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02 hybrid technology the freedom of flexible power uses electric power for max efficiency subaru stardriveâ„¢ technology is smartly designed to give you ultimate freedom drive how you want and this advanced system automatically provides the best combination of electric and gas power to give you the most power with the most efficiency bring adventure with you and leave worries behind in everyday driving the system will run on a combination of electric and gas power it can also recover energy via regenerative braking manage charging times with the mysubaru app the crosstrek hybrid will automatically drive all-electric as much as possible to save gas plug it in to maximize efficiency plug it in for max ev range battery save mode preserves the battery level for later use battery charge mode uses the gas engine to charge the battery adding up to four miles of electric range for every 30 minutes of driving for further details on hybrid technology visit subaru.com/crosstrek-hybrid/tech charge while driving crosstrek hybrid in lagoon blue pearl with optional and accessory equipment.