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Forester 2.5 XT Limited shown in Crystal Gray

2.5 X Motivated by a stout 173-horsepower engine and offering extraordinary fl exibility with generous cargo capacity, the Forester 2.5 X is only modest in its price point. 2.5 X Premium Package Along with all the convenience of the 2.5 X, this optional package has many additional features like a panoramic moonroof, alloy wheels, automatic climate control and heated seats. 2.5 X L.L.Bean Edition With unique leather-trimmed upholstery, wood and leather-wrapped steering wheel and a durable cargoarea lining, its as stylish as it is versatile. And it comes standard with a 4-speed automatic transmission. The Subaru FORESTER Best Small SUV, three years in a row. 1 2.5 XT Limited The Forester fl agship, with a 224 turbocharged horsepower engine, leather-trimmed upholstery and luxurious features such as a premium audio system and panoramic moonroof. Its intelligent size and remarkable versatility redefi ne what a sport utility vehicle can do. Its crash

The wide sky. The road ahead. All the important people with you. Open your mind to the possibilities.

Forester 2.5 XT Limited shown with Anthracite Black leather. VERSATILITY Inside the intelligently proportioned exterior is an interior just as well thought out. The ample, fl exible space helps you carry all the accoutrements of your busy life. Start with the spacious cargo area with low liftover height. Follow up with rear seats split 60/40 for greater versatility. A wide array of storage bins, pockets, tiedowns and hooks lets you organize and secure. And it comes with a roof rack that holds up to 150 lbs. Go ahead, bring everything you need. 68.6cu.ft. MULTIFUNCTION CENTER CONSOLE Have access to the items you want close to you during the drive. Flip its lid, and rear-seat passengers get two extra cupholders. And the dual-tiered center console provides a 12V power outlet and a sliding armrest. CARGO-AREA UNDER-FLOOR STORAGE Under the cargo-area fl oor, youll fi nd a compartmentalized tray thats perfect for organizing small items prone to sliding around.

DRIVE Forester 2.5 X shown in Garnet Red Pearl with optional Premium Package and accessory roof-mounted crossbars with ski/snowboard attachment. [

CONTINUOUS AWD Under normal conditions, power is split 50/50 between the front and rear wheels. Should wheel slippage occur, the viscous-center locking differential that is coupled with the 5-speed manual transmission automatically helps transfer power to the wheels with the most amount of traction. ACTIVE AWD Paired with the available automatic transmission, the Active AWD system monitors parameters like wheel slippage and vehicle speed, adjusting power to the front or rear wheels with the most traction. This computer-controlled system anticipates and actually seeks to maintain optimal adhesion. CONTROL The Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, with its fore, aft and lateral balance, results in neutral cornering and superior handling. Unlike two-wheel-drive vehicles, which may be more prone to understeer or oversteer, the full-time AWD automatically transfers power to all four wheels. This results in greater traction and cohesion for more

INLINE ENGINE SUBARU BOXER ENGINE V-TYPE ENGINE B A L A N C E M A K E S I T B E T T E R GREATER STABILITY The SUBARU BOXER engines lightweight, compact design lowers the vehicle center of gravity. Providing more stable handling characteristics to better keep the car along its intended path, especially when changing direction quickly. LESS VIBRATION The 180-degree boxer engine layout allows the pistons to move in exact horizontal opposition, effectively negating the vibrations of the opposing pistons. Its smoothness not only sweetens power delivery, it helps increase longevity. Subaru Boxer Engine Its what makes a Subaru, a Subaru. Press the accelerator to get outstanding power, along with a healthy dose of innovation. At the heart of the Forester is our legendary SUBARU BOXER engine, with pistons laid fl at in horizontal opposition. Used in every Subaru, this design lowers the center of gravity, promoting precise handling and enhanced stability, while

2.5 X The naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine makes 173 horsepower for spirited acceleration, while providing superior fuel economy of 22 city/29 highway mpg. 1 2.5 XT The functional hood scoop is the only external hint to the thrill that awaits you. Fortifi ed by an intercooled turbocharger that raises horsepower to 224 and torque to 226 lb-ft, the 2.5 XT Limited delivers proven acceleration that rivals or bests that of many sports cars. Theyll never see it coming. 5-SPEED MANUAL TRANSMISSION For those who prefer to shift on their own. Fully synchronized to deliver smooth and precise shifts, our manual transmission also features a Hill Holder system to help minimize rolling backwards on inclines. 4-SPEED AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Around town, this smooth-shifting unit maximizes fuel economy. For more spirited driving, the transmission adapts to your driving patterns for better drivability. 1 With 5-speed manual transmission. PERFORMANCE Forester engines

Ownership Benefits Enjoying your Subaru for years to come thats the promise of our comprehensive warranties and roadside assistance program. Its a fact attested by the 96% of Subaru vehicles sold in the past 10 years that are still on the road today. 1 Its the confi dence you feel when you get behind the wheel. THE SUBARU ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM covers all 2007 Subaru vehicles during the first 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. By calling the toll-free number in the Owners Information Kit, Subaru owners can take advantage of any of the following benefits: 24-hour Roadside Assistance, seven days a week, 365 days a year, throughout the United States. Emergency Towing Service to the nearest authorized Subaru dealer. Emergency Roadside Assistance for jump starts, gasoline (up to two gallons), flat tire change, emergency lockout service (lost key or key is locked in the vehicle) and emergency fluid replacement. SUBARU ADDED SECURITY could be the most

EXTERIOR Multireflector low-beam and high-beam headlights Multireflector fog lights Aluminum-alloy hood - Aluminum-alloy hood with functional hood scoop (feeds turbocharger intercooler) Body-color painted front and rear bumpers Urban Gray or Platinum Silver painted front and rear bumpers - Black side mirrors - Larger body-color painted side mirrors with integrated turn signals 5 Black door handles - Body-color painted door handles 5 Body-color painted protective side cladding Urban Gray or Platinum Silver painted protective side cladding - Heated side mirrors and windshield wipers de-icer 5 Two-speed windshield wipers with variable intermittent mode Single-speed rear window wiper with fixed intermittent mode and de-icer Black-finish raised roof rails with crossbars (150 lbs. capacity) Panoramic power sliding-glass moonroof with auto-open/close feature 5 SEATING AND TRIM 6-way manually adjustable drivers seat with manually adjustable

Redefi ning peace of mind in three dimensions. Think. Feel. Drive. This brochure is printed in the U.S.A. on recycled paper 2006 Subaru of America, Inc.