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security levels xt premium e800 t80 tab e700 t60 canba e700 t60 e800 tlpn e700l t60 e750 tlps e300l t60 e700 tlb e700l t60 e700l t2b e300l t60 e300l canb e700l t60 product code tesa concept for global security high and low locking points in carbonitrided steel carbonitride is a surface treatment that provides extraordinary hardness rb03 hinge reinforcements antisaw and antilever protection auxiliary locking points reinforced with a patented no-return system central case with a reinforced device optional follower rod and steel latch for rf doors also available panic exit device in tlba r20ab and tcba series security escutcheon anti-extraction and antidrill protection tempered steel protection plate in the e700 escutcheon tempering provides the inner structure of the material with high antidrill hardness floor strike with antidust protection 4 tesa catalogue security locks lever projection strike protection independent locking hooks cylinder anticard product

multipoint security 120 36 frente 20 x 10mm 69 175 security against intruders » when the door is closed hooks are automatically activated to hamper the intrusion » is compatible with other tesa products door protection is complete when cylinder and escutcheon are mounted » is accurate for new doors or to replacement doors compatible with tlb3 t2b3 a 639,90 » auxiliary lock are automatically projected when the door is closed all the time 3 points working the latch bolt and two auxiliary locks » from the interior side when the handle is activated two auxiliary locks and the latch bolt are withdraw from the exterior part the cylinder is used for the same function » form more security the 4 central rollers bolts can be activated with the cylinder and they are completely independent and they ant saw rotation movement 145,10 tab autodeadbolt series finish strike 3 points product code t60 60 ai 40 tab3566lai t60 t60 60 60 ac ae 40 40 tab3566lc tab3566le t60 70 ai 40

multipoint security operations self-programmable wall reader credential the reader activates the locking element with a relay electric strike electromagnetic/motorized lock etc it requires an external power supply of 12vac/vdc connectors power supply 12vac vdc cn2 consumption at rest 80 μa consumption with the relay operating 150 ma cn3 relay outlet no nc and c cut capacity 5a 250 vac 5a 30vdc clr reset button for erasing the reader’s memory operation conditions temperature mifare 1k european standard description cn1 humidity head with rfid technology chip description up to 85 without condensation -10º 80ºc noise coming from the electric strike we recommend the user to have varistor included installed on the electric strike in order to absorb the noises made by the strike alternate current only reference description star2dssi self-programmable design reader standalone keypad rfid combi key mechanical features » anti-tampering zamak case with inox stainless

multipoint security tlpn series 45 » levers with tempered steel plates mod tlpn tlpf » solid steel levers mod.tlps » carbonitrided steel antilever hooks in auxiliary cases depending on each model » high and low locking points in carbonitrided steel » high steel strike and floor strike with antidust protection » all devices are protected by closed galvanized steel cases » highly rigid u-type profile steel front ideal for rf doors » e-700l security escutcheons » optional key-storing embellishment for the escutcheon » antireturn device for levers » additional fronts for every door height for the tlpn5 and tll5 models maximum height of 2310 mm » optional front and strike in a length of 2110 mm » long strikes of standard width 40 mm with optional widths of 35 and 45 mm also available in a special height of 2035 mm » short strikes with straight or rounded edges for three-point models 120 100 120 45 120 280 17 196 308 17 80 338 70 51 20 151 45 238

120 73 238 85 Ø 14 175 55 596 22 61 multipoint security 646 50 60 161 120 73 tlb3 tlbf tlb5 finishes forend strike escutcheon cylinder ae ae lm lt ac ae cm ln hn hn ln ln ai ai largo y corto ai ln ae gold enamelled ac chrome enamelled lm satin brass lt brass hn:nickel steel ln nickel brass ai:stainless steel 16 tesa catalogue security locks » available 20 x 7.5 mm forend also available strikes 2035 mm length » optional manufacturing with roller » optional anticard latchbolt example tlb3pa5scle is tlb35scle with anticard

single point mortise locks r200b r20ab r201b series » four roller bolts in nickel plated steel Ø 14mm diameter » three roller bolts in r101b and r201b model » mechanisms protected in zinc plated steel closed case in r200b model and galvanised steel closed case in r100b model » r201b and r101b have open cases that include top and bottom protective lids » models r200b and r201b include e700l security escutcheon » models r100b and r101b include e300l security escutcheon » locks with rounded edge faceplate and strike plates are also available » single hole strike plates are also available one single hole in the strike for the four roller bolts » panic model also available r20ab » anticard latchbolt available r200b r200b r201b cylinder backset finish product code product code t60 60 50 lt r200b566l r201b566l t60 60 50 ai r200b566ai r201b566ai t60 60 50 ln r200b566n r201b566n t60 70 50 lt r200b567l r201b567l t60 60 50 ne r200b566ne t60 60 60 lt

