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the tall ships youth trust go sailing – help the trust all of the voyages that we offer are in support of the tall ships youth trust we are the uk’s largest and oldest charity dedicated to the personal development of young people aged 12-25 through sail training young people benefit from sailing with the tall ships youth trust in many ways  life changing experience  increased self-esteem and confidence  overcome mental and physical challenges  healthier more active lifestyle  multicultural understanding diversity and social cohesion  interested in volunteering  willing to take on more responsibilities  i have made some amazing new friends some that i know will be by my side forever…” luke 17 if you have sailed with us before you will understand the impact a voyage can have on a person it is our aim to help more young people improve their lives through this unique experience by joining an adult voyage you are helping us to help more young people through the hundreds of bursaries we offer young people every year other ways to support the trust booking with tall ships adventures is a great way to support the charity but there are many other ways you can help  pledge a donation or join the fellowship  help the trust’s fundraising campaign by doing a sponsored walk holding a cash collection at your local supermarket putting on a fundraising event or promoting the trust in your local newspaper or on a blog  introduce us to someone who could help the trust recruit more young people  share your tall ships experience and encourage others to book a voyage if you can help we would love to hear from you please contact the fundraising team on 02392 832055 or email the trust is supported by the department for education and works closely with many organisations who support youth development including the foundation for sport and the arts hsbc global education trust and the rank foundation connect with the tall ships youth trust connect with us to stay up-to-date with the fleet and the crew find out about events and our latest news we also want to hear from you have you been on a voyage how was it head to our pages and share your pictures and stories from your tall ships adventure like our page on facebook tall ships youth trust follow us on twitter @tallshipsyt and on instagram tallshipsyt subscribe to our youtube channel tsytofficial to watch our latest videos you can also keep an eye on our ebay page we are selling charts clothing tall ships merchandise and much more find our listings under tallships2014 and happy bidding 10