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southco custom electronic access solutions custom solutions southco has developed a variety of custom electronic access solutions for a broad range of industries from automotive truck bus and rv to medical and electronic enclosures self contained battery operated solutions custom actuators custom swinghandles automotive solutions integrated systems dimensions in millimeters inch unless otherwise stated 144 800.465.6281 • custom switches see website for detailed drawings specifications are subject to change without

southco this compression latch family includes a wide range of low profile and flush lever latch solutions some with push-button handle release for stylized enclosures ranging from transit storage compartments to electronics cabinetry also includes heavy-duty latches for compressing and prying open gasketed doors in industrial strength applications such as refrigerated storage lever ¨ latch and handle capability in one assembly ¨ over-center models provide secure closure plus opening leverage ¨ accommodates a wide range of grip dimensions ¨ includes stylish flush mount options ¨ sealed versions to meet nema ip standards ¨ several tool and key access versions a7 c2 c5 southco ® self-adjusting latches provide user controlled compression adjustment during each actuation they are available in a range of styles from miniature versions to larger sizes for heavier duty applications ranging from construction equipment to industrial enclosures they also

southco push-to-close latches push-to-close latches simply slam closed with no secondary steps required for latching concealed latches mount inside the enclosure to hide latch points for aesthetic or security reasons concealed latches  compact plastic latches provide economical solutions for small door applications  adjustable keeper brackets provide flexibility for accurate alignment  available in magnetic or mechanical latching southco also offers the r4-em electronic rotary latch a simple versatile electromechanical latch solution for a variety of applications for more information see pages 28 29 in the electronic access section cm-3 r4 150 cm-6 c3 02 mt 800.465.6281 • e2 e4 a4 see website for detailed drawings specifications are subject to change without

southco cam locks lock cores pk lock cores different latch and lock core styles offer a variety of key code choices and implementation options for optimum security and flexibility lock core options include       pk 152 pk pk keyed alike keyed differently master keyed keyed differently shuttered and non-shuttered tool access multiple finishes pk 800.465.6281 • pk see website for detailed drawings specifications are subject to change without

southco these high strength latch designs mount behind or within thicker mating panels for concealed operation their toolactuated operation provides strong pull-up action to compress gasketing for airtight and watertight seals multiple mounting options fit butt-joint and right-angle applications concealed  heavy-duty clamping force  provides for air and watertight seals  multiple mounting options r5 r2 southco® flexible draw latches use thermoplastic elastomer or rubber handles to provide latching flexibility pull panels tight absorb/reduce vibration and maintain tension on the closed latch flexible  non-corrosive materials suitable for indoor or outdoor use  over-center style for consistent easy latching 37 see website for detailed drawings specifications are subject to change without notice f7 800.465.6281 • 37 c7

southco new h3 electronic swinghandle system pages 30 31 the h3 electronic locking swinghandle provides the functionality of a manual latching system with the added benefit of electronic locking for access control for more information see pages 30 31 in the electronic access section • remote lock and unlock • single or multi-point • low power gear motor driven mechanism • momentary or continuous lock actuation • high security din lock manual override • directly integrates with industry standard rack monitoring and access control systems • fits industry standard panel preparations • integrated sensors detect lock and latch status for network control monitoring and alarm functions • accommodates both left and right doors see website for detailed drawings specifications are subject to change without notice 800.465.6281 •

southco lockwell® quick-release pins lockwell® pins lockwell® quick-release pins are the perfect answer where safety speed of removal and dependability are of paramount importance quality construction with maximum strength-to-weight ratio lockwell® quick-release pins offer features such as optional 4-ball construction integral steel shoulder for superior tension properties ergonomic handles with optimum operational clearances and large diameter buttons that are easy to operate even with gloved hands southco offers the widest standard line of quick-release pins in three general types  detent  single acting  double acting lg 160 lh lg la 800.465.6281 • lr lw see website for detailed drawings specifications are subject to change without

southco captive screws captivating fasteners to panels prevents the loss of hardware and the potential damage caused by dropping fasteners into operating equipment captive screws are especially useful for applications requiring repetitive fastening numerous southco styles are available to suit specific space and access requirements threaded fasteners southco® captive screws are available in a variety of panel mounting styles and head styles to suit industry-standard and application requirements the overmolded 4c captive screws are available in several screw sizes and feature colored molded polycarbonate abs knobs that enable you to coordinate color to design schemes or to differentiate access points for quick identification ¨ high strength screws for use with high torque drivers ¨ increased strength and corrosion-resistance ¨ standard and custom colors available ¨ variety of installation styles ¨ tool or hand operation ¨ modifications and custom

southco southco’s broad line of external hinges provides an easy-to-install solution external hinges  external mounting maximizes available space inside the enclosure  wide range of mounting options to suit most door and frame configurations e6 st c6 g6 southco® embedded hinges can be designed-in to become an integral part of any application 96 eh embedded hinges  shapes and sizes designed specifically to allow easy packaging within the envelope of the application  mold-in or conceal with snap-on covers  seamlessly integrate position control features into any application g7 southco® concealed hinges are mounted inside the application making the hinges invisible when the door is closed st st concealed hinges  allow the application’s industrial design goals to shine through  combine hidden mounting with simple installation f6 see website for detailed drawings specifications are subject to change without notice 800.465.6281 •

southco marine hardware southco marine offers a broad range of door hardware to suit a wide variety of access door configurations aesthetically pleasing innovative designs allow for an integrated yet distinctive look and feel for cabin and entry doors constructed from marine grade materials these products offer long-lasting durability and performance door hardware contact a southco marine sales representative or visit us online at to view our comprehensive range of products ma 168 ma mm mg 800.465.6281 • mf mr see website for detailed drawings specifications are subject to change without