panic mortise locks tesa panic locks resolve the two main problems that we face in an entrance door material goods protection and the security of the public whenever a panic situation might arise the panic function will always allow free exit from the inside of the dwelling even though the bolts have been deadlocked a r20ab cylinder mm cerradeo finish t60 60 50 lt product code r20ab566l t60 70 50 lt r20ab567l t60 botón 30 x 35b 50 lt r20ab56bl s/c 50 lt r20ab5scl r20ab tlba cylinder mm backset finish product code t60 60 long ae tlba3566e t60 70 long ae tlba3567e t60 botón 30 x 35b long ae tlba356be s/c long ae tlba35sce tcba » special lock for metallic profile doors with top-jamb and floor locking by means of m8 threaded bars » four roller bolts in nickel plated steel Ø 14mm diameter » mechanisms protected in zinc plated steel closed case » e700l security escutcheon anti-drill and anti-extraction attack » panic model also available tcba cylinder mm backset

supplements face plate face plate extensions sptl10 and sptl28 allow extending the face plate length up to any door size with mortise multipoint locks without top jamb locking bolt using the stlp61lp top jamb locking bolt rod extension allows reaching 2.460mm in the t2b5 tlb5 tlps5 and tlpn5 models no limit sptl sptl28 sptl28 sptl10 2.410mm 2.280mm 2.130mm 2.030mm minimum 1.850mm stlp61lp top jamb locking bolt rod extension sptl sptl28 stp61lp sptl28 stlp61lp sptl28 sptl10 2.380mm 2.280mm 2.230mm 2.130mm 2.030mm minimum 1.850mm sptl10 description sptl28 product code finish 100 mm face plate extensions sptl10ae ae 100 mm face plate extensions sptl10hn hn 100 mm face plate extensions sptl10lp lp 100 mm face plate extensions sptl10ai ai 280 mm face plate extensions sptl28ae ae 280 mm face plate extensions sptl28hn hn 280 mm face plate extensions sptl28lp lp 280 mm face plate extensions sptl28ai ai 80 mm z-profile face plate extensions with 40 mm alca21140 ae ac 80 mm z-profile face

security escutcheons for rim locks ests emb700 » exterior protective escutcheon possesses a 4mm thick tempered steel plate » four fixing rods in hardened steel » cylinder cover in nickel plated steel » plug covering lid in 3mm thick nickel plated steel » exterior brass cover can be either satin brass or nickel plated finished » a practical complement that improves aesthetic appearance and prevents the door from being scratched with the key movements » compatible with any tesa security escutcheon for mortise locks 76 36 125 12 ø 63,5 ø 55 70 5,5 44 emb855 10,8 model product code finish e300l e300l26 lm cm e700l e700l26 lm ln cm e750 outdoor e75026 ai e750 outdoor e75026 pvd e800 outdoor e80026 pvd e800 outdoor e80026 ai key protector emb700 ae key protector emb700 nm/zn/cm key protector emb855 ae key protector emb855 ne key protector emb855 lpd key protector emb855 ns key protector emb855 cm 49,8 140 66 46,4 » handy complement for the e-800 protection

short strike plates roller bolts for t2b3 tlb3 canb3 t2b5 locks standard model width finish cb3n 35 40 45 ae ac length 2028 cb3n 40 45 ai cb3n 35 40 /45 hn hl model width finish cb3n 40 45 ae length 2035 cb3n 40 45 hn model width finish cb3n 40 45 ae cb3n 40 45 hn model width finish cb3nc 35 40 45 ae length 2018 standard single hole for tlb5 locks standard with protector and latch regulation model width finish cban 35 40 45 ae ac cban 40 ai model width finish cbanr 40 ae ac for xp xt premium locks xp3 xt3 xt5 model width finish cb3x 40 45 ae ac cb3x 40 45 ai model width finish cb3nc 40 /45 hn cb5x 40 45 ae ac model width finish cb5x 40 45 ai cb3r 40 45 ae closed box locking and adjustable latchkeeper 37,5 37,5 for tlbf canbf locks ai model width finish cb5f 40 45 ae 15 17 268,5 62,2 92,6 21,4 short strikes for roller 21,4 40 45 21,4 cb5f 20 hl hn 20 ae ac 40 20 40 45 cb5f 56 cb5f 16 ccbr200 re rc rl rn same as above with rounded edges ccbr200r ai

talleres de escoriaza s.a.u barrio ventas 35 • e-20305 irun • spain tel +34 943 669 100 • fax +34 943 622 189 www.tesa.es assa abloy is the global leader in door opening solutions dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security safety and