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12 x 18 in size these fluorescent orange flags inflatable boat shade top 1630 windshield screw cover foam marine outboard motor covers pontoon boat cover square tube bimini fittings diver down flag solar dock lights boat cover support poles square internal eye boat windshield support bars transom folding boat bench seat football needle valve support poles for boat cover electric trolling motors closed cell foam tubing coast guard auxiliary boat window screw cover foam color code of international flags taylor made marine nun buoy taylor made taylor made windshield taylor made windshields 2009 center consoles stainless steel marine deck fastener marine trim rings taylor made boat center console cover for t top boats marine grade flooring zipper for marine environment marine top rail strip marine top rail adhesive strip pvc foam marine closed cell best bows in 2009 marine rubber adhesive strip marine stainless steel window trim taylor boat cover taylor super snaps mooring whips mooring whip bimini tops kawasaki 1100 zxi taylorbrite lighting bimini top fiberglass whip inflatable marker buoys inflatable dinghy pontoon boat straps tir lens rocker base mooring whip boat swim platforms swim platforms yacht bags dive flag bimini top frame dock floats

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2 survivor fenders with pump ® survivor® fenders provide a new level of protection for your boat lab-tested for durability and performance these fenders feature an innovative reinforced design and heavy-duty construction so they absorb collision better and last longer than standard fenders in addition with our exclusive built-in micro pumptm these fenders have the advantage of being able to be inflated anytime anywhere without removing the fender or having to use additional pumps needles or adapters the micro pumptm is not only convenient but helps keep your boat free from damage by keeping fenders properly inflated concealed pump pops out any time you need to add air and locks in place when not in use choose from survivor® twin-eye fenders with tough reinforced eyelets on either end or survivor ® crt fenders which are designed with a 3/4 diameter center-rope-tube for either horizontal or vertical deployment with the exclusive built-in micro pumptm the micro pumptm is a fine

fender accessories tidy-upstm fender adjuster kits to match taylor made true color ® tm 11 fenders the finest looking top performing fender adjusters available new tidy-upstm kits include 1 tidy-upstm fender adjuster and 6 feet of 3/8 solid braid polypropylene rope made from high quality marine grade components they are quick and easy to use simply snap adjuster over your lifeline railing or stanchion and set fender height in an instant polypropylene rope is color matched to your taylor fender available in 8 colors it will not fade or kink and is mildew and rot resistant a pre-spliced and professionally finished end allows your fender to be tightly secured without hard to untie knots tidy-up kit stock no #1131 #1132 #1133 #1134 rope color white blue black teal tidy-up kit stock no #1135 #1136 #1137 #1138 rope color cranberry hunter green navy blue sand fender loc fender lines · provides an adjustable and secure tie-off for your boat fenders · built-in loop eliminates knot tying

20 sur-marktm marker buoys sur-marktm buoys sur-mark tm and sur-marktm ii regulatory buoys are molded from tough uv protected polyethylene and are close cell foam filled to positively displace water one-piece seamless construction internal concrete ballast recessed galvanized eye both styles stand upright for storage color labels and solar lights sold separately fit both styles chain and hardware not included #950410 stock no #46103 #46104 buoys include orange marking tape label sold separately #46103 #950400 style sur-mark ii sur-mark green sur-mark ht 61 49 49 49 #950400 #46104 approx col large buoyancy visible ht dia ring dia lbs above waterline 9 10 10 10 18 18 18 15 40 40 40 37 39 39 39 #950410 red sur-mark nun sur-marktm buoy labels · fade resistant self-adhesive vinyl marker labels · brightly colored for high visibility · two labels required per buoy sold in pairs · each label is 13 wide x 24 long to fit either sur-marktm or surmarktmii · all labels

gunnel chafe guards gunnel guard flexible cushion and tabs allow for easy attachment with screws and washers larger sizes commonly used for work boats launches and other heavy-duty applications sold by the foot or in 50 self dispensing display boxes 29 recommended attachments ­ to best install your gunnel guard drive self-tapping or self-drilling for fiberglass 1/2 stainless steel #6 phillips screws with stainless finishing washers through each tab every 3 to 4 inches stock no gg1.253q.50 gg1.5hr.10 description gunnel guard 3/4-round gunnel guard 3/4-round gunnel guard 1/2-round gunnel guard 1/2-round gunnel guard half-round gunnel guard half-round gunnel guard 3/4-round gunnel guard 3/4-round gunnel guard 3/4-round gunnel guard 3/4-round gunnel guard 3/4-round gunnel guard 3/4-round gunnel guard 3/4-round gunnel guard 3/4-round gunnel guard 3/4-round gunnel guard 3/4-round diameter 1 1/4 1 1/4 1 1/2 1 1/2 1 1/2 1 1/2 1 1/2 1 1/2 1 1/2 1 1/2 2 2 3 3 4 4

