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hsk tooling general turning and profiling ■ inserts ø63 general turning profiling wf ddjn representative example applicable insert ref page dn□□1504○○ 93° lf 55° from b32 dnmg150408n-ge ■ spare parts above figures show right hand tools ■ holders cat no dimensions mm stock overhang edge distance conventional cat no r l lf wf hsk63th-ddjn r/l-dx15 h63a-wh-ddjn r/l-dx15 45 clamp set nm scp-2 5.0 shim shim screw shim wrench wrench dns1504 bftx0409n ■ inserts ø63 general turning profiling 65 55° ddnn g item is sold separately representative example dn□□1504○○ from b32 lf tooling dnmg150408n-ge ■ spare parts ■ holders necking lf h63a-wh-ddnn n-h15 h63a-wh-ddnn n-l15 35° 100 140 item is sold separately clamp set nm scp-2 5.0 shim shim screw shim wrench wrench dns1504 bftx0409n ■ inserts ø63 dvpn dimensions mm overhang stock conventional cat no wf hsk63th-ddnn n-h15

hsk tooling general turning and profiling dtr wf general turning profiling ø63 ■ inserts representative example applicable insert ref page trm5517○○ c12 95°30 lf trm551708-lu ■ spare parts ■ holders cat no dimensions mm overhang edge distance clamp spring stock conventional cat no lf wf hsk63th-dtr55c r-dx17 h63a-wh-dtr55c r-dx17 65 cap screw item is sold separately nm shim shim wrench wrench screw 45 trcp3 s-sp4-20 bx0520 3.5 to 4.5 trw5505 bftx0307n tsw040 trx10 refer to page c12 for applicable trm type inserts external grooving gwc ■ inserts tgar4150 ref page f6 to f8 lf ■ holders cat no representative example ø63 external grooving wf cw tooling g conventional cat no hsk63th-gwc r-dx412 h63a-wh-gwc r-dx412 hsk63th-gwc r-dx415 h63a-wh-gwc r-dx415 hsk63th-gwc r-dx425 h63a-wh-gwc r-dx425 ■ spare parts dimensions mm overhang edge distance cutting width group double screw clamp wrench wrench stock screw number lf wf cw

polygon shank ■ general features polygon shanks feature keyless couplings with a characteristic polygon shape which bear cutting torque evenly on three surfaces to provide high rigidity and high index accuracy for support with non-standard design specifications contact us directly ■ characteristics ■ coupling structure two faces contact with the taper end face ● sizes ・supports polygon shank size psc32dcsfms=32mm to psc80dcsfms=80mm ● high rigidity high precision ・high rigidity from two faces contact with the 1/20 tapered polygon shape and end face ・cutting torque is equally distributed to three faces with keyless coupling and variations in cutting edge height are also reduced ・repeat accuracy when changing tools is ±2μm for all three axes tooling g ● faster tool replacement ・tool replacement time can be greatly reduced because inserts do not need to be replaced while in the machine improved centering ● supports

polygon shank ■ custom examples nickel chromium molybdenum alloy output shaft grooving stainless steel socket joint grooving no chattering or abnormal vibration sintered alloy sprocket grooving and facing no chattering or abnormal vibration holders :psc40 special tool holders :psc40 special tool inserts :gcmn4020 rg ac425k inserts :gcmn4008 mg ac530u cutting :vc 120-140m/min f 0.2-0.35mm/rev conditions a p 2mm wet cutting :vc 100m/min f 0.1mm/rev conditions a p 3mm wet no chattering or abnormal vibration holders psc40 special tool insert :special insert mg ac530u cw 6.35mm cutting :grooving conditions vc 180m/min f 0.16mm/rev ap 4mm x 2passes wet facing vc 190m/min f 0.18mm/rev ap 0.2mm wet 95° lf 80° ■ holders cat no psc40 dcln r/l 27050-12 psc50 dcln r/l 35060-12 psc63 dcln r/l 45065-12 dimensions mm stock overhang edge distance diameter r l lf wf dcsfms 50 60 65 27 35 45 applicable insert cat no ref page 93°

