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Electronics for people with a disability by Technical Solutions Australia

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Catalogue: Technical Solutions Australia Electronics for people with a disability
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ordering is easy technicalsolutionsendeavourtobestmeet thespecialneedsofpeoplewithadisability bymakingawidevarietyofproductsand servicesavailable wekeepmanyoftheseproductsinstock forspeedydeliverybutsomeitemsmustbe importedormanufacturedtoorderandthis cancausedelaysindelivery alwaysreceivethelatestversion.switches arephotographedwithsomedevices-thisis toillustratethefunction,anddoesnotimply switchesarepartofaset unfortunately,pricesandexchangerates arenotstable.pleaseconfirmpriceswhen ordering.gstisincludedinourpriceswhere required.we vemarkedthesepriceswiththe symbol[gst stock lines product availability product appearance weprovidea12monthwarrantyonproducts manufacturedbytechnicalsolutions.other productsaresubjecttothelimitsoftheirmanufacturerswarranty.warrantyontoysislimitedto3 months returns will not be accepted without prior approval packagetheequipmentwelland senditfreightprepaidalongwithanotequoting thereturnauthorisation,acontactname,phone

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