38 taylorbrite® lighting the single and double linear surface mount ccfs are terrific lights that not only look good they have a wide variety of features and benefits conducive for users in the marine rv and truck markets furthermore they are durable enough to hold up under shock and vibration as well as other environmental elements causing corrosion ccf linear lights direct benefits of using taylorbrite ccf marine and rv lights · ccf lights draw very little power for the light they deliver · ccf lights operate at a much lower fixture temperature · ccf lights provide up to 25,000 hours of service life and unlimited starts · very durable due to their heavy duty electrode construction and hold up under shock and vibration typically experienced in commercial and recreational marine environment · energy saving dimming capability is incorporated into the ccf lights surface mount single linear specifications dimensions weight power consumption input voltage/current draw color

46 fabric comparison ultimatm vs acrylic fabric · fabric strength is a measurement of the breaking strength of the fabric · tear resistance is a measurement of the force required to continue a tear previously started · hydrostatic pressure is a measure of a fabric s resistance to the penetration of water under static pressure · taber abrasion is the wearing away of any part of a material by rubbing against another surface for help finding the correct cover for your boat use one of our easy services visit our online fit guide call our boat cover hot line 800 628-5188 e-mail ask for our easy fax fit form 518 725-4910 featuring the largest selection of new 2009

specialty covers camouflage boat covers protect your boat while in storage or while trailering and keep it concealed from wary waterfowl the next time you hunt covers are manufactured from hot shot tm acrylic coated polyester in a jungle camo print aluminum bass and jon boat models include bound-in motor hoods uv resistant and water repellent finish 55 2 year warranty motor hood covers not only can you hide your boat from wary waterfowl but you can also hide that protruding outboard motor manufactured from the same great hot shottm fabric as the camouflage covers hoods come in 3 size to best accommodate your outboard motor motor hood pattern no #926111cam #926222cam #926333cam center line-length 15 5 16 4 16 5 17 4 17 5 18 4 13 14 13 14 15 16 16 17 17 18 dimensions l xwxh 19 x 9 x 12 20 x 10 x 14 22 x 10 x 17 11 5 12 4 13 5 14 4 15 5 16 4 17 5 18 4 max beam width 74 76 82 61 71 67 82 82 66 72 75 85 description aluminum bass o/b

64 bimini boatops ® don t let too much sun cut your boating day short taylor made® bimini boatops® provide lots of refreshing shade while affording you visibility over your windshield instead of just through it these tops are freestanding providing more air circulation and can be mounted in several locations on the boat note bimini top should never be open when boat speed is over 25 mph ultimatm bimini boatops taylor made products free-standing bimini boatops feature ultimatm fabric which has been the top line fabric for custom boat covers ultima solution dyed polyester insures the absolute best performance in strength color fastness uv stability and longevity its urethane coating provides superior water repellency while maintaining breathability selecting your bimini boatop ® remember the combination of height and length determine how much shade your bimini boatop® will provide think about how you use your boat and what you want to shade for example if you want to shade

specialty products sto-awaytm seat · unique crook hook to hang seat up 73 the comfortable seat that sto s away when not in use · polyester covering is strong and easy to clean · foam filling polyurethane allows the seat to float · fold in half or lays flat to fit your storage needs · galvanized steel frame · adjustable locking hinge allows you to choose from several comfortable positions · soft padded seat for lounging reclining and relaxing · protection from sand debris and hard decks/docks pacific blue #99105 · great for sailboats cuddy cabins concerts picnics tanning beaches and so much more stock no #10005 #10006 #10007 #10008 #10009 #10010 #10011 #10012 #10013 #10014 #10015 #10016 #10017 #10018 #10019 #10020 #10021 #10022 #10023 #10024 #10025 #10026 fastback description sr 290 aj 2000-2002 sr 290 da 1997-2001 sr 300 da sr 310 da 1995-1997 sr 310 da 1998-2002 sr 320 da 2002-2003 sr 330 1995-1998 sr 340 2003 sr 340 1998-2002 sr 360 2002-2004 sr 370 1997-2001 sr 370 w/380

82 yacht bag flag poles accessories flag pole with charlevoix flag clips ® · clips are designed to clamp tight or spin around the pole · bottom clip and o-ring can be moved to accommodate any size flag · marine grade 3/4 diameter ano dized aluminum with nylon flag clips screws not included show your pride in being an american boater with a yacht stock no #915 #916 #917 size 18 flag staff 24 flag staff 30 flag staff 36 flag staff 48 flag staff bag we use the same red and white nylon that we use in our flags for these bags the stars and u.s yacht ensign design are embroidered on the duffel the bag is lined for added durability and has a non-corrosive plastic zipper for trouble free use in the marine environment the bag has two hand straps and a shoulder strap stock no #92603 description yacht bag 11 diameter by 23 long #918 #919 skipper flag clips charlevoix® flag clips charlevoix® burgee and antenna clips stainless steel skipper clips provide an easy way of attaching

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