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sec-threading tools sste type ssti type ■ how to replace shims 1 2 3 4 shim shim set screw remove the insert and expose the shim recommended tightning torque 1.0–1.5 n・m loosen the shim set screw 1 to 2 turns remove the shim and attach a shim that matches the lead angle tighten the shim set screw recommended tightening torque 1.0 to 1.5 n/m ■ about wiper edges without wiper edge with wiper edge work material work material f threading tools finishing allowance wiper edge grooving insert with wiper edge insert without wiper edge cut-off ・ the grooves of the thread are machined while leaving the crest untouched ・thread shapes conforming to the screw specifications can be machined the machined surface from the previous operation remains ・only specific thread specifications and pitch can be machined ・you can machine a thread with different pitch widths with the same insert ・ in order to finish a thread with the wiper edge a finishing allowance of threading 0.1mm per side is required ・ in the process before threading it is necessary to finish the workpiece with the specified external diameter or internal diameter ・sharp thread peaks can be round off ・sharp threads are easily formed ■ about cutting methods we recommend modified flank infeed machining as a cutting method for sste type and ssti type with this cutting method chip curl diameter is smaller it is possible to stabilize chip control and you can suppress the trailing edge damage that commonly occurs with radial infeed machining we recommend a 1°modified angle ● effects of infeed methods on chip shapes work material sus316 m30 × 1.5 cutting conditions vc 60 mm/min wet 8 pass machining modified flank infeed leading edge radial infeed machining trailing edge feed direction 50mm small curl diameter and stable chip control feed direction 50mm large curl diameter and unstable chip control f73