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security escutcheons for rim locks ests emb700 » exterior protective escutcheon possesses a 4mm thick tempered steel plate » four fixing rods in hardened steel » cylinder cover in nickel plated steel » plug covering lid in 3mm thick nickel plated steel » exterior brass cover can be either satin brass or nickel plated finished » a practical complement that improves aesthetic appearance and prevents the door from being scratched with the key movements » compatible with any tesa security escutcheon for mortise locks 76 36 125 12 ø 63,5 ø 55 70 5,5 44 emb855 10,8 model product code finish e300l e300l26 lm cm e700l e700l26 lm ln cm e750 outdoor e75026 ai e750 outdoor e75026 pvd e800 outdoor e80026 pvd e800 outdoor e80026 ai key protector emb700 ae key protector emb700 nm/zn/cm key protector emb855 ae key protector emb855 ne key protector emb855 lpd key protector emb855 ns key protector emb855 cm 49,8 140 66 46,4 » handy complement for the e-800 protection strike with the e700 being liable to be adapted as well » protection strike with 6 mm thick tempered steel plate and block anchoring crossing both the door and the lock guarantees huge resistance to attacks » bolts or fixing rapiers in improved steel » fixing is done with two improved m6 screws » cover or embellishing strike that covers the plate and enhances the aesthetics of the whole 3,6 6,5 security locks tesa catalogue 27 a