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The art institute of Colorado by The Art Institutes International

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current trends of food and beverage services in The art institute of Colorado by The Art Institutes International

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program overview associate of applied science curriculum year one ... to the fundamental culinary skills and techniques and explore various regional ... management concepts are explored and nutrition sanitation and safety are ... introduction to culinary skills concept and theories introduction to baking and ... pastry american and regional cuisine nutrition sanitation ... and safety purchasing and product identification planning and ... cost control garde manger and general education requirements year two ... explore specific culinary regions and that include international cuisines to ... room externship courses french asian and world cuisine a la carte cuisine art ... culinaire food and beverage operations management by menu cooking ... or dining room externship and portfolio general education to enhance ...
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culinary school at the art institute of colorado provides students with the ... succeed by integrating cooking and culinary business aspects this ... career requires planning analytical and decision-making skills which are the ... focus of the program students develop management ... in a professional culinary atmosphere and learn to solve problems while ... the daily tasks necessary in food service operations career opportunities ... bachelor of arts curriculum year one students are ... to the fundamental culinary skills and techniques and explore various regional ... cuisines nutrition sanitation and safety are emphasized as are the ... to culinary skills theories and concepts sanitation and safety american ... regional cuisine introduction to baking and pastry garde manger nutrition planning ...
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elements of retail operations and technology frm2329 3 quarter credit ... hours prerequisites sales and event promotion this course explores ... on planning control profitability and staffing in a retail environment the ... use of technology in the industry and the responsibilities of retail ... as well also career opportunities and ethical behavior of those individuals ... are discussed articles pertaining to current issues found in trade publications and ... newspapers are reviewed and discussed in order to understand ... that have been created to expedite and increase profitability for the retailer ... on reproducing real-world effects and physics in the three-dimensional ... world students match physical effects of lighting textures and movement for ...
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leadership in the food service industry bc4340 3 quarter ... course investigates leadership theories and principles related to the foodservice ... goal setting change implementation and the foundations for decision making ... legal issues in food service bc3334 3 quarter credit hours ... combined with a historical perspective and present-day applications to the ... industry this course blends foodservice applications with professionalism ... are given real hospitality situations and asked to use problem-solving techniques ... credit hours prerequisites drawing and anatomy this course focuses on an ... interpretation of the human body based on major masses ... organized by gestural line line of action gesture motion measurement and ... course introduces the basic concepts and principles of lighting for photography ...
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