another mile another memory.