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2019 subaru crosstrek hybrid introducing the all-new crosstrek hybrid smartly powered for modern

think for tomorrow live for today best of both worlds electric and gas power see more of the all-new crosstrek hybrid up to 90 mpge 1 and improved performance meet the all-new 2019 crosstrek hybrid with its smart combination of electric and gas up to 480 power the crosstrek hybrid is the best of both 2 worlds it offers the perfect blend of performance miles of total range and fuel efficiency whether you’re doing the daily commute or heading out for a weekend adventure and it’s our best-performing most fuel-efficient crosstrek ever $350 3 fuel savings per year crosstrek hybrid in crystal white

02 hybrid technology the freedom of flexible power uses electric power for max efficiency subaru stardriveâ„¢ technology is smartly designed to give you ultimate freedom drive how you want and this advanced system automatically provides the best combination of electric and gas power to give you the most power with the most efficiency bring adventure with you and leave worries behind in everyday driving the system will run on a combination of electric and gas power it can also recover energy via regenerative braking manage charging times with the mysubaru app the crosstrek hybrid will automatically drive all-electric as much as possible to save gas plug it in to maximize efficiency plug it in for max ev range battery save mode preserves the battery level for later use battery charge mode uses the gas engine to charge the battery adding up to four miles of electric range for every 30 minutes of driving for further details on hybrid technology visit subaru.com/crosstrek-hybrid/tech

04 value hov lane access ca ny md4 subaru is kelley blue book’s most trusted brand for four years running.7 $4,500 97 of subaru vehicles sold in the last 10 years are still on the road today.8 5 federal tax credit smart in the short term genius in the long ihs markit up to $1,500 6 state or local incentives owning the crosstrek hybrid makes a lot of sense both now and in the future from the start you’ll enjoy hov lane access in many states including california new york subaru vehicles hold their value better than any other brand for 2018 according to alg.9 and maryland 4 a substantial federal tax credit5 and other incentives and in the long run you know the crosstrek hybrid is a subaru which means it’s built to last for further details on incentives visit www.afdc.energy.gov/laws/state other incentives where available the best-selling all-wheel drive cars in america for the past 10 years.10 ihs markit crosstrek hybrid in crystal white

06 capability standard subaru symmetrical awd 8.7 inches of ground clearance the only plug-in hybrid with true suv capabilities up to 1,000 lbs towing capacity11 the crosstrek hybrid is the only vehicle of its kind designed specifically to get you out there it delivers instant torque from its electric motor and the confidence of standard subaru symmetrical all-wheel drive it can also tow up to 1,000 lbs.11 and with rugged exterior styling versatile cargo space and standard roof rails the crosstrek hybrid proudly declares it’s ready to go when you are x-mode® with hill descent control crosstrek hybrid in lagoon blue pearl with optional and accessory

08 interior 70 remote climate control elevate every adventure subaru starlink™ multimedia wherever you go it’s easy to access everything you need bring all your music and apps thanks to subaru starlink™ multimedia with standard apple carplay ® and android™ auto integration find the nearest charging station to you via the built-in charge finder app a built-in wi-fi hotspot with a 4g lte connection is also available 12 allowing your passengers to stream their favorite content browse the internet and more and with the newly available starlink™ concierge services you can search for points of interest make reservations and even find event tickets—all while on the go high-quality comfort built-in wi-fi capability12 remote climate control lets you set the perfect temperature inside your crosstrek hybrid before you step in once inside you’ll find a stylish modern interior with high-contrast navy and gray leather seats with blue stitching

10 safety more standard safety features an extra set of eyes every time you drive every crosstrek hybrid includes standard eyesight® driver blind-spot detection16 warns you with a visual assist technology equipped with a comprehensive suite indicator on your side mirror if it senses a vehicle of innovative safety features eyesight® looks ahead alerts in your blind spot 13 you to potential dangers and can even intervene to help you avoid a collision pre-collision braking can help slow and bring your crosstrek hybrid to a full stop if necessary subaru starlink™ safety and security the crosstrek hybrid features the latest subaru starlink™ safety and adaptive cruise control adjusts speed automatically security services designed to help in your time of need these include to help maintain a safe following distance advanced automatic collision notification enhanced roadside assistance stolen vehicle recovery and more.15 and new crosstrek hybrid drivers enjoy lane departure

12 key features faqs frequently asked questions crosstrek hybrid subaru stardrive™ technology subaru symmetrical all-wheel drive eyesight® driver assist technology13 what is mpge blind-spot detection and rear cross-traffic alert16 mpge stands for “miles per gallon equivalent” and is a metric designed by the environmental reverse automatic braking17 protection agency to allow consumers to compare the relative efficiency of alternative fuel vehicles by x-mode® with hill descent control equating their energy usage to an equivalent amount of energy in a gallon of gasoline for example si-drive hybrid system performance management the crosstrek hybrid’s 90 mpge rating means that when operating in pure electric mode it is as energy-efficient as a gasoline-powered vehicle rated at 90 mpg 18-inch lightweight aluminum-alloy wheels led steering responsive headlights with high beam assist led fog lights front and side underguards with silver accents will the

click to visit subaru.com for more details on the all-new crosstrek hybrid 1 epa-estimated mpg equivalent on a full battery charge actual mileage will vary 2 epa fuel economy estimates actual mileage will vary with driving conditions and your vehicle’s condition 3 based on epa annual fuel cost estimates for illustration purposes only actual results may vary 4 must apply and receive hov lane access authorization from your state consult with your state government for the latest regulations and information 5 limits for this tax credit may apply consult your tax professional for details 6 must apply for state and local purchase incentives subject to change consult state or local government for specific details 7 2015–2018 kelley blue book brand image awards are based on the brand watch™ study from kelley blue book strategic insights award calculated among non-luxury shoppers for more information visit www.kbb.com kelley blue book is a registered trademark of kelley