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consistently the fastest way to control termite infestations 1 problem termite dusting sites trees wood pile termite nest #2 not yet attacking house termites have entered house from nest located up to 100 metres away termidor dust is applied to active termites and immediately goes to work in eliminating all activity termite nest #1 attacking house 2 solution termites eliminated from house trees wood pile termidor treatment termite nest #2 untreated and rapidly spreading 2 4 weeks later all activity in the house and the nest has been eliminated to provide long term protection from other termite colonies a termidor residual termiticide soil treatment is installed termite nest #1 eliminated 3 future termidor treatment termite nest #2 eliminated to nest #7 home is fully protected into the future whilst still controlling termites that venture into the termidor treated zone basf australia ltd level 12 28 freshwater place southbank vic 3006 product information hotline for further

“with termidor dusting you are proactive you are right onto it and doing something that you know within two or three weeks is going to be done and literally dusted.” luke howarth sangate pest control sandgate qld • fast infestation elimination typically within 2 to 4 weeks termidor dust and baiting termidor dust is also perfect for treating active termite bait stations after treatment the termites carry the dust particles on their bodies and eventually back to the nest where ever that may be via the unique “transfer effect” extensive australian research proves that it takes as little as 2 to 4 weeks for total termite elimination this is much faster than expensive baiting systems and will not require numerous professional pest manager visits to achieve success • proven colony elimination • unique formulation that can be consumed by termites • control of all subterranean species in australia consistently the fastest way to control termite