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Suomen Autovuokraamojen Liitto, General Rental Terms and Conditions of the Finnish Car

general rental terms and conditions of the finnish car rental association st from 27.11.2002 in these conditions the term car hire means the lessor and the term renter means the lessee 1 car usage a the renter is obliged to take care of the car as well as a careful person takes care of his/her own car and to observe special carefulness and cautiousness while driving the renter agrees to use the car only in the manner it is normally intended for b the renter agrees to drive the car himself/herself he/she is not allowed to hand over the car to other persons nor for their use without such permission being explicitly noted in the rental agreement the renter driver shall possess a valid driving licence and have at least one year s driving experience further he/she shall fulfil the age requirements of the car hire the renter is obliged to inform the person to whom he/she hands over the rental object within the scope of this agreement about the contents of this agreement c usage of the car

damages due to the following or similar reasons excessive loading displacement or detachment of the load upholstery damages caused by tobacco smoking or gashing driving with empty tires snow damages if indicated by signs dropping of snow from roofs driving in too narrow premises considering the dimensions of the car driving of road or in areas not intended for car driving the car hire may at its discretion abstain from granting the retention reduction 2.3 liability of the renter for all damages the renter is obliged to compensate the entire damages to the car hire providing the damages caused to the car or the car hire are intentional by the renter caused by an act of negligence caused during usage of the car under influence of alcohol or other narcotic agents for criminal purposes or caused due to the renter not complying with the conditions in this agreement 2.4 releasing of the renter from his/her indemnification liabilities the renter is released from the above mentioned

a the distance driven is measured with the mileage indicator belonging to each vehicle if the renter has damaged the mileage indicator or its seal he/she is obliged when returning the car to pay the rent corresponding to the mileage estimated by the car hire however unless either party proves probable that the car has been driven a longer/shorter distance b the renter is obliged without delay to inform the car hire about possible malfunction of the mileage indicator 6 fuel service and maintenance the renter pays for the fuel needed the car hire is to inform the renter the correct quality fuel to be used the renter is liable for damages caused by usage of incorrect quality fuel during the rental period the renter is responsible for taking care of normal car maintenance such as e.g the engine oil quantity the radiator and battery fluids the tire pressures etc 7 actions of the renter in cases of malfunction damage and theft a the renter shall immediately inform the car hire about

if the renter returns the car before the expiration of the agreed rental period the rental sum is determined according to the agreement and based on the actual usage period provided the car has been rented on special conditions the rent is determined according to the normal price list 11 termination of the agreement the car hire is entitled to terminate this agreement during the rental period provided it appears that the renter violates this agreement or that the renter according to the estimation of the car hire is unable appropriately to handle the car if usage of the car is discontinued due to accident or theft the agreement is terminated upon the car hire having received notification hereof when the car hire terminates the rental agreement the renter is obliged immediately to return the car to the car hire 12 crossing the finnish border crossing the finnish border with the car is prohibited without a written permission by the car hire the car hire decides about the possible