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published by the visual arts press ltd © 2017 the school of visual arts does not discriminate on the basis of gender race color creed disability age sexual orientation marital status national origin school of visual arts bulletin usps-004171 or other legally protected statuses is published quarterly fall winter spring summer by school of visual arts the college reserves the right to make changes from time to time affecting 209 east 23 street policies fees curricula and other matters announced in this or any other new york ny 10010-3994 publication statements in this and other publications do not constitute a contract periodicals postage paid at new york ny volume xciv number 1 january 1 2017 postmaster send address changes to school of visual arts bulletin printed in usa on recycled paper 30 postconsumer waste 209 east 23 street new york ny 10010-3994 credits the school of visual arts has been authorized by the new york state board of regents to confer the

producing the feature film inside the gallery phc-3723-a tues jan 24–feb 14 hours 6:30 pm–9:30 pm 4 sessions 1 ceu $150 this course is geared toward fine art photographers who are interested in developing a long-term association with a gallery we will discuss many of the elements required for a mutually successful artist/gallerist relationship so that you are better prepared to begin working with a gallery practical advice on approaching galleries professionalizing your portfolio and having a clear artist statement will be addressed as well as current trends in photography readings from seven days in the art world will be recommended note please bring a portfolio of prints and an artist’s statement to the first session michael brian foley photographer owner foley gallery ba boston college exhibitions include fraenkel gallery san francisco ebert gallery san francisco soletti gallery milan san francisco camerawork collections include washington center of

computer art computer animation and visual effects computer art computer animation and visual effects one night tues jan 17 6:30 pm–8:30 pm open to the general public free of charge are you considering a career change and wondering where to begin are you interested in courses taught by professionals in your new field of choice join our faculty for an evening of fun and inspiration in our state-of-the-art facility we will begin with an overview of the computer art computer animation and visual effects department followed by demonstrations that will highlight some of our course offerings participants are encouraged to speak with our instructors about their work and prospective courses note this information session will be held at 133/141 west 21st street room 301c 3rd floor seating is given on a first-come first-served basis session begins promptly at 6:30 pm moderator jimmy calhoun director of operations bfa computer art computer animation and visual effects department courses

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sydney maui awards include webby best short film hoboken international film festival the instructor’s work can be viewed at adobe premiere pro cvc-2561-a tues jan 31–march 28 hours 6:00 pm–10:00 pm 8 sessions 3 ceus $520 this course will introduce students to adobe premiere pro and the grammar and aesthetics of editing and visual storytelling students will learn how to import organize and add effects to footage throughout the course students will also edit assignments and complete exercises that address narrative structure and refining the rhythm and pacing of a scene prerequisite a working knowledge of the macintosh computer operating system note lab time is included in the instructional hours additional lab time is not available oliver david filmmaker photographer bsc with honors university of bristol film projects include writer director lucy now dreams herself assistant director a watched pot screenings include screen loud festival films

sculpture courses it is mandatory for students to attend the first session of class during which essential information on the proper use of tools and materials as well as safety demonstrations will be given if the first session is missed the instructor and sculpture facilities manager daniel wapner must be informed the school of visual arts reserves the right to prohibit any student from tool use or facilities access as deemed necessary access to the sculpture center outside of class hours is available for students enrolled in sculpture courses unless otherwise indicated the sculpture department has an onsite store where students can purchase materials including wood plaster metal and glazes visit us at to view up-to-date course information sculpture fic-1430-ce tues jan 24–april 18 hours 6:00 pm–9:45 pm 12 sessions 4.5 ceus $480 studio fee $200 designed for students at all levels who wish to explore the world of sculpture this course will

drawing workshop between the lines “drawing from the collection” marathon at the metropolitan museum of art fic-1124-a sun jan 29 hours 9:45 am–4:00 pm 1 session $120 this one-day marathon of virtually non-stop drawing at the metropolitan museum of art will start in the greek and roman galleries and proceed to other parts of the museum working quickly and energetically in sketchbooks with various types of pencils we will concentrate on line and shape the museum will serve as a source of inspiration and information for our art this workshop is a drawing intensive and work will be done at a fast pace note please bring a hardcover bound sketchbook approximately 11x9 that has a spine that allows it to lay flat open across a spread of two sheets soft dark graphite pencils such as ebony or 3 to 6b pencils and an open attitude open to all levels peter hristoff fine artist bfa school of visual arts mfa hunter college one-person exhibitions include hagia sophia museum

digital photography note students cannot take equipment out of the college or use equipment and facilities outside of class time visit us at to view up-to-date course information digital photography i phc-1023-a sat april 1 hours 10:00 am–3:00 pm 1 session $150 the intricacies of color calibration will be studied to form an understanding of the linkage among monitor scanner and output rgb and cmyk color definitions will be discussed this workshop will broaden one’s creative options and delve into color as an essential digital tool tom p ashe associate chair mps digital photography department school of visual arts photographer consultant bs rochester institute of technology ms rmit university professional experience includes regional sales manager monaco systems development engineer eastman kodak polaroid itek optical systems group exhibitions include rmit fine art gallery melbourne rochester institute of technology clients include x-rite mac group mamiya


special services the school of visual arts does not discriminate on the basis of gender race color creed disability age sexual orientation marital status national origin or other legally protected status and is committed to helping all enrolled students achieve their educational objectives the mission of the office of disability services ods is to assist in creating an accessible campus environment where students with disabilities have equal access to educational programs and the opportunity to participate in campus life the office of disability services will n provide and coordinate appropriate academic accommodations and related services to meet the specific disability-related needs of students n consult with faculty about reasonable and effective academic accommodations n advise academic and administrative departments about student access to programs and facilities n answer questions that prospective students may have about services for students with disabilities the ods is staffed

school of visual arts 209 east 23rd street new york ny 10010-3994 tel 212.592.2050 fax 212.592.2060 periodicals postage paid at new york ny looking to start or finish your bachelor’s degree the division of continuing education offers a degree program in design as well as credit courses in several disciplines all with a flexible schedule of courses to meet your needs part-time study is available transfer credit is accepted please visit our website at for further