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complete video security systems | analog systems turn-key security professional 4-camera system – only $249.99 alibi cms f save f 130 on this turn-key system new alibi central management software cms manage all of your alibi cameras and recorders – even in multiple locations – from a single software application learn more on page 3  includes free software and alibi witness app learn more on page 13  shown with optional 19 lg led monitor increase your storage capacity 500gb to 1tb add $50 500gb to 2tb add $100 indoor/outdoor bullet camera systems – 65 ir 700 tvl ali-bc700g system cameras hard drive sys1004e 4 cameras 500gb price $249.99 system savings $130 add a monitor 19 lg led monitor add $129.99 23 lg led monitor add $219.99 switch to a central power supply 4 camera systems add $39.99 extend your warranty to 3 years 4 camera systems add $99.99 what’s included with a complete video security system power supplies

complete video security systems  |  ip systems ip security systems save up to 275 features network recorder poe switch in one on these turn-key systems shown with optional 19 lg led monitor alibi cms 1.3 3.0 megapixel bullet camera systems ali-ipu3013r ali-ipu3030r cameras hard drive sys4213ip 2x 1.3mp cameras 1tb storage $749.99 $40 sys4413ip 4x 1.3mp cameras 1tb storage $1,099.99 $80 sys8813ip 8x 1.3mp cameras 2tb storage $1,899.99 $260 sys4230ip 2x 3.0mp cameras 1tb storage $799.99 $50 sys4430ip 4x 3.0mp cameras 2tb storage $1,249.99 $100 sys8830ip 8x 3.0mp cameras 2tb storage $2,124.99 $275 system cameras hard drive price system savings system 1.3 3.0 megapixel dome camera systems ali-ipv3013r ali-ipv3030r new lower price new lower price price system savings sys4213ipd 2x 1.3mp cameras 1tb storage $749.99 $40 sys4413ipd 4x 1.3mp cameras 1tb storage $1,099.99 $80 sys8813ipd 8x 1.3mp cameras 2tb storage $1,899.99 $260 sys4230ipd 2x 3.0mp cameras 1tb storage

alibi  |  analog ir cameras analog ir cameras  new!  700 tvl 960h day/night 40° ir outdoor bullet camera see up to 130 in total darkness ali-bc700g 14°f 140 °f operating temperature range for year-round use in harsh climates »» 1/3 960h image sensor provides 700 tvl of resolution »» choose between a 3.6 mm fixed lens or 2.8-12mm varifocal lens »» integrated ir array lets the camera see in the dark »» smart ir technology reduces over-exposure of the ir leds at the center of the image »» true day/night icr captures sharp detailed images day and night »» -40°f 140°f operating temperature »» ip66 weather-rated housing cameras come with a mounting bracket 1-year warranty 30-day money back guarantee and free us-based technical support sku res ir range lens ali-bc700g 700 65 3.6 mm $39.99 130 2.8-12 mm $79.99 ali-bc700vfg 700 ali-bc700vfg only  new!  700 tvl 960h day/night 3.5 dia x 2.5

alibi  |  ip recorders alibi ip systems feature an integrated poe switch and auto-connect features to quickly detect and configure supported ip cameras these scalable ip solutions support up to 32 ip cameras and all channels come pre-licensed and fully enabled with no recurring fees feature-packed ip nvrs all alibi nvrs feature an integrated poe switch this switchbox nvr delivers an ip network recording solution—without the complexity it features an integrated 4-port poe power over ethernet network switch to power your ip network cameras directly through the network cable—so you don’t need to buy a separate network switch 3000 series switchbox nvr »» plug and play support for compatible ip cameras up to 2.0 megapixel resolution »» 4 or 8 independent poe network ports with integrated network switch »» up to 4tb security-grade hard drive »» linux embedded operating system compatible »» vga and hdmi video outputs »»

the black line  |  analog cameras high-performance analog video surveillance a customer favorite the black line® consists of analog cameras and dvrs known for the quality performance and reliability you expect from a premium brand – at extremely competitive prices the black line client management system cms allows you to  connect up to 16 dvrs  watch up to 256 channels  perform search/playback/backup  control ptzs  communicate with 2-way audio bullet cameras 700tvl bullet cameras – up to 300 ir range up to 300 ir range »» 700 lines of resolution »» up to a 300 ft smart ir range »» 3d digital noise reduction dnr »» on-screen display osd »» digital slow shutter dss »» digital wide dynamic range d-wdr »» built-in heater includes 3-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee blk-cpb700r65 blk-cpb700r150 sku lens anti-condensation ir range blk-cpb700r65 2.8~12.0 65 $199.99

