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polygon shank ■ general features polygon shanks feature keyless couplings with a characteristic polygon shape which bear cutting torque evenly on three surfaces to provide high rigidity and high index accuracy for support with non-standard design specifications contact us directly ■ characteristics ■ coupling structure two faces contact with the taper end face ● sizes ・supports polygon shank size psc32dcsfms=32mm to psc80dcsfms=80mm ● high rigidity high precision ・high rigidity from two faces contact with the 1/20 tapered polygon shape and end face ・cutting torque is equally distributed to three faces with keyless coupling and variations in cutting edge height are also reduced ・repeat accuracy when changing tools is ±2μm for all three axes tooling g ● faster tool replacement ・tool replacement time can be greatly reduced because inserts do not need to be replaced while in the machine improved centering ● supports internal coolant ■ custom examples external deep grooving uses a gnd type grooving tool insert internal profiling uses a sec-boring bar s-sduc type g8 for support with non-standard design specifications contact us external shallow grooving uses a tga bf type grooving insert general facing uses a sec-external holder pcln type