supported by 2 faces supported by 2 faces modular taper shank hsk tooling catalog numbers have been changed due to iso standardisation iso 26622-1:2008 modular taper shank hsk tooling it is in widespread use throughout europe and the united states ■ characteristics this hollow shank was developed by rwth aachen university and the german industry association and has been adopted as an iso standard ■ characteristics ・tool shape suitable for high speed spindles ・the din standard for supporting tools by 2 faces ・this clamping system supports the tool by 2 faces on the taper and the flange enabling high rigidity at high speeds and high precision machining ・support by 2 faces on the taper and flange for high precision and high rigidity machining ・the hollow short tapered design reduces weight and shortens atc times ■ mechanism clearance clearance spindle unclamped modular taper shank g tooling ■ mechanism ・the hollow short tapered

smart damper tm ■ general features smart damper tm is an arbor that incorporates a special antivibration mechanism that acts as both a counter and friction damper it is capable of reducing chattering in machining with a large amount of overhang to prevent reductions in machined surface quality and tool life ■ characteristics example of face milling with a 347mm overhang results arbor vibration competitor s arbor without anti-vibration mechanism g tooling machined surface smart dampertm with anti-vibration mechanism ・a basic toolholder and damper head are used together ・the basic toolholder supports bbt50 big-plustm and hsk-a100 arbors with a lineup of products with different lengths ・supports internal coolant reduce chattering with smart dampertm work material:s50c tool:tool diameter ø63 5 flutes cutting conditions:vc=100m/min f z=1.0mm/t ap=1.4mm ae=30mm ■ example smart dampertm combinations bbt50 type damper head basic toolholder

igetalloy abs system ■ general features the igetalloy abs system receives high marks worldwide for its strong clamping force high rigidity and high precision the abs system is a quick change system for round tools that gives customers the ability to increase productivity and simplify and standardise on special tooling the sba system is also available for details of the sba system please contact us ■ abs design examples ■ characteristics and applications ● the clamp screw taper screw slide pin act as a wedge for strong holding force ● high rigidity high precision high index accuracy during tool changes ● a wide array of sizes are available to meet a variety of tools ● easy handling allows short tool change times ● allows coolant supply from inside the spindle ● strong clamping force even with small diameters ● indexable cutters ● boring quills ● tool posts tooling g ■ clamp mechanism taper screw slide pin

sec micro units note please recommend using mup type micro units when designing new tooling mun type should only be used as replacement parts for existing tooling which are already using these micro units â–  typical toolings mup type illustrations unit g applications cat no mun type min bore dia mm stock min bore dia mm mup1-a0 25 d mun2 -a0 mup2-a0 36 d mun3 -a0 47 mup3-a0 47 d mun3l-a0 54 mup4-a0 73 mun4 -a0 73 mun4l-a0 78 36 36 mup1-a15 25 mun2 -a15 mup2-a15 36 mun3 -a15 47 mup3-a15 47 mun3l-a15 54 mup4-a15 73 mun4 -a15 73 mun4l-a15 78 mun2 -v0 36 mup1-v0 25 d mup2-v0 36 d mun3 -v0 47 mup3-v0 47 d mun3l-v0 54 mup4-v0 73 mun4 -v0 73 mun4l-v0 78 mup1-v15 25 mun2 -v15 36 mup2-v15 36 mun3 -v15 47 mup3-v15 47 mun3l-v15 54 mup4-v15 73 mun4 -v15 73 mun4l-v15 78 if a left-hand unit is required include lh after the catalog number ex mup1-a0-lh mup1-v0-lh micro units do not include inserts or spanners g16 cat no

sec cartridge units ■ features classification type standard type minit type iso type bu type minit p24 type minit n38 type sp type cp type ce type pn type the most common type of cartridge units mini type with good edge sharpness and chip control compact type for multitooling configurations screw-locked positive edge type with good edge sharpness and chip control positive edge type for low rigidity work high rake type for nonferrous metal machining economical type using common negative inserts eccentric pin screw on axial no radial yes pos 11° above center ø24 pin lock no by using shims neg 0° above center ø38 screw on clamp on clamp on pin lock shape functions clamp mechanism adjustability rake angle relief angle cutting edge position min effective diameter mm yes neg 0° above center ø24 yes yes yes yes pos 11° on center ø30 pos 11° on center ø30 pos 20° on center ø30 neg 0° on center ø38 ■ typical toolings for triangular inserts

boring quills carbide line boring bar indexable cartridges and boring quills g unit carbide line boring bar carbide line boring bar equipped with cartridge