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oil grease suspension oil grease 1 fork oil 1 liter 1 liter 5 liter drum 200 liter art nr units/box kyb ref honda ref yamaha ref kawasaki ref 130010010101 130010010106 130010050101 130012000101 1 pc 6 pc 1 pc 01m 01m 01m 01m khl-15-11 khl-15-11 khl-15-11 khl-15-11 s1 s1 s1 s1 mx05 mx05 mx05 mx05 description 1 liter 1 liter 5 liter drum 200 liter art nr units/box kyb ref honda ref yamaha ref kawasaki ref 130020010101 130020010106 130020050101 130022000101 1 pc 6 pc 1 pc k2c k2c k2c k2c khv10-k2c khv10-k2c khv10-k2c khv10-k2c grease description strip of 5 pcs 5ml each kyb grease 250ml for the daily maintenance of your seals resealable genuine kyb grease 2 shock oil sold in strips of 5 tubes 4 art 130060050105 1 clean the innertube 6 apply grease between inner and outertube 2 slide down the dust seal 7 close the grease tube 3 clean space between the dust and oil seal 8 slide up the dust seal 4 open the ‘easy to use’ grease tube 9 push the fork up and down art nr 130060050105 130062500101 why use original kyb oil only over the years kayaba has been developing high quality oil for their suspensions the oil viscosity thermal capacity and additives have been specifically selected to obtain maximum performance the genuine kayaba oil is widely used in development testing standard production and factory race teams oil quality has a major effect on the way suspensions operate the specifications mostly affects friction oil flow heat dispersion and lubrication all kyb suspensions are being developed from the beginning to be used with the original kyb oil only by using the original kyb oil you have the guarantee that your suspension will perform the way they are meant to be 208 5 apply grease on dust seal 2018 © complete or partial copying of this catalog is forbidden without written permission of the author v.u jan berthels 2400 mol belgium design realisation technical touch bvba suspension oil grease description grease tube easy use