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security levels xt premium e800 t80 tab e700 t60 canba e700 t60 e800 tlpn e700l t60 e750 tlps e300l t60 e700 tlb e700l t60 e700l t2b e300l t60 e300l canb e700l t60 product code tesa concept for global security high and low locking points in carbonitrided steel carbonitride is a surface treatment that provides extraordinary hardness rb03 hinge reinforcements antisaw and antilever protection auxiliary locking points reinforced with a patented no-return system central case with a reinforced device optional follower rod and steel latch for rf doors also available panic exit device in tlba r20ab and tcba series security escutcheon anti-extraction and antidrill protection tempered steel protection plate in the e700 escutcheon tempering provides the inner structure of the material with high antidrill hardness floor strike with antidust protection 4 tesa catalogue security locks lever projection strike protection independent locking hooks cylinder anticard product code escutch cylinder escutcheon antidrill balls solid steel core antidrill lock plate antiextractor locks antidrill protection cylinder anti-extraction revolving device anti-extraction escutcheons