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  sumigrip ■ characteristics ● holders available in carbide sumigrip and steel sumigrip jr ● capable of interrupted machining ● can be use for cut-off grooving and chamfering applications ■ type ① tool block type stfh type steel wcfh type carbide ② shank type stfs type steel wcfs type carbide holder small wedge angle high performance insert optimal undercut shape ■ performance holder sumigrip jr 270 competitor a 130 3 mm wide 80 sumigrip carbide 70 sumigrip jr steel 60 competitor a 50 40 0.1 0.2 100 200 insert clamp strength n 300 high competitor a breakage × 0.10 work material s45c ø50 mm hb250 work materials vc 80 m/min dry sumigrip jr steel sumigrip carbide 0.05 0 0.3 feed rate f mm/rev 0 0.15 50 100 number of cut-offs times work material s45c hexagonal insert 3 mm width coated carbide work materials vc 150 m/min f 0.15 mm/rev wet water soluble f cut-off tools 0 work shape 40mm over 2 times more than competitors ● wear resistance flank wear amount mm ● holder overhang holder overhang limit mm ● insert clamp strength grooving cut-off ■ gg type/gf type/cf type chipbreaker new grade ac1030u ● utilizing grooving tool gnd type chipbreaker series for excellent chip control ● low cutting force chipbreakers gf type neutral or cf type handed inserts coupled with a carbide blade enables stable machining and prevents chattering even when machining stainless steel ● achieving stable and longer tool life with the new ac1030u grade threading gg type gf type cf type neutral neutral handed general purpose exotic alloy low cutting force type exotic alloy low cutting force type ■ performance chipbreaker ● chip control capability work material s45c ø40 mm 3.0 mm width cut-off cutting conditions vc =100m/min f 0.1 mm/rev wet gf type gg type conventional ● vibration reduction capability sus316 ø40 mm 3.0 mm width cut-off cutting conditions vc 100 m/min f 0.1 mm/rev wet less heavy work material gf type conventional   f45