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tirade  |  wireless security never run cables again tirade wireless video products allow you to place cameras wherever you need them without having to run video cable up to 90mbps of true throughput and 25 ip cameras on a single wireless network makes tirade an effective and powerful solution ÂÂ there’s no need to excavate and run video cables tirade allows you to put cameras wherever you need them and send the video signal wirelessly back to the access point great solution for campuses ÂÂ the video signals are digitally secured protecting you from hackers and criminals ÂÂ it’s easy to set up outdoor wireless access points outdoor 5.8ghz 15 dbi mimo wireless access point with optimal beam focus ideal for short to medium range wireless communication »» 5.8 ghz frequency band »» 802.11 a/n modulation »» 2 x 2 mimo »» optimal beam focus feature enables you to fan or restrict the beam depending on your application »» integrated dual polarized 15 dbi antenna »» 1 mile range line of sight »» ip65 weather rated  sku wip5815n-wr 36 price $124.99 trusted security solutions adjustable orientation horizontal vertical