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essential brands exceptional value naturally made in the uk w e n rade a new range of fai rt ty products certified indu lgent be au we’re proud to annouce the launch of our new range of fairtrade certified beauty products packed with fairtrade ingredients creating a truly indulgent and ethical range see page 2 to find out more cool cool feet foot scrub and feet foot leg gel enriched with menthol and peppermint to help cool and refresh tired aching feet and legs the escenti “cool feet” foot care range is enriched with menthol peppermint and natural tea tree oil to help revive refresh soften and soothe tired aching feet tea tree oil included in softening foot lotion refreshing foot spray deodorising foot spray only issue 7 introducing the new inside fair naturally is launched new ocean fresh fairness never felt so

w elcome to our latest edition value whilst giving them a product that they’ll absolutely love and that’s not all fmcg is a dynamic uk company developing manufacturing and distributing quality personal care and household products which are widely recognised bought with confidence by consumers worldwide we’re also proud to be the first ever beauty brand to launch a range of fairtrade certified cotton products which use cotton seed extract to create an irresistible feel fragrance and also our cocoa walnut products that are the first to use fairtrade walnut oil our latest edition features the launch of our innovative new range of 19 fairtrade certified beauty products which have been developed to be truly indulgent and nourishing whilst ethically sound we hope you’re as excited about the range as we are and look forward to hearing from you the range has been specially developed to provide consumers with a uk produced fairtrade range that deliver in terms of

you and fmcg makes baby sense specially developed with the mildest ingredients to care for baby’s skin and hair the baby sense range is ph balanced and uses specially designed bottles which not only look great but have handy finger grips to help avoid spillage now hypoallergenic 350gm baby powder 300ml baby oil 300ml baby bath 300ml baby lotion 300ml baby shampoo nuage kids just want to have fun nuage kids has been created with children in mind each product is bright colourful fun and easy to use with products for just about every need struggling to keep those little terrors clean will be a thing of the past 250ml nuage kids detangling spray awesome orange detangling spray 300ml nuage kids mucky mitts handwash hand gel range mild gentle handwashes available in two funky fragrances merry melon cool berry along with the new atomic apple 50ml hand gel 225ml nuage kids swim shampoo formulated with shea butter extract to help remove chlorine and its odour from hair 250ml nuage

scratching your head about how to control head lice our brand new escenti head lice defence starter kit has the answer with a 50ml shampoo conditioner and leavein-spray packaged with a handy metal toothed nit comb and step by step information leaflet this kit is everything a parent needs to keep head lice at bay also available in a larger size for more information visit style value a superb way of caring for your skin the nuage range has been specifically formulated to be kind on all skin types with special formulations mild and gentle ingredients and a stunning new look this range of products are perfect for your skin and body and at a price to please for a cool smooth shave advanced shave serum experience the latest silicone technology to provide an ultra smooth shave every time whilst also moisturising the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth after every shave our specially designed nuage men shave range uses essential oils and menthol to provide you

end frizz frustrations with the amazing new professional range from salon chic developed to keep hair looking smooth soft and shiny this superb range of products is bound to grab some attention with competitive price points for 1 litre shampoos and conditioners you’ll see some seriously happy customers other products in the salon chic range include 250ml straightening mist 150ml straightening balm 50ml shine serum 1 litre shampoo find out more at 1 litre conditioner the new extreme range of hair styling products from head funk ✓ extreme performance ✓ long lasting hold ✓ style definition ✓ great price

with hygienics anti-bacterial hand gels hand washes a quality range of anti-bacterial hand care products enriched with moisturisers to help leave hands feeling soft and smooth hygienics 500ml hand gel is similar to that used in hospitals it is effective against a wide range of bacteria and helps reduce the spread of infection by the hands coming soon hygienics ultimate tested to en1500:1997 en12054:1995 killing 99.99 of bacteria fast whilst leaving the hands moisturised visit for more information hand washes hand gels active anti-bacterial handwash 500ml with triclosan to help combat germs and strong odours added moisturisers to help leave skin feeling soft and smooth tea tree hand wash 500ml anti-bacterial handwash nuage kids mucky mitts hand gel 50ml anti-bacterial hand gel well worth getting your hands on for further product information call us on tel +44 0161 627 3061 fax +44 0161 627

nuvue giving you a clearer view for use on a variety of electrical displays spectacle and camera lenses this handy 25ml lens and display cleaner is a must for any home purity plus a superb medicated cleansing formula for clean healthy skin specially formulated to cleanse pores remove grime and grease from the skins surface and exfoliate for a fresh revitalised feel hair skin care created using a unique blend of tea tree menthol and peppermint oils these excellent escenti tea tree products leave the skin feeling refreshed and revitalised throughout the day 200ml shampoo 200ml conditioner 500ml anti-bacterial handwash 150ml facial wash gel 150ml facial gel scrub house home keep your house in order with these fantastic products from the fmcg household division granny’s original pure gentle soap flakes wonderfully mild gentle ideal for all hand washing specially caring and kind on clothes such as wool silk baby wear delicate lingerie room scents gel air freshener with natural

best selling alcohol free mouthwash a good reason to smile incredible value oral care seriously refreshing seriously profitable a superior range of oral care products consisting of best selling whitening anti-tartar and freshmint variants and alcohol free minty breath spray specially formulated with fluoride anti-bacterial agents and allantoin to freshen breath help fight plaque and kill germs excludes total care blue citrus fresh multi action let your look shine bring hair back to life with the superb systeme range specially formulated to be of the finest quality while still providing great value for money systeme provides a solution for any hair type whether you want to create extra volume and shine or re-hydrate dry damaged hair these products are sure to perform new formula hair care style like a professional systeme styling royal bank 1st chambers fmcg,fmcg prospect house floor 5 church terrace oldham featherstall road south oldham ol1 united kingdom ol9 6ht3at united