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how to reduce your print wastage and save money as children we were told that money doesn’t grow on trees fast forward to today and the mountain of waste paper in our offices certainly holds some irony but waste paper costs more than you think for each sheet used a company incurs not only purchasing costs but also storage printing copying mailing disposal and recycling – that adds up to a lot creating paper from trees needs a lot of natural resources too which should be on your agenda however green you choose to be you’re guaranteed to save your company money by reducing the amount of paper being wasted we have many ways to help you reduce your printing and paper use let us show you how £20 £20 £20 £20 £20 £20 £20 £20 £20 £20 £2£20 0 0 £20 £2 £20 £ £20 £ 2 0 2 0 £20 0 £2£20 £20 £20 £20 £20 £20 £20 20 £20£ £20 £20 £20 £20 £20 £20 £20 £20 £20 £20

double-sided printing printing on both sides could save you £3,000 per year use your printer’s double-sided option as the default and you make significant cuts in paper consumption it takes just 4 seconds to switch to double-sided printing – yet this simple change can save you £3,000 a year using print management software you can even force duplex printing from chosen applications such as outlook printing policy alert please use double-sided printing use duplex based on an annual paper consumption of 50 reams/head in an office of 50 ignore employees with a 40 paper saving with duplexing purchasing paper at £3/a4 reams secure print queues reduce the number of print jobs that are never collected print trend analysis we’re all guilty of it perhaps even you however well intentioned sometimes we simply forget to collect prints impatiently send a print job a second time when the first hasn’t arrived quickly enough or accidentally print one document

why don’t you scan it instead distributing physical paper documents is slow expensive and wasteful paper flows in around and out of your business every day but much of the information contained on paper could be sent far more efficiently using scanning devices your documents can be delivered to multiple destinations or replace conventional processes like mailing and faxing all helping to reduce waste 1 9 8 13 12 4 3 10 5 7 cmyk 6 16 11 14 15 2 preventative maintenance a service that pays for itself by reducing waste our pioneering preventative maintenance service identifies and corrects potential printing faults before they occur unlike the typical reactive maintenance this means that you will experience fewer paper jams consistent print quality and ultimately reduce the number of pages that you would otherwise have to throw away document management systems store retrieve and share your documentswithout wastage one of the most-overlooked benefits of a document management system

on demand printing reduce waste by only printing what you need when you need it advances in printing hardware and software mean that you can now print fully finished documents quickly efficiently and on demand rapid fusing technology such as induction heating fixing readies the printer in seconds digital mailboxes and document servers hold libraries of frequently used documents for printing when required reducing waste and ensuring you use only the most update-to-date documents go document workflow halt the exponential growth of waste documents the more people in the workflow the greater the likelihood of paper being wasted each time an additional document or a revision is added to a workflow process it creates duplicate copies for each member they in-turn may make copies for reference rough editing or filing think how this could grow and grow with document workflow software the process occurs in a digital environment paper files are converted to pdfs and digital files are easily