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4 introduction introduction catalog effective date the provisions of this catalog apply to students entering at the beginning of or after the first semester of the 2006-2007 fall session in general a student can expect to follow guidelines in the catalog for up to six years however the catalog is subject to change as indicated below change of catalog information offerings in this catalog including individual courses major and minor subjects groups of courses leading to degrees and other degree requirements are subject to such changes as appropriations or enrollment may warrant or the university determines appropriate from time to time and without prior notice and to other deviations as may be authorized or required by law when changes are made either in academic programs policies or other matters the changes may first appear in the university’s online academic affairs website new policies schedule of classes or the departmental unit web pages

46 student services services available to students university housing the residence halls at texas woman’s university provide a wide range of choices in student living styles including traditional residence hall rooms with private bathrooms single and double occupancy studio suites and two and three bedroom apartments they offer a variety of facilities for residents including living rooms tv and study lounges pianos local telephone service vending machines refrigerators in student rooms computer facilities and laundry rooms connection to the university computer system and the internet is available from all student rooms and apartments all academic classifications are assigned to each hall with special sections reserved for graduate and non-traditional students family housing family housing at texas woman’s university provides living options for married students and for single parents and their children married couples and single parents with a maximum of three children

graduate school 87 committees of the federation a texas woman’s university student enrolled in a program of the federation of north texas area universities may request that a faculty member from another federation university be asked to serve on the committee the head of the component recommends such an appointment in writing to the dean of the graduate school who forwards the request to the appropriate dean in another university of the federation the chair of the student’s committee provides guidelines relative to the federation program in the student’s major component when the degree is granted by texas woman’s university the chair and the majority of the voting members of any committee of the federation must be from the student’s major component at texas woman’s university meetings a committee is convened by the chair no fewer than two times and often three or more times depending upon the student’s progress committee members are

128 department of psychology and philosophy department of psychology and philosophy chair daniel c miller professor location cfo 708 phone 940-898-2303 fax 940-898-2301 website faculty professors v mcgillin d miller r nutt j sibley associate professors l rubin s stabb assistant professors b bentz k booker k deornellas k foster d mollen s rich n smith clinical professor m gottlieb graduate degrees offered m.a in counseling psychology and school psychology ph.d in counseling psychology and school psychology the department of psychology and philosophy offers the master of arts degree and the doctor of philosophy degree in two areas of specialization school psychology and counseling psychology the school psychology program offers national association of school psychologists approved m.a and ph.d degrees the school psychology program is designed to prepare students in the practitioner-scientist model with emphasis on scientific rigor and

department of music and drama 169 mu 5563 seminar in music literature ii selected advanced research projects in music literature prerequisite permission of the instructor three lecture hours a week credit three hours mu 5571 jazz lab ensemble stage and dance instrumental organization for training in the field of popular music and jazz prerequisite approval of the director three to five rehearsal hours a week credit one hour may be repeated for credit mu 5573 bibliography in music comprehensive instruction in all aspects of music information retrieval including reference sources techniques of library research microfilm/microfiche applications and introduction to computer assisted search procedures three lecture hours a week credit three hours mu 5581 chamber music a select chamber ensemble for students in graduate level music curriculum prerequisite permission of instructor two lecture/rehearsal hours per week credit one hour may be repeated for credit mu 5591 vocal ensemble select

210 department of reading courses of instruction in reading read 5023 literacy development i grades ec-4 for post-baccalaureate students in emergency or alternative certification programs includes planning and organizing for instruction and assessment in oral language phonological and phonemic awareness and word analysis for children in grades ed-4 practice-based activities may be graded on a credit cr or nocredit basis three lecture hours a week credit three hours read 5033 literacy development ii grades ec-4 for post-baccalaureate students in emergency or alternative certification programs includes planning and organizing for instruction and assessment in comprehension fluency and written communication for children in grades ec-4 practicebased activities research on literacy development may be graded on a credit cr or no-credit basis prerequisite read 5023 three lecture hours a week credit three hours read 5043 literacy development i grades 4-8 for post-baccalaureate students in

252 department of communication sciences and disorders coms 5523 voice science basic vocal tract mechanisms with emphasis on respiratory phonatory and acoustic aspects of speech speech laboratory work in analysis of speech using various instrumental methodology three lecture hours a week credit three hours coms 5543 fluency disorders the development of a theoretical knowledge base along with evaluation and therapeutic paradigms for disfluent adults and children three lecture hours a week credit three hours coms 5553 articulation disorders etiologies and therapies applicable to communication disorders characterized by dysarticulation credit three hours coms 5573 voice disorders the development of theoretical knowledge base in organic and psychogenic voice disorders which is then applied using evaluation and therapeutic methodology prerequisite coms 5523 three lecture hours a week credit three hours coms 5583 seminar in neurological problems nature evaluation and treatment of speech and

department of kinesiology 293 kins 6523 advanced biomechanics advanced biomechanical issues such as inertial properties of the human body mathematical body modeling numerical methods in biomechanics advanced joint kinematics and kinetics and musculoskeletal modeling prerequisite kins 5513 three lecture hours a week credit three hours kins 6623 biomechanical analysis i motion analysis advanced motion and analysis techniques including human body modeling high-speed videography manual and automatic marker tracking data reduction and processing 2 3-dimensional analysis inverse dynamics and computer procedures prerequisite kins 5513 desired two lecture hours and two lab hours a week credit three hours kins 6643 biomechanical analysis ii advanced data acquisition issues including a/d conversion device interface programming force plate and ground reaction force analysis electrode placement and emg analysis emg normalization and force processing and biomechanical instrumentation prerequisite

334 school of physical therapy taking coursework in the next semester courses may be repeated only with permission of the graduate faculty associate director and director of the school of physical therapy final examination oral defense of the professional project which may be repeated only upon successful appeal to the graduate faculty of the school of physical therapy policies general policies procedures and appeal processes are established by the school and distributed to students upon entry into the program general requirements for post-professional master of science degree for students who are already physical therapists total hours required 37 to 40 including 6 hours for thesis or one additional 3-credit-hour course and 3 hours of professional paper or 3 to 6 hours of critical inquiry core 15 to 22 hours concentration 12 hours electives and related studies 3 to 13 hours final examination oral defense of thesis professional paper or critical inquiry project each of which may be

faculty 375 hersch gayle i associate professor of occupational therapy b.s indiana university school of medicine m.s indiana university school of education ph.d indiana university school of education hilbun janet assistant professor of library and information studies b.a texas tech university m.ed east texas state m.l.s texas woman’s university ph.d rutgers university hodges lybeth associate professor of history and government b.s university of north texas m.a texas woman’s university ph.d texas tech hogan d turner associate professor of mathematics b.a hendrix college m.a ph.d university of arkansas holden-huchton patricia associate professor of nursing associate dean of the college of nursing denton b.s.n mary hardinbaylor college m.s texas woman’s university d.s.n university of alabama at birmingham hoye timothy k professor of history and government b.a m.a east texas state university ph.d duke university hsueh andie professor