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accessory packs urban pack rugged pack 990e0-54p00-urb items can be sold separately – refer to part numbers 990e-54p00-rug items can be sold separately – refer to part numbers 1  side body moulding black – able to be painted. 2  loading edge protection black 1  daytime running light bezels chrome two-piece set. 990e0-54p10-cfb 2  side body mouldings chrome and black two-piece set. 990e0-54p08-csm 3  rear upper spoiler black metallic. 990e0-54p05-zce primed – ready to be painted to match body colour. 990e0-54p05-000  1  3 990e0-54p07-000 990e0-54p51 3  rear skid plate silver and black. 990e0-54p47-000 4  daytime running light bezels black two-piece set. 990e0-54p10-000 5  large front skid plate silver and black. 990e0-54p44-001  1  2  3  4  2

cargo 1  cargo tray waterproof tray to keep your boot clean fits on top of the luggage board  1  2  3  4  5  6 990e0-54p15-000 2  cargo organiser waterproof tray with aluminium dividers fitting under the luggage board 990e0-54p21-000 3  cargo tray with raised edges deep waterproof tray to keep your boot clean 990e0-54p80-000 4  roof racks maximum carrying load 75 kg 990aa-00725-001 5  bike attachment fork mount holder 990aa-00716-p06 6  ski snowboard attachment six pairs of skis or two snowboards 7  tow bar detachable tongue with wiring harness 990aa-00716-p16  7 ratings 600 kg unbraked 1200 kg braked 990nz-01750-001 exterior 1  front grille superior white 26u 990e0-54p70-26u  1  2  3  4 2  front grille cosmic black pearl metallic zce 990e0-54p70-zce 3  small front skid plate painted in silver 990e0-54p45-000 4  side

interior 1  instrument panel two-piece set horizon orange metallic zqp 990e0-54p73-zqp atlantis turquoise pearl metallic zqn 990e0-54p73-zqn superior white 26u 990e0-54p73-26u bright red 5 zcf 990e0-54p73-zcf piano black 0ce 990e0-54p73-oce savannah ivory metallic zqq 990e0-54p73p-zqq 2  allgrip emblem for awd models 990e-54p79-grp 3  a/c louvre ring set five-piece set horizon orange metallic zqp 990e0-54p74-zqp atlantis turquoise pearl metallic zqn 990e0-54p74-zqn superior white 26u 990e0-54p74-26u bright red 5 zcf 990e0-54p74-zcf piano black 0ce 990e0-54p74-oce savannah ivory metallic zqq 990e0-54p74-zqq 4  analogue clock carbon effect 99000-99053-cl1 5  centre armrest console box for comfort and a storage area for small items

6  sporty black leather steering wheel with coloured stitching 990e0-54p91-ora horizon orange metallic zqp atlantis turquoise pearl metallic zqn 990e0-54p91-tur 990e0-54p91-wht superior white 26u steering wheel garnish horizon orange metallic zqp 990e0-54p75-zqp atlantis turquoise pearl metallic zqn 990e0-54p75-zqn superior white 26u 990e0-54p75-26u bright red 5 zcf 990e0-54p75-zcf piano black 0ce 990e0-54p75-oce gear shift surround horizon orange metallic zqp  4wd 990e0-54p78-zqp 2wd 990e0-54p77-zqp atlantis turquoise pearl met zqn 4wd 990e0-54p78-zqn  2wd 990e0-54p77-zqn superior white 26u 4wd 990e0-54p78-26u  2wd 990e0-54p77-26u bright red 5 zcf 4wd 990e0-54p78-zcf  2wd 990e0-54p77-zcf piano black 0ce 4wd 990e0-54p78-0ce  2wd 990e0-54p77-0ce savannah ivory metallic zqq 4wd 990e0-54p78-zqq  2wd 990e0-54p77-zqq  7  leather gear shift knob and leather gear shift boot cover manual transmission only horizon orange metallic zqp 990e0-54p36-ora and

protection 1  front parking sensors four piece set sensors with audible warning 1 2 3 4 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 990e0-54p56-000 2  rigid mud flaps black able to be painted to match body colour front 72210-54p00 rear 72230-54p00 3  flexible mud flaps with s-mark front 990e0-54p13-000 rear 990e0-54p14-000 4  loading edge protection made of durable thermoplastic protects rear bumper from scratches black 990e0-54p51 brushed aluminium 990e0-54p51-001 5  bumper protection foil black foil protects your bumper from scratches 990e0-54p57-000 6  bonnet protector – clear protects the bonnet edge from scratches 990aa-00325-001 7  bonnet protector – black smoke protects the bonnet edge from scratches 990aa-00325-smk 8  slimline weathershields front windows two-piece set. rear windows two-piece set. 990aa-00225-001 990aa-00225-002 9  fabric seat covers front rear 990aa-01125-001 990aa-01125-002 10  door sill guards