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the 21st century powertrain tesla’s advanced electric powertrain delivers exhilarating performance unlike the internal combustion engine with hundreds of moving pieces that spark pump belch and groan the tesla motor has only one moving piece the rotor as a result model s acceleration is instantaneous like flipping a switch hit the accelerator in 5.4 seconds model s is traveling 60 miles per hour without hesitation and without a drop of gasoline 5.4 seconds 0 to 60 mph 125 top speed mph 0 tailpipe emissions the powertrain tucked between the rear wheels uses energy three times more efficiently than a gas-burning engine tesla motors model s performance specs for model s equipped with the 85 kwh battery

driving dynamics agility and grace smart air suspension power steering the model s suspension system was developed for the unique architecture of model s it works in harmony with the rigid and light tesla platform to provide precision handling and optimum comfort unencumbered by an engine the lightweight front suspension optimizes wheel control the rear multi-link suspension is designed to seamlessly integrate with the powertrain much more than a great ride and handling package the smart air suspension combines automatic advantages with on demand features as model s accelerates it lowers the vehicle for optimized aerodynamics and increased range use the touchscreen to raise or lower model s when traversing thick snow or pulling into steep driveways electronic power steering automatically reacts to driving conditions to stay comfortable and responsive at all speeds the feedback is so precise you’ll feel constantly connected to the road tesla motors model s performance

sports tuned model s performance performance plus model s performance takes electric performance to the next level equipped with the 85 kilowatt-hour battery and a high performance drive inverter model s performance accelerates to 60 miles per hour in 4.2 seconds if driven the same way as model s both cars achieve the same efficiency thanks to the unique powertrain design performance plus takes one of the world’s best sedans into supercar handling territory while also improving ride quality and range after hundreds of iterations affecting every detail of the suspension our vehicle dynamics team was able to achieve the rare outcome of simultaneously improving performance comfort and efficiency in addition to upgraded dampers bushings stabilizer bars and tires michelin pilot sport ps2 the rear tires are 20 mm wider and staggered for improved acceleration on low grip surfaces tesla motors model s performance 4.2 seconds 0 to 60 mph 130 top speed mph 416 horsepower 310 kw

charging plug in anywhere tesla motors model s battery model s comes standard with everything you need to plug into the most common 240-volt outlet standard 120-volt wall outlets and public stations using a highamperage 240-volt outlet model s can be recharged at the rate of 29 miles of range per hour a fifty-percent charge in as little as 20 minutes can be achieved with a tesla supercharger ask tesla owners how long it takes to charge and they’ll say just a few moments like they do with a cell phone most tesla owners plug in at night by morning their battery is completely recharged

styling all glass panoramic roof with the all glass panoramic roof model s is the only sedan capable of delivering a convertible-like drive experience every day it’s more than a sunroof the entire roof is constructed from lightweight safety glass with a blocks simple swipe of the touchscreen it opens wider than any other sedan’s panoramic roof on even the hottest days the innovative glass keeps the cabin comfortable visible light 98 81

interior built around the driver tesla motors model s interior model s is a driver’s car behind the wheel you’ll notice that tesla has combined meticulous noise engineering with tesla’s uniquely quiet powertrain to obtain the sound dynamics of a recording studio the gem of the interior is the 17” touchscreen it puts rich content at your fingertips and provides mobile connectivity

the dashboard you should expect the touchscreen digital instrument cluster and steering wheel controls seamlessly integrate media navigation communications cabin controls and vehicle data from the moment you open the door the high resolution model s touchscreen powers on and returns to its last function the most commonly used controls line the bottom of the screen for easy access any time and connectivity keeps you connected while on the go media nav web listen to any song you want with hd radio online radio on demand internet radio and bluetooth® or usb audio devices plan ahead with google mapstm with live traffic information and search-to navigate stay connected with an internet browser for news restaurant reviews and more over the web controls energy camera change the temperature open the all-glass panoramic roof adjust ride height quicken the steering mode and more visualize your energy consumption instantaneously and for your entire trip see what’s behind you with the

by the numbers more seating more technology more storage the rear facing seat option provides additional seating for two children optimized for safety and equipped with 5-point seatbelts the bucket seats provide a comfortable ride for children at least 3’ 1” tall and between 35 and 77 pounds when not in use the jump seats fold completely flat model s comes equipped with two usb ports that enable passengers to charge devices while on the go equipped with high-speed connectivity the touchscreen accesses a vast supply of music maps and the web the unique architecture of model s creates unprecedented storage space model s can transport a mountain bike a surfboard and a flat screen tv – all at once fold the seats flat and model s boasts more than 58 cubic feet of storage in the cabin alone with an additional 5.3 cubic feet available under the hood 5+2 2 63.4 adults usb ports total cubic feet of storage children tesla motors model s interior

safety more than a power source the battery is a rigid highperformance structure in its own right but when married to the state-of-the-art body structure model s achieves even to prevent cells from overheating in the event of a crash the battery structure protects cells from impact and automatically disconnects the power higher torsional rigidity and a lower center of gravity the battery itself is designed for safety liquid-cooled the battery maintains consistent temperatures supply the battery not only protects its contents but its position augments the overall strength of the passenger

environment no tailpipe zero emissions with no tailpipe to spew harmful emissions tesla vehicles liberate their owners from the petroleum-burning paradigm they are the only cars to get more efficient from the moment they’re first driven tesla motors model s environment gasoline-powered vehicles and hybrids burn refined petroleum tesla vehicles can use electricity however it is produced be it from coal solar hydro geothermal or wind power as the grid shifts to increasingly efficient technologies tesla owners reap the efficiency benefits

design your model s battery performance roof 60 kwh battery performance plus solid aluminum black roof 85 kwh battery carbon fiber spoiler solid aluminum body color roof 85 kwh performance tesla red brake calipers all glass panoramic roof paint seating options solid black textile black tech package solid white leather grey smart air suspension metallic silver leather tan parking sensors metallic blue leather black fog lamps metallic green leather grey performance ultra high fidelity sound metallic grey leather tan performance extended nappa leather trim metallic brown leather black performance alcantara headliner tesla multi-coat pearl white matching yacht floor tesla multi-coat red rear facing seats premium interior lighting dÉcor piano black subzero weather package obeche wood matte parcel shelf 19” wheels obeche wood gloss 19” michelin primacy tire upgrade 19” cyclone lacewood paint armor 21” silver turbine carbon fiber wheels 21” grey turbine