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suzuki motorcycles australia key features suzuki composite electrochemical material scem cylinder plating improves heat transfer durability and ring seal curved radiator with a compact dense-core design and engine-management-computer-controlled two ring-type electric fans mounted on the rear of the radiator increasing the control accuracy and keeping engine temperature stable an optimized 6-speed transmission features oil spray to the 4th 5th and 6th gears to reduce wear and mechanical noise during highway cruising suzuki clutch assist system scas serves as back-torque-limiting system for smooth downshifts and also contributes to a light clutch pull a lightweight and rigid twin-spar aluminium frame minimizes weight while maintaining high torsional strength a bridged aluminium alloy swingarm features a cross-sectional shape for increased rigidity which also helps cope with improved rear tire grip and increased engine output the hayabusa s fully adjustable rear shock absorber has a 43mm piston and 14mm rod diameter vertically stacked twin headlights provide increased light intensity improved light distribution and match the elegant flow of the hayabusa styling visit 4 of 6