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page 4 top slat fixing brackets spring accessories swift offers several options for top slat fixing ­ the traditional threaded solid block type weld-on lugs or weld-on fixing brackets that fit to the diameter of the axle tube ­ simplifying positioning part no srb100 details 3/8 threaded insert in 3mm pressed mild steel plate x 48 mm long x 15mm high natural finish special thread and dimensional variations available 25 mm x 12 mm threaded block m8 or other as specified natural finish spring joining clamp assembly zinc plated min qty 500 srb200 500 ssj100 500 srb100 srb200 ssj100 freecall 1800 899 480 fax 1300 799

page 6 u-bolts swift can supply a full range of u-bolts to meet your installation requirements from m6 through to m16 available in zinc-plated and galvanised finish part no sub035 details standard m10 zinc plated u-bolt to suit 35mm axle shaft mild steel base block also available min qty 250 alternative dimensions and thread options available capstan components the capstan components vary throughout the industry from aluminium to mild steel and from castings to profiled plate swift has had many years of experience in the supply of these items and can meet your needs quickly and professionally freecall 1800 899 480 fax 1300 799

page 8 cut to size door track swift has a well equipped manufacturing facility that can form and cut to length tracks up to 6 metres long for multiples of similar height doors this can offer considerable savings in both material and time infill plates infill plates for lead-in faces of track are also available freecall 1800 899 480 fax 1300 799

page 9 guide lugs lugs and brackets for shutter track fixing are manufactured from mild steel and are available in a comprehensive range for any application swift s experience in the field means that both original installations and maintenance situations are provided for in zinc plated and natural finished components shims and spacers are also available for accurate positioning on uneven surfaces sgl615 part no sgl615 details 50 x 5mm mild steel `z lug to suit 27mm track zinc plated slot size is 15mm x 26mm 50 x 5mm mild steel `z lug to suit 32mm track slot size is 15mm x 26mm 40 x 5mm mild steel `l lug to suit 32mm track slot size is 15mm x 26mm min qty 250 sgl630 sgl630 250 sgl640 250 sgl660 50 x 5mm mild steel `l lug to suit various track 250 requirements slot size is 14mm x 25mm zinc-plated 100 x 5mm duragal reinforced `l bracket for large tracks poa sgl640 sgl670 sgl680 100 x 5mm mild steel `z bracket for large tracks poa special purpose lugs can be manufactured to suit

page 11 door stops both flat and stepped door stops are available to suit the specific track and bottom rail configurations part no sds300 sds350 sgs100 details 25 x 5mm mild steel zinc plated flat stop 25 x 5mm mild steel stepped stop 60 x 3mm mild steel stop catch min qty 100 100 100 specials are also available to suit your exact requirements sgs100 sds350 sds300 freecall 1800 899 480 fax 1300 799

page 12 motors accessories part no sdi125 details 25 x 10mm inverting bracket mild steel 1/2 whitworth thread with opposing clearance hole also available threaded both sides 25mm diameter x 45mm pipe spacer min qty 100 sdi150 100 motors and motor mounting plates systems are available swift can design a package that will offer the best in both functionality and cost efficiency sdi150 sdi125 freecall 1800 899 480 fax 1300 799

page 14 vehicle shutter components specialised components and associated hardware for the vehicle shutter sector are available discuss your specific requirements with our staff part no svm100 svl500 details 3mm mild steel drum mount bracket heavy duty clamp lock assembly available as padlockable and key type 3mm mild steel zinc plated shootbolt with cast housing assembly min qty poa poa svs100 poa svl500 svm100 svs100 freecall 1800 899 480 fax 1300 799

page 16 manufacturing capabilities automatic sawing guillotining punching pressing stamping profiling drilling tapping thread rolling laser cutting welding bending forming drawing bar shearing notching fast blanking galvanising zinc plating powder coating ceramic coating assembly warehouse 250mm x 250mm bundle size 6mm x 3000mm mild steel 3mm ­ 300mm dia 5 ­ 125 tonnes up to 50mm mild steel 3mm to 50mm 3/16 to m48 3/16 ­ 1 m6 ­ m48 up to 32mm thick mild steel up to 25mm thick stainless steel jig welding autoweld to 130 tonnes x 3 metres to 130 tonnes to 80 tonnes round to 30mm flat to 200mm x 16mm to 45mm x 90mm x 13mm to 300 strokes/min ­ 60 tonne barrel hot dip barrel rack semi-automated as required semi-automated production line 600m2 contact swift to discuss your specific component requirements freecall 1800 899 480 fax 1300 799

priority fax order form please supply order acc date company name delivery address state telephone no fax no postcode signature payment method account qty cheque direct deposit description unit price total product code fax to 1300 799 373 authorised person bank details for direct deposit bank national australia bank a/c name swift metal services pty ltd bsb 082 632 acc 799 565 247 please fax notification of deposit delivery/handling sub total gst total freecall 1800 899 480 fax 1300 799 373 freecall 1800 899 480 fax 1300 799

page 19 notes freecall 1800 899 480 fax 1300 799

door componentry buyers guide 88 oakes road griffith nsw 2680 42 lucknow crescent thomastown vic 3074 ph 1800 899 480 fax 1300 799 373 email website as swift has a policy of continual improvement all details are subject to change without notice all goods and items 799 sold are subject to our published terms and conditions fax 1300 373 freecall 1800 899