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mfa phot og r aphy vide o and re l at e d me dia opposite tiffany smith below hua bai sva.edu/graduate 4

mfa ar t pr act ice opposite student kevin townsend’s performative graphic wall drawing below dee solin 10

mfa fi ne arts below delano dunn top eli barak bottom opposite ragnheidur karadottir 14

mat a r t the rap y mat ar t e ducat ion art therapy abroad in india “sight unseen” installation 18

mps di rec tin g mfa int e r act ion de sig n students shooting on location in new york city interaction design thesis projects catalog earth upcycle and wristband 24

mfa v i s ual n arrative below student work at mocca fest 2016 opposite sign created by jeff rogers former faculty for mfavn’s first exhibition on the opening day of the program in 2013 28

mps fashion phot og r aphy opposite mikey asanin below lane lang 32

ma critical theory and the arts 36 credits one-year residency ma design research writing and criticism 30 credits one-year residency • a one-year ma program for students seeking an in • students in the program come from all over the molly heintz co-chair • the ma in design research writing and tensive involvement in understanding questions of world often with backgrounds in the arts whether criticism is one of the only graduate programs of alice twemlow co-chair the contemporary situation of the arts in the context as artists or in art history as well as students with its kind in the u.s emily weiner program coordinator of the serious times in which we live undergraduate degrees in social theory philosophy • a small group of students works closely with an ex and a focus on political activism pert teaching faculty in a closely organized curricu • to read more about the ma program in critical lum of the arts social theory art history aesthetics theory and

mfa design for social innovation 60 credits two-year residency mfa illustration as visual essay 60 credits two-year residency • design for social innovation works at a systems cheryl heller chair level igniting collective creativity and realizing the aubrey hays director of operations kind of transformational opportunities for business ruth cole marketing and communications coordinator and society that we need most right now • we offer a uniquely holistic approach—at the intersection of design social innovation and enterprise chessa cahill assistant to the chair noah ganeles systems administrator • the dsi curriculum encompasses a broad range marshall arisman chair • develop your personal vision in our highly kim ablondi director of operations selective program • classroom-based curriculum where close interaction between faculty and other classmates is an tel 212.592.2210 essential part of the creative process of the program fax 212.366.1675

mps art therapy mps digital photography 60 credits two-year residency 30 credits one-year on campus or two-year part-time online • the mps in art therapy program at sva is interdis deborah farber chair ciplinary in approach integrating the experiential aaron cockle director of operations with a one-year full-time program or through our components of art therapy practice within a compre christine kelly assistant to the chair low-residency online option hensive framework of academic theory and clinical valerie sereno special programs and projects coordinator application elizabeth dellicarpini internship coordinator • students learn to adapt the creative process to the specific therapeutic needs of the individual katrin eismann chair • earn your graduate degree in digital photography thomas p ashe associate chair tel 212.592.2170 • master digital photography’s latest tools and tech email mpsphoto@sva.edu niques in this intensive program site

index admissions information 48 ma design research writing and criticism mfa art writing 22 40 mps digital photography mat art education 19 39 mps directing mfa art practice 10 11 40 mps art therapy 18 46 mps branding mfa computer art 12 13 46 6 7 41 8 9 39 26 27 47 24 47 mps fashion photography 32 33 48 mfa fine arts 14 15 42 mfa illustration as visual essay 34 35 43 mfa interaction design 25 43 ma critical theory and the arts 31 38 mfa photography video and related media ma curatorial practice 23 38 mfa products of design 16 17 44 mfa social documentary film 36 37 45 mfa visual narrative 28 29 45 mfa design mfa design for social innovation 20 21 41 30 42 4 5 44 accreditation the school of visual arts has been authorized by the new york state the interior design program leading to the bachelor of fine arts board of regents www.highered.nysed.gov to confer the degree in interior design is accredited by the council for interior design of bachelor of fine arts on graduates of programs