3s  |  multi-megapixel ip cameras multi-megapixel cameras with the latest technology our comprehensive ip-based surveillance solutions are ideal for a wide variety of environments and uses and deliver the highest quality images 3s is a leader in the worldwide ip surveillance market they are devoted to delivering high quality surveillance products that incorporate industry-leading research and development the benefits of multi-megapixel resolution cover more space zoom in for better detail 3s ip cameras are integrated with milestone’s xprotect vms platform vga 640 x 480 2.0 megapixel 1600 x 1200 other integrations include onssi exacq video insight nuuo geovision more 5.0 megapixel for a complete list of integration partners call or go online 2560 x 1920 5.0 megapixel vandal-resistant fisheye panoramic 30 ir megapixel ip dome camera provides 360° panoramic coverage of wide areas such large rooms parking lots and buses »» 5.0 megapixel sensor that delivers

digiop  |  digiop elements video data management platform no licensing fees   ever digiop’s new systems come pre-licensed and fully enabled allowing users to add up to 32 analog or ip cameras – and change at any time licenses never expire and there are no recurring fees minimizing total cost of ownership powerful video management digiop elements™ is a powerful video management software application that features simple user-friendly tools designed to help you to find your important video faster ÂÂ instant replay ÂÂ calendar search ÂÂ quick export ÂÂ thumbnail search with auto enlarge ÂÂ notifications engine free trial software call for details how to buy digiop elements™ is available as a stand-alone management system or pre-installed on our recording solutions ­­– choose the option that s right for you digiop elements and 4 ip channel activation licenses open ip license digital

infinias  |  ip-based access control change the way you think about access control traditional access control means huge piles of multi-colored wires ip-based access control has changed all that when thinking about traditional access control most consumers and installers imagine miles of multicolored cable all leading from each door to a dusty server closet infinias ip-based access control changes all that leveraging power over ethernet poe the infinias eidc32 door controller only requires a single network cable running to your door avoiding the tangle of wires infinias ip-based access control delivers tremendous cost-savings along with the scalability flexibility and power security professionals have come to expect from ip-based solutions traditionaltraditional panel-based panel-based access control access control infinias infinias ip-based ip-based access control access control oc1 1 nc c 2 8 4 9 5 0 d1 traditional panel-based access control 32 0 c d1 d0 gnd gnd gnd

tirade  |  wireless security never run cables again tirade wireless video products allow you to place cameras wherever you need them without having to run video cable up to 90mbps of true throughput and 25 ip cameras on a single wireless network makes tirade an effective and powerful solution ÂÂ there’s no need to excavate and run video cables tirade allows you to put cameras wherever you need them and send the video signal wirelessly back to the access point great solution for campuses ÂÂ the video signals are digitally secured protecting you from hackers and criminals ÂÂ it’s easy to set up outdoor wireless access points outdoor 5.8ghz 15 dbi mimo wireless access point with optimal beam focus ideal for short to medium range wireless communication »» 5.8 ghz frequency band »» 802.11 a/n modulation »» 2 x 2 mimo »» optimal beam focus feature enables you to fan or restrict the beam depending on your application

security accessories  |  connectors testing unit cables mounting brackets bulk connectors x100 rg59crp100pk compression connectors x100 weatherproof compression male bnc connector  con-19  $2.99 rg59com100pk weatherproof compression male rca connector  con-20  $2.99 weatherproof compression female f connector  con-21  $2.99 100 piece rg59 crimp bnc connectors 2pc  rg59crp100pk  $69.99 100 piece rg59 compression bnc connector  rg59com100pk  $99.99 testing unit multi-function mini cctv field monitor tester portable monitor enables you to test multiple cctv camera functions for easy installation »» built-in light for easy wiring connections »» built-in 2.5 tft lcd display »» supports ntsc pal video signal formats »» color cctv field monitor »» up to 8 hours of battery life on full charge »» digital multi-meter lithium polymer »» ptz controller to test and

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