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exit panic devices and emergency devices when fire occurs inside a building very often it’s not the fire but the smoke that takes human lives and above all it’s the panic caused by fire for this reason it’s important to have always enough exit panic ways the european comission has publicized the harmonized standards regarding exit panic devices en 1125 and emergency devices en179 the purpose of the performance requirements included in the une en1125 is to allow for secure and efficient evacuations through the door with the minimum effort required from those who are not familiar with it the une en179 standard deals with devices used in emergency situations where those who must be evacuated are already familiar with the door through which the evacuation takes place guaranteed by tesa our exit panic devices have been manufactured under aenor’s “n” quality mark all products manufactured under the “n” mark are regularly controlled and subject to random testing according to the brand’s particular set of standards and the regulations established by en1125 or en179 tests are carried out under aenor’s supervision in a lab certified by aenor and accredited by enac 4 tesa catalogue panic exit devices branded ec the standard for construction products 89/106 cee establishes that all products used for doors installed in emergency exits must be branded ec in order to guarantee the user’s security for this reason every tesa panic device has been certified with standards way above the minimum mark established by